Is Gamestop a reliable place to buy Fightsticks?

I’m finally making the switch from pad to stick and I decided to start off with the Madcatz SE Fightstick. The thing is, I want to make sure that wherever I get it from, it’s perfectly new and having no problems. I heard that sometimes Gamestop repackages refurbished games/accessories and sells them as new. I think it’s very seldom, though. Is this a good choice? If not, can you please link me to a reliable online source? Thanks.

I bought an SE from Gamestop and it’s all good.

Internet gives you more options and frequently much lower prices.

Mad Catz joysticks are in general cheaper across the board online. Prices are 20-50% cheaper online.

One of the moderators/big promoters of the site is affiliated with the Mad Catz (he’s an employee and designer of the joystick cases) and regularly advertises sales for all the available/in-production joysticks.

online gamestop is good, store is hit or miss, if you frequent it and know the staff even remotely and are cool with them, i guess its good, if not, buy online.

I’m not familiar with anybody at my Gamestop so I’ll most likely get it straight from the site.

Well if you get an SE, you should know that the buttons, no matter how new, are not very likely to last every long. The good news is that you can replace buttons with Sanwa OBSF snap-ins quite easily.

you will probably get a better deal from… no sales tax is always a nice perk also

If you’re buying online, get it on Amazon unless the Madcatz site is having a significant sale. Factor in Amazon’s fast/free shipping and customer service.

So, would my best bet be to plan on replacing both the stick and the buttons with Sanwa parts as soon as I get the Fightstick? I don’t have experience in this but should be quite easy.

Yup, first thing you should do is pick up Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons and swap them. Stick is optional, it seems to hold up pretty well, though most people want a tighter spring.

I’ve heard about a couple of people buying “new” joysticks when they were actually used.

Gamestop is fine. Theyre not gonna fuck around with an arcade stick.

I found this in the absolute noobie thread: Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK Ball Handle Joystick and Sanwa OBSF-30 Pushbuttons. How’s this for the entry level fight stick user?

@DrizzX, did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:

You also only really need to replace 6 buttons since you shouldn’t be using the 3p and 3k macros

Yeah, I did. It’s really helpful and will come in handy once I fully assemble my fightstick. Thanks

I actually had a pretty good experience at Gamestop today. I went in to browse a little and saw they had a used Mad Catz SE and a Tekken 6 wireless stick. I figured they’d only knocked a few bucks off the price since that is usually what they do with games, but to my surprise they only wanted $17.99 each for them. I think this might have been some kind of pricing error, but I jumped on the SE. It still has the stock buttons and stick but replacing them won’t cost that much.

And those would be…?

The last two Buttons on right side.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say shouldn’t…