Is a fighter with these problems good or bad?

  1. Wake up kick range are like projectiles thus not being able to space them out correctly then whiff punish them because they are all the fastest recovering attacks in the game next to jabs.

  2. Overall movement (back dashing, forward dashing etc) is slow

  3. Punishment on guard is toned down significantly

  4. The ability to totally escape off the wall even avoiding jabs. Thus the wall is only +10/+20 pts depending on what type of wall it is and it is no longer a deep stun that gives you a launcher.

  5. Sketchy stages all with massive geometry problems.

  6. Being able to totally escape an attack when it hits you and recover before the person who hit you with that attack recovers and you are now at a frame advantage even though you got hit with an attack.


  8. Everything leaves you at a disadvantage on guard and a good amount of moves leave you at a disadvantage on hit.

  9. The retarded invulnerability frames on wakeup.

DOA? aren’t you like the EVO champ of it?

He is, but he hates it anyway.

Yes I really really hate DOA4.

Play VF5. I like DOA a lot also but it’s clear that people just have issues with that game.

Is this really all DoA4??

Good lord… :looney:

Kinda glad I hardly ever touched it.

this sounds like something from the latest MK games lol

LOL even the champ of DOA4 hates the game:looney:

Never been a fan of doa as it’s a semi-button masher that’s not as deep as say VF5 (which IMO is the best 3D fighter ever) but it’s still kinda fun to play casually.

Anyways yeah those sounds like semi-broken problems with the game i didn’t know the game had all these issues then again VF5 n SC2 are the only 3D games i play n know well so i guess that shows how much i know bout doa:rofl:

I really hate these two

how exactly you escape the hit stun? (you got me curious :wonder: )

From the older DoA games I played…you kinda DON’T.

Wow that sounds retarded. Is there any reward or advantage for attacking at all in that game? Sounds like turtling is the way to go.

It’s funny seeing the national champ for the game hating on it. Also aren’t you on the NC team for that video game league thing? If so good shit repping the state vs. Korea, lol.

Mash out of it like in Tekken or VF. Pretty much any stun in DOA you can mash out of to reduce the stun time. In DOA you can even mash out of like back turned and crumple stuns. At least in the older ones you were able to. Pretty ridic.

if you’re in ground hitstun, and haven’t been counter hit, you can cancel the hitstun into a hold (think cvs2 geese counters). but if you guess wrong with the hold on their next attack, then you will automatically be counter hit with whatever they throw out, be it an attack or a throw.

Not necessarily. You are right in that holds will escape stun…yet at least in the older DOA games you basically reset yourself when you hold. The only problem is that if you try to do a counter hold to escape a stun…you are left in a long animation where you can be thrown and if you do get thrown you take a high counter throw. Which is basically a penalty for getting thrown while you are countering. Which is where the whole RPS thing about DOA comes into effect. The game punishes you for using a powerful defensive tactic with a powerful grappling tactic. If you are hit with a physical attack while you are holding…I’m pretty sure it just hits as a normal hit. Which is why the game gives you incentive to grab the person once you stun them.

I’m pretty sure Perfect Legend was more so talking about being able to mash out of most any stun in DOA (if not then correct me…I seriously haven’t played DOA in a long time). Moving the stick left and right while mashing on punch and kick buttons to recover faster. That’s definitely one of the bigger problems of the game IMO.

block= disadvantage
hit= disadvantage
knockdown= disadvantage

What the hell is the point of attacking?

DOA is a perv’s man Tekken/VF.

yeah it’s funny, a lot of the DOA top players are moving to VF5. bboydubc has a really vicious Akira.
about that hitstun thing though, can’t you just hold guard and rapidly input 360’s to slow escape?

The main reason I was even playing DOA4 was until something like, say, VF5 Online came out. Was kinda preping a template-type mode for timing with Aoi. Ironically enough, I had some fun using Tina in DOA4. Saying that, DOA4 had/has more than a few issues with balance (then again, so did the entire Tekken series).

I would guess that’s true about the slow escape thing. Shows how long it’s been since I’ve played DOA seriously. Moving to VF5 is a good move IMO since the game was defintely inspired by VF. Shouldn’t be too hard for them to get a footing in the game.