Is everyone getting AE?

I have seen that the AE will have a patch that comes with it that regular Super players will not be able to receive. Does anyone know if the plan is to have AE being the main for future tournaments? Kind of scared to buy it if I will be playing on a different version than what will be played on main stage. Sorry if this is a stupid question, I didn’t really know where to post it.

Although there are some exceptions, the newest version of the game is generally the tournament standard. In the case of SF4, all the majors after AE release are going to be on AE.

AE will be used for all tournaments once it comes out

Might as well learn it as it’ll be what most people play once it’s out.

Of course, do you still see people playing Vanilla in tournaments? AE will be what you play when it comes to SF4.

Until SF4 Final Ultimate, Bet You Didn’t Think We’d Do It 4 Times version hits anyways…

after AE drops…it will be the norm.

Honestly man, Playing the older versions will be pointless, because AE IS gonna make it so that you have to learn the style of the new set ups so you can be tournament worthy.

But, if you’re fine playing Casuals, Stick to SSF4. You’re not missing much except for four different characters.

I am going to buy DLC

are they gonna improve the online scene ? reason i ask this question last time i played ssf4 months ago i would get horrible lag matches i would loose or win cuz of it wen i know it could of gone different if ther wasnt lag

Online will most likely be the same. You get a few more features in terms of watching other players, but overall, don’t expect anything to be changed.

SSFIV Online shouldn’t be taken seriously anyway. You can optimise your connection by going wired connections and playing people you know/add to friends list in a region not a million miles away.

thnx for info

thats kool we get more features on it
wats with capcom on ther online scene sf4 ssf4 mvc3 they should really improve this even though online shouldnt be taken serious but still annoying when dealing with lag wen we just wanna have a fun online experience

DLC for me June 7th man. :slight_smile: That’s next week! (hopefully PSN will be up by then!)

I don’t see much of a point, being able to only verse others who have the DLC severely limits online play. Hardley see anyone with DLC costumes so go figure.

Wut? Just because you buy it as DLC doesn’t mean you can’t play people that have the disc version. Maybe I totally misunderstood you?

that would horrible if some1 buys the DLC not be able to play some1 that has the hard disc online…hope its a misunderstanding dont feel like spending more then i should since this yr already bought mvc3 mk9 and got pre order on mw3

No what I’m saying is that of course you can do that, In hindsight I think Bittersweet meant SSF4 and SSF4AE versions.

oh sorry about that misunderstanding …

And people with the DLC can still play people without it, so it doesn’t matter.

Isn’t it setup to where if you have the DLC and someone doesn’t, the only way you can play them as by playing by selecting to play SSF4 instead of Arcade Edition? Thought you had to chose between the title screen or something…