Is doa4 any good?

I head someone saying its to unbalanced or something like that.

Definitely not unbalanced. Evo winners used a WIDE variety of characters.

In before DOA-hate breaks out in violence.

this game is still mad fun for newbie level :slight_smile: ,even for 2 button mashers challenging each other still rather look competitive . ROFL .

game is awesome.

the game is great.

Good for newbs to get into (especially girls) and has enough depth for advance players…plus bouncing tits and good graphics.

To piggy back off of the other posters here, this is game definitely merits an 8 out of 10. The graphics are great, the gameplay is fun, and the best part is that the online fighting is fluid. I almost forgot to mention that there are a lot of unlockables, but unlocking everything is boring as hell.

The only problems as I see it are that it still rewards turtling and defensive fighting too much and that almost a 3rd of the roster tends to favor an attack pattern that hits one area, making some characters easy to counter (Brad and Jann Lee are guiltiest of this).

The online matches are fun with little lag if you don’t have a firewall or crappy connection, but you have to deal with tier whores a lot and online quitters. Hayabusa, Hayate, and Gen Fu are considered the Top Tier so most the time, you WILL see one of those 3 in a match and when people lose, they often quit before the match finishes and then they bring out the pettyness and leave you a negative feedback.

You mean Evo Winner not Winners.

And yes its not imbalanced every character has a good chance to win, but there are tiers.

In no order whatsoever but in categories the tierlist is.

Top Tier:
Ayane, Gen Fu, Ein, Hayate, Hayabusa

Upper Tier:
Hitomi, Kasumi, Kokoro, Jann Lee, Lei Fang

High Tier:
Tina, Zack, Eliot, Helena, Bayman

Mid Tier:
Leon, Spartan-458, La Mariposa, Bankotsu-bo(Tengu)

Low Tier:
Bass, Christie, Brad Wong

This game is super :lovin:

Wow! First time I have seen Ein at the top tier. I guess his win in WCG 2006 had something to say about it. Not that I can’t refute that. I’ve played offbeat ninja online… for all like the 30 seconds it took for him to win three rounds.

Yeah, this is a great game, has some flaws, but all games do. it is even better now that the community, online and offline are getting stronger.

LOL asking about DOA on srk Good look with that one I speak from experience.

But yes the game is outstanding

In before DOA-hate breaks out in violence.

Could not have said it better myself

This thread confuses and scares me…

^Fo’ real. SRK…liking DOA? What the fuck!?

But yeah, DOA4 is a great quality game.

SRK hasnt been itself lately.:confused:

Anyways, I dont really care for it.

Yeah…I dunno. I mean, unless everybody got together and planned that the next time somebody makes one of these threads, that they should all get together and have a sarcasm fest…then SRK has just pulled a John Kerry.

I never really like the DoA series and I haven’t played this one yet so I can’t really say whether it’s good or not.

Sarcasm = No way. Its very awesome.

I like this game, I wish i played it a bit more online though… having to go wireless sucks.

People dont really hate DOA…they just didnt like it at evo!