Is Street Fighter the only fighter of its type?

I always hear how Street Fighter is “slow and defensive” and all about “fundamentals and strategy.” But when I think about it, isn’t Street Fighter pretty much the only fighter that fits that? Every other fighter, like Marvel, Blazblue and Guilty Gear, etc. seems to be all about rushdown, execution and heavy combos.

I ask because I much prefer the Street Fighter style of gameplay. Personally, I’m still waiting for the day that someone makes a fighter with the style and characters of a Blazblue or Arcana, but plays like Street Fighter…

Yeah, the top 8 of SSFIVAE this year at Evo was all based upon defensive play right enough.

Street Fighter IV hasn’t really been “defensive” once people learned this newfangled OS on wakeup rushdown. And other Street Fighters have been even more combo intensive and execution heavy than other fighters (Alpha 3).

That said, for a non-SF game in a similar-ish style (link combos, low jump, etc.) I’d reccomend Vanguard Princess.

Defense, fundamentals, strategy… those are part of essentially every fighting game. It just so happens that they can be harder to grasp for certain games due to speed and additional features laid on top of simpler mechanics the given players are accustomed to.

Akatsuki or Vanguard Princess.

Immaterial and missing power (IaMP)

Fighters history dynamite / karnovs revenge

Akatsuki blitzkampf

Vanguard princess

Garou: mark of the wolves

Samurai Shodown (which is more streetfighter than streetfighter is)

And that’s just a handful of NON-Capcom examples, if you open those floodgates you’ve got vampire hunter, cvs series, red earth…

There’s literally hundreds of games that place emphasis on those skills.

Also: it’s kind of a misconception that games with strong rushdown options don’t value defense. Guilty Gear has faultless defense, slashback, instant blocking, alpha counters, and 1 frame jumps that you must master as defensive options. If anything these games place a high value on defense simply because if your defensive play is shit you’ll get locked down and mixed up till you die.

Good space control and blocking are the most important skills to learn in basically every fighter, regardless of how strong your rushdown options are.

Battle Fantasia, Vanguard Princess, Akatsuki, Yatagarasu to name some

there are more things on those games that what you say, usually this misconception comes from people who dont understand those games and dont know how the defensive, the spacing and the zoning game works on those games, that is why many only see lolcombos and lolrushdown

well sf4 is the most defence type sf if you ask me but overall you need a good defence in all sf games really

Play the game you want, man, or play a similar game that still has a scene. Now if you are talking about classic SF, like CE and HF, the one game that resembles those the most, among the ones I have played, is Fatal Fury Special. But it is not an anime game: it has comic-like art (I believe it is the last SNK game with that characteristic). I liked HF, as it had no scene anymore, I migrated to ST. As SF4 is not similar to SF, I did not migrate to SF4. So play what you like and do not play what you do not like.

You mean when the title had broken combos and infinites.
In SF2 games you can win a tournament with no more than 2in1s if you pick the right characters, compared to SF4 where everyone has 50 links and if you can’t link whatever from your crouching jab you’d better just quit.

sad part is that mother fuckers are calling that shit offense lol. Everything is scale sir.

when you compare mvc2 to sf4, there is no offense in sf4 really.

in fact kof 98\02 have 3-4x the amount of offense than sf4 has, its not even close. The sf4 series is defensive when compared to everything else. The people who are stuck in that game look @ offensive characters as offensive but take a step back and approach from another games perspective and there is actually nothing super frightening going on.

magneto out the gate in mvc2 would fucking scare me, his offense was that good. I kind of laugh when I play against fei long in AE. I can block low all day and if he hits me with his command overhead, thats all he gets lol. magneto in mvc2 would of won the whole game off that shit.

if people find sf4 an offensive game, you need to stop playing sf4 and go look @ a truly offensive game then make your decision again. I played mvc2 for 10 years, sf4 looks like 2 slugs that are on the verge of dying that are trying to fight with what little energy they have left.

nope, you actually need very little defense in SF to be good defensively because SF defense isn’t actually “true” defense in 2d fighters.

go use those hold dwn back tactics in vampire savior or mvc2 and I guarantee free rape over and over.

true 2d defense in faster fighters is mvc2. In the slower 2d fighters, true defense might be the KOF games. Its definitely not gonig to be sf4 thats for fucking sure.

this is too true

MvC2 is actually one of the most defensively played games out there. It doesn’t look that way to a lot of people but to the players “in the know” I guess you could say, they realize how defensive the game really is. Same with Alpha 3. Blink and you’re dead.

Funny thing is even with the old auto block system(to help new comers) you still need to learn how to block the lightning quick high low setups or you’re going to get hit on top of it you’ll also gain less meter and do less damage. Besides Hunter it will only do it for a certain amount of times


towards the end of mvc2, I started watching players eyes whenever they were put in mixup opportunities. I think once people started factoring human blinking time into the equation and getting mixups off it, top mvc2 players would NOT blink during mixup opportunities because you could totally miss over 50% of the mixup animation simply by blinking.

Can’t think of too many fighters where mother fuckers controlled their blinking on purpose to NOT get hit.

My favourite match of the top 8 was where Poongko played really defensively and beat Daigo.

No, wait. That’s not what happened at all. He perfected him through SPD/DP mixups.

I’m not arguing SFIV is a good game. I realise that MVC2 is a faster, better game.

But come on, the game is built around going in right now.

He’s saying that offense in sf4 is nowhere near as scary as offense in other games. Which is true.

its all bout them fireballs :sunglasses:

Can’t tell if trolling, or completely retarded.