Is PC gaming really on the rise, while console gaming is declining?

Games like Dota, LoL seem to be blowing up and I think they are definitely two reasons why PC gaming is on the rise. I don’t know much about the PC community, but I do know ALOT about videogames in general. I always heard stories of the legendary counterstrike days, and much more. Can you guys tell me if PC gaming is on the rise, cause I was thinking about getting into it but still not so sure. I think console games went stale the moment 2011 started. I felt as if the developers we’re bored of working with this current gens systems thanks to the prolonged life cycles, so the games would come out half-assed due to lack of motivation as the end result. I also heard development cost is through the roof, did I hit the nail on the head?

PC gaming is about the same as its always been. It’s never been “Dead” It’s always been a thriving scene.

If by PC gaming you mean my dick and by console gaming you mean your mom’s knees then yes.

Hard nipples!

I wonder how Steam Box will affect the competition. There’s the thought being promoted by game’s journalists and insiders that this console generation may be the last and PC platforms are the future.

Those same journalists back in 2004/2005 said PC was dying. They are just making statements to get hits as always. Consoles are gonna stay, PCs are gonna stay.

The best solution is to have both. They’re good for different things.

Dota type stuff needs a mouse and keyboard. You can get by with FPS on console if you have to. If you want to play a GTA on launch day you need a console.

PC will always be viable because there will always be devs who grew up playing/modding/developing on PC and they’ll want to give back to the platform.

PC gaming is on the rise, but unlike consoles, it is so different when compared to previous decades.
but today it has most genres covered, except some fighters and JRPGs.

But if you are a person easily annoyed by Windows errors or modifying files, I’d suggest you to remain on consoles

I would imagine so considering the rise of the app market, it’s close ties with mobile, and the quick rise of many indy developers within these markets.

I’d like to know what games and genre on the rise because I doubt the hardcore gamer market is increasing much.

Apparently everyone with a Reddit account is a hardcore gamer now. But only play Minecraft, Zelda, LoL or whatever new fad will hold their attention for a week

I’m going for an Alienware laptop this year. The only thing I’m looking forward to on PS4 is Metal Gear Solid V.

Someday the entire MGS library will come to Steam. Someday. ;_;

Dont bother with Alienware/

Steam does everything better than those garbage services PSN and XBL offer.
I’ve always wondered why people don’t complain more about shit-ass game servers, laggy as fuck online connections, expensive as fuck online libraries, non existent anti-cheat measures and privacy settings that suggest we live all live in Nazi-Germany or Soviet Russia in 2013.

I guess console kids don’t know any better.

Consoles suck big black balls in your nose.

Steam is the only thing you ever need. I still laugh at the idiots that payed $64 for Left 4 Dead 1 and 2…

They aren’t going anywhere.

With Consoles becoming less and less specilized gaming machines, and with consoles using hardware that mimicks some PC stuff

You can expect PC to have more ports for more games.

It’s just what I’m looking at right now. :slight_smile:
I’m not even sure if I really want a gaming laptop.

For cheaper you can build a do it all computer thats better.

I cringe when I read/hear that, never mind the fact that its also alienware.

There are unique perks owning a PC over a console(I own both.)

-PC is the only platform next-gen(not counting the Wii-U or portables) to not have a garbage online paywall. That’s a pretty big deal to me.
-Real customization of games. Change resolutions, CONTROLS(remember when all console games used to have this feature?) Anti-aliasing, AF, etc. etc. If you have an NVidia GPU and a decent monitor, you can play games at 4K resolution now(though it requires a beast PC if you want to maintain good performance.)
-Better graphics than consoles for third-party multi-platform games if you care about that stuff(DirectX11 bells and whistles VS current consoles DirectX9, true 1080p and up, AA/AF settings, DOF, all kinds of things that console games don’t have or even give you the option to turn on/off. Oh, adjustable Field of View and such too. The list goes on. Even if a game doesn’t have the option to turn on something/turn off something, you can just edit .ini files to change them, and there are guides everywhere to teach you how step-by-step on a per game basis.)
-Way better performance than consoles on multi-platform games. Most console games run at > 30 FPS, PC games can run at 60-120+ FPS at all times. This makes games feel a lot smoother, more responsive, and makes them overall more fun to play. Playing games like RE5/BioShock Infinite is a night and day difference on PC VS consoles in gameplay and graphics.
-Keyboard+mouse support for all games AND gamepads.
-With wireless KB+Mouse and gamepads, you can setup your PC to your flatscreen TV, sit miles away from it and feel like you’re console gaming with all of the PC gaming perks.
-No licensing fees. That’s why on release, games are $10 cheaper than their console counter-parts.
-Mods. Mods can be anything from better graphics, to total conversions of games, to literally free expansions. You should see all the DOOM mods and maps out there, check out Brutal Doom and Ultimate Doom 3 mod.
-Crazy sales that consoles never match. 7-8 games for $1, most that come with 2 CD keys per game so you can give them away to friends. Nice.
-Better online experience and higher player caps. Majority of games on PC have dedicated servers, whereas on consoles typically only first-party games and EA published games have dedicated servers. It’s mostly P2P on console. Battlefield 3 on console has a 24 player cap or so, whereas on PC it’s 64 players. There are some exceptions, though. Resistance 2=64 players on PS3, Resistance 1 had a huge player cap too, Killzone 2/3=32 players, MAG=256 players(R.I.P, I wish I knew it went F2P before the servers got shut down.)
-Emulation, endless backwards compatability with the entire PC library(sometimes it might take some messing around to get them to work, or you can buy them off of <-- which shits on Steam btw, because their games are DRM-free.)
-Custom build your own PC rig to avoid mark-ups from dudes like Alienware, Apple, HP, etc. Save money, get higher-quality parts, avoid ridiculous programs that run in the background at all times. Bring up Task Manager on any HP PC/laptop, or Alienware, Dell, etc. You’ll see a shitload of programs that don’t need to be running but are.

Keep in mind whenever new consoles roll around you don’t need to dump $400-500 on a new console every few years. If you build a decent PC off the bat, it can last you over 10-15 years. At most, you’d need to replace your GPU/CPU. I plan on doing that a year or two into next-gen when/if my current PC isn’t up to snuff anymore. I’m not worried though, my PC CAN RUN CRYSIS1/2/3! :rofl:

Consoles are still worth owning for weird third-party exclusives that don’t make it to PC, but with next-gens online paywall, I’m sticking with my current-gen consoles, last-gen consoles, PC’s and handhelds.

gaming laptops will take the reign some day. #jesuspose

I was a PC gamer for a long time, but went back to console with the 360, for the simple reason that it guaranteed I could play the latest games with no hardware upgrades for 5+ years. Definitely got my moneys worth.
Can’t say where I’m going with the new generation til I’ve seen their teething problems though.