Is it just me or does everyone just press buttons non stop?

Try to level with me here, I try to walk back and forth and bait stuff out. But I always get matched up with people that just roll their faces on their controller or stick.
There’s no breathing room at all, and when I try to do the same thing it’s not working out. I am not really a push over in Street Fighter 4, but V is just not clicking with me. I haven’t found a main as well and I am really discouraged right now. None of the characters fit my play style, I play Deejay, Rose, and Honda. Whats sucks too is I dropped $400 just to play this game alone, TE2+ Collectors Edition, Guide and Season Pass. I feel like I either just have to gather myself or quit for a while until the new characters are out.

Call me bad, sure I can admit to that right now. I am terrible at this game and I have no idea why it’s just not clicking with me, I feel like I have to throw everything that I learned in SF4 since release and I am having a hard time doing that. When SF4 came out, it clicked with me right away and it was smooth sailing. MvC3 came out and I had no problem with that as well, and the same thing with SFxTkn. I really don’t know what to do anymore. I like the game, I really have no complaints about it whatsoever, I am just terrible now. WTF? =(

Playing Ryu will teach you all the basics you need in the game. Every SF is built around him, and this one in particular is especially true.

thanks for the replies guys, I am in the process of watching all my replays and seeing which frame traps or those buttons that gave me a problem and trying to see which one I can punish. I do have the guide so frame data is not a problem, but in the heat of battle I sometimes don’t remember. I’ll definitely try out ryu, I’ve never been a shoto player even in SF2. I played Blanka in SF2, I liked remy in 3rd strike and I played about half the cast in SF4. I like mostly charge characters, I was actually doing quite well in the beta using Bison, but he seems different in this game and I can’t do the same thing. I even went on a 30 win streak in the beta, not that it matters. I think I am just on tilt in general as well, coz I played CoD the other night and I was doing terrible in that game also. Maybe me being pissed off at SFV kinda bled into that game.

I usually just read here, thats why in the seven years that I’ve been a member I’ve only posted 8 times LOL I am glad I posted this here and not the other board I used to go to. Seems like a spot where you actually get legit and very nice answers.

BTW I sometimes forget and I still crouch tech and get CC, I really need to find my groove soon. I am at a bad spot in SF right now, I wont quit though but I am pretty close LOL. Thank you again!

Not sure how you spend your time in training mode, but I set the dummy to just spam out problematic pokes, then I try to find the best way to deal with it. Overall, once everyone calms down, whiff punishment will definitely be a big thing in this game. I’m like you, I really haven’t found a good match for my play style. My style is all about checking people. From what I can tell, Birdie seems to really good at checking people. And he has the damage output to scare people from pressing buttons. And he has a very good AA to keep jumping in check too.

Not sure what level you’re playing at or expect to be playing at but no one has super long + on block strings that they can spam out for days, so you just need to be patient and find the gaps to start your offense, and once you get a knockdown and push someone into the corner, you just have to try as hard as you can to keep them there. If people are constantly pushing buttons, you’ll get them to calm down real quick when you work out meaty timings and frame traps. Oh, and always have a strong crush counter combo on deck that you can land consistently to discourage DP happy players.

And yeah, i’ve completely given up on trying to crouch tech or do anything of the sort, just commit to blocking and eat the throws, the risk:reward of teching a throw is just way too skewed.

bison? he’s pretty lame in this one. that’s who i’m going with until guile anyway.

The last two Nash players I fought online were like that, I couldn’t keep them off me to save my life.

How can you set the dummy to poke???

I think it’s the last screen on the training menu, but you can record actions for the dummy to repeat over and over again and store them there. Then you just cycle over to that menu and turn them on.

People do press a lot of buttons. Things went better for me in the betas when I started throwing a lot buttons that are safe on block (I play Bison) and doing frame traps. Also, I did A LOT better when I started blocking and tried to unlearn crouch teching.

My advice is to know your frame data and learn what you can punish on each character (very important) and then just block all day and punish unsafe moves. The biggest challenge is to learn to take the throws at first and concentrate on your defense. Eventually you’ll get to the point where you do better overall and you can start working on teching throws.

I’ll figure it out, I need to cover all bases. Thanks!!!

thanks for all the advice guys. lets see

Branh0193 as far as training mode goes, Ive been trying to punish those pokes. I was having a hard time against Rashid’s lp>qcf.p attack spam and R.Mika’s safe Charge.Roundhouse>>st.>mp butt splash. I know how to punish those now, but my problem now is just blocking, something I didn’t really do much of in SF4. With Rose or DeeJay, they have some pretty good “stay the hell off me” moves or so I think coz it’s worked out for me for years. As for honda, well… that one always goes rough for me. But yea, I’ve been using training mode like I have the past few years.

