Is it safe to say that HDR did NOT replace ST for good, as intended?


I remember that HDR had alot of tournaments after it came out, and replaced OG ST as it was intended, but it seems that in the last half a year or more, original ST has once again become the SF2 standard, in casual and tournament play. Also did the Japanese ever play HDR anyway?

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HDR didn’t get a japanese release, so the japanese HDR scene is miniscule.

And no, it created a schism in the community between those people who upgraded and those people who are scared of things that are new and different.

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I’m not exactly sure if that was the “intention”. The intention was to make money for the company and it definitely did that-it probably exceeded all the expectations in that regard. I also thought the whole “remixing an old as dirt game” was novel and really cool. So did a lot of other people; remixing various game threads popped up all over the place after the game. Also, the game basically revived sf2 which was good

Honestly if the lead programmer had just laid low like snoop and Nate Dogg in this video [media=youtube]ZwUyT1rDiPE#t=0m46s[/media] he’d still be making bank off new video game remixes to this day. People don’t like supporting anything related to people that are mean and annoying. Basically moral of the story is, if you’re a creative programmer with good ideas, lay low after projects and you’ll be fine.

ninja edit: lol okay the point of the post wasn’t to be gangster or anything. I’m not going to kill anybody or anything, i don’t really care about the topic either. I just heard the song on my ipod and felt like linking it on srk.

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where does it say HDR VS ST? I dont seem to recall asking which is better.

I really hate this mentality. Go cut your dick off because that will be both new and different! Stop being scared of new things! embrace change! see how stupid it is? just because something is new and different doesn’t mean it will be fun or good. Change isn’t always for the better. As common text book history has pointed out in several classic circumstances.

remember when the native americans changed for the white man and they live on little patches of land now? I’m sure they’re REALLLLY talking about how much good embracing change has done for them lol… we raped their women, stole their treasues, stole their land, stole their food, killed their people but yea, change really helped them. They’re really thriving now as a people LOL.

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If HDR had been simultaneously released in arcade form in Japan, I think things would have been different.

HDR didn’t replace ST for me.

I got out of SF2 shortly after Super, which I didn’t like quite as much as Hyper fighting… and really, the SF2 scene where I lived had already been destroyed by the release of Mortal Kombat by the time Super came out.

Since no one played Super, I stopped caring about SF2. I was completely ignorant of STs existence until about a year or two after it came out, when I happened upon a ST cab in an arcade in a bowling alley.

… and no one was playing it. I’m afraid the only machine getting any action in the game room was - wait for it! - UMK3.

I hope you all have enjoyed my true story of real arcade experience. God, I hate Mortal Kombat.

I never said it was always for the better, merely that HDR’s release date is one of the main reasons it’s not as widely accepted. Combined of course, with the weak international and lack of arcade release… Of course there’s no way to prove me right, but I’m fairly confident that had HDR ( under a different title, without the shitty new graphics of course ) been released in 1995 or 1996 it’d be entirely dominant in the SF scene and the ST scene would be as fringe as the current WW or CE scene… Similarly I’d guess if their release dates were switched ST wouldn’t be as well received as HDR is right now. Purely speculation of course.

I appreciate your speculation and everything, that’s what these types of threads are for, but I’m pretty sure that if random japanese people wanted to play HDR they would. I suspect that japanese players watch HDR match videos too cause tactics that I wrote about in this forum like the intangiblz’s garuntee and the lag special (or afro legends far superior version of it) both tactics I picked up from random american people…i’ve seen japanese players use in matches after HDR. Like futuchan, that guys got good taste, he used my lag special exclusively in the last match of sbo. So i think japanese players are just as influenced by american players as the other way around. I’ve always thought the international competition thing is kinda over rated and not really an issue for most people.

Considering SF2 is dead in MI in general, about the only game that got any play around here was HD Remix. Soooo, I would say it did replace ST here, just not enough people cared anyway for it to stand up to the SF4 juggernaut.

I forget which guy it was, but I recall some Japanese top player said some months ago that if HDR came out in Japan in the arcades, then they would have moved over to it from ST no problem. Hell, it would probably even get more play if Capcom would release it over there on console, even. I’m pretty amazed that Capcom hasn’t made any moves on that step; the playerbase over there seems interested if nothing else.

In regards to random Japanese playing HDR, I don’t really see that as the case currently. That’s like saying that random American players were getting into Tatsunoko vs. Capcom prior to the US release.

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By the way, to refresh everyones memory, the last thread ended with Geo mentioning something about wanting to measure his phallus.

I believe it was diago that said that. not that anything he says matters, to me anyways.

Honestly, who give a fuck about daigo?

for real, in sf2, daigo hasn’t sold me yet. in sf3, sf4, yeah, he is the man. in sf2, i’m not convinced quite yet.

You should have been convinced a long time ago. He is a shadow of his former sf2 self now but back in the days he arguably had the nr2 ryu in japan after ShootingD.

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We already had a 24 page arguement about this that was closed two weeks ago… We already know the answer to this question. No it didn’t, there are too many hard headed people on both sides unwilling to compromise because regional differences are outweighing the desire for a national standard… End of discussion. Move on.