Is Competitive Gaming Gambling?

Is Competitive Gaming Gambling? Hey I’ve been trying to get tournaments organized in my areas but a lot of people say we can’t play because it’s considered gambling. Now I have no intentions on having MM at my tournaments(because that is gambling) but from what I’ve read this isn’t gambling because its a Game of skill not a game of chance. I’m asking is any of this true or not. I know some states have very strict gambling laws and some don’t but this is getting really annoying.

Most gambling is skill not chance.

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Yes, albeit on a relatively small scale.

It depends on the time line, in a single game of poker for example anyone can win, but over let’s say a 10 year period you’ll see some familiar faces consistently.

God I would love a casino that had fighting games for money. I disagree that gambling is a skill unless your card counting or somethin like that, putting money on a number, horse or game whatever is totally chance related you can’t practise getting a Royal Flush at Poker. Where in comp gaming there is an element of control, but I suppose money matches is gambling if it ain’t a tourny and your not paying entry just money matches.

Poke is about people, not cards. If your playing the cards your doing it wrong. Besides you don’t play your hand anyway, you play the one across from you and you don’t practice getting royal flushes, you practice making other people THINK you have one, or don’t have one depending on the situation.

And Zoo of course time span is a factor. One round of cards is going to be chance but then who plays only one round of Street Fighter? But even then I’m not referring to a 10 year span of pro poker. Anyone can learn to play the game in a skillful way to minimize the chances of loosing just like a fighting game.

Anything you bet on, is gambling.

Whether you bet on Jwong vs Daigo or Patriots vs Giants, its the same thing.

But a tournament is NOT gambling. Who the fuck said this?
It’s like entering a karate tournament, would they say that is gambling too??

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Does that include betting on a match you yourself are playing?

If it is, then pretty much anything that ends up with someone getting a reward for winning is gambling.

That said, can we please go arrest us some incumbent politicians, now?

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those damn Bush Family.

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Also, define “winning”.

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I would think the answer is pretty obvious. Considering you control the outcome. It’s as bad as what they did to the slot machines in Oceans Thirteen.

I doubt any g men will come to shut down your SF tournament

Is investing gambling??? Is buying a home on a loan gambling?? Is buying in credit gambling?? Isn’t marrying a female gambling???

I"ve heard of tournaments where they have.

Side bets
thats were the action is anyways… fucking chumps that actually play! bahahahahaha

and throwing dice between rouds/pairings.

“Gambling is the wagering of money or something of material value (referred to as “the stakes”) on an event with an uncertain outcome with the primary intent of winning additional money and/or material goods. Typically, the outcome of the wager is evident within a short period.”

If we go by this wikipedia definition then any tourney with a player pot probably counts as gambling. Since the players are wagering money on the possibility that they finish top 3. That’s why the tourney scene in Japan is so underdeveloped, player pots are illegal there and any prize money has to come from sponsors.

I think as long as your tourney doesn’t have a player pot it shouldn’t count as gambling.

You know, pinball was once prohibited because it was seen as a form of gambling. But with the addition of flippers, pinball became legal again.

With fighting games, there are few (if any) random elements to suggest that it’s gambling. The better player usually wins, but the opponent may pull a clutch win from time to time.

Who the hell bets on video gaming? Spectators: If you aren’t putting down money on the winner with the expectancy of a payoff based on the outcome, it’s not gambling. For the players, it’s simply a competition for a prize. Faust, are you in/near someplace retardedly overly-religious? A muslim/jewish/amish-influenced area or something? Tournaments are in no way gambling unless the spectators pay money, and get a payoff based on who wins.

Some states with more archaic gambling laws technically consider competitive gaming as gambling.
It’s why some states got left out of EVO Online last year (S/Os to living in Florida).

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What if your entry fee was considered you betting on yourself to win it all? Wouldnt that be gambling then?