Piecez777 as for the level I am expecting to be playing at, I wish I could be at silver at least. I had 3000+pp in Super before I stopped playing ranked and just played endless all the way to the end of Ultra. I know points don’t matter and PP doesnt exactly translate to what our LP should be at. But I am nowhere near where I am in SF4, which is bumming me out. I guess old habits dies hard, but I will stop Crouch teching and learn how to block more. I only blocked when I really had to before.

Wikum, I actually really liked him in the beta. But for some reason I can’t pin point what changed drastically. I know his walk speed is much slower now but I did real well in the beta with him. Maybe I should take a few days off from the game and read up on the guides.

Thanks Loupgris. I know its a different game and I keep mentioning it, but in SF4 I only knew a lil bit of frame data. But I played it so much that I knew which and what to punish. I hope I get to that point in this game eventually. I will be playing this alot more and this time really study on the frame data. I feel like I really need to do it this time.

Anyways, even though I was at that point in SF4 before, i still felt like I was pretty casual. And I still have this casual mentality, I just so happened to play it alot. Again, thanks for the tips and the replies guys. I am glad no one is a troll on this site. <3

I thought I might be the only one! At first the higher tempo (as well as the looser timings for links) appealed to me as it was so exciting. But now whenever I see a Ken or Nash I cry a bit inside. They seem to be able to attack indefinitely and picking the right spot to counter is so tough. I guess it’ll come in time but when characters have both normals and specials that they can throw out without fear of reprisal it makes for a very button-happy type of game. I feel great when on the offensive, but pretty helpless when defending. Teching throws is a big part of it - I’m terrified to try as the combo I’ll eat if I guess wrong is massive. But then a couple of good throws can win a round…

I’ve also not really found my groove yet. Had a 10-win streak with Vega and thought I’d got the hang of the game, took me to around 1700LP. Then I lost about 8-10 in a row, and have had more losses than wins since! So back down to around 900LP and feeling a bit bummed.

Do you guys have any particular drills for block training? I am getting okay at spotting overheads, but still get crossed up more than I should. Some characters (like Birdie) are okay as they have to be right on top of you to cross-up, so if I see a jump from that close I know what’s coming. But Ken, Nash, Chun, Karin, Laura etc etc seem to be able to choose to hit in front or behind from almost the same jump angle. If I’m standing then I can usually AA or at least trade, but it’s when I’ve been knocked down that things rapidly go pear-shaped. Cross-ups mixed in with throws is where I seem to lose most of my life.

I’ve tried to commit to blocking well and punishing the unsafe moves, but haven’t really had the time to learn all of them yet and many times I’ve eaten a big combo trying to punish what I perceived to be an unsafe move. Similarly, once you eat a throw or two it gives the opponent the green flag to go into full attack mode with blockstring / throw mix-ups. I watched a video by Floe that explained the concept of turns in a fighting game, and I think an understanding of that is part of what I’m missing.

It’s a rushdown only game with barely any spacing elements and no zoning…what were you expecting.

omg you sound like the scrubs over here

Pretty much, kinda like alpha if you don’t do some offense well eh… Although I do remember guile in sf4 had some of THE STRONGEST turtling capabilities.

Sp00kyFox thanks for the video man, I appreciate it. Those are actually still some of the things that I am still doing.

angelpalm I really don’t have time to read all of that from that link, so ill just take your word that I sound like those scrubs LOL
As for what I was expecting, since they said they simplified it I thought it was gonna be more footsie heavy more than anything.
Actually since you said this game is rushdown only, I’ve been trying that approach and I am doing a bit better. I just gotta get out
of the 1k-1.5k range so I can play with other players around my friends skill or rank level.

Easilyn I never did play alpha, but yea I was just standing there waiting for stuff to happen and I stick out moves trying to AA stuff
but I get rushed down so fast all the time. I never caught on to what was happening since day 1 coz I was genuinely trying to stay
there and play like I am in a tournament LOL (edit: by tournament, I guess what I mean is that I give every single opponent online
way too much respect and I pay for it most of the time.)

thanks again guys!

Are folks finding crossups really difficult to block, I set up a training dummy last night to practise with and it seemed you have to block a cross up on the opposite direction to previous SF games, have I got that totally wrong?

I have to get in the habit of being patient in this game. Using my normals, footsies and punishing whiffs are so much easier if I just take my time and play my game. I am gradually getting better… GRADUALLY!!!

uh… yes, you got it wrong. it’s the same as usual. if your opponent is standing right and is doing a crossup you need to block by holding right instead of holding left in the case of a normal jump-in.