Iron Man Pressure, Spacing & Mixtape thread. 2nd Test + footage of Texas Iron Man (Danke)

Welp Iron Man’s dead guys might as well play the music.


Now that’s out of the way we’ll get into why I made this thread. I had originally wanted to make a thread like this for Doom but now that Doom got easier to play with the new S dive and I prefer the beam assist + full screen DHC of Iron Man…I figured I’ll just do it with Iron Man.

I feel too many threads for characters simply emphasize on combos combos combos combos combos combos and when they’re done emphasizing on combos…they emphasize some more on COMBOS.

I guess it’s really easy to play your character regardless of their tier if all you talk about is their combos. You don’t have to do worry about how to actually utilize the character if you just have hot combos. What I want to do is create a thread where people actually come up with stuff that will win in a fight. Like putting together movement pressure, mix ups for different situations etc.

Generally I want this thread to ultimately be like a combo thread with videos but for mix ups and pressure instead. Here’s my first video showing what I have been coming up with so far. I’m not big on grinding combos all day so I’ll have you guys help me out with what I’m missing combo wise. Plus feel free to add in or make videos of stuff you’ve been doing pressure/spacing/mix up wise as well.

Important Contents (updated with 2nd test + Danke match footage)

**NEW: Texas Iron Man player Danke *Spencer/Iron Man (Unibeam)/Doom (Missiles) ***

1st Test

0:10 = Testing ground movement
1:44 = Testing aerial movement
3:17 = Testing SJ forward ADD over regular/SJ forward ADDF
6:55 = Testing Flight cancelling to bypass advance guards.
8:29 = Practicing normal and super jump height standard combos.
14:33 = Practicing normal and super jump height XF3 combos.
16:13 = Practicing combos off of throws.
17:13 = Practicing close and farther range pressure with assist (jam session).

2nd Test

[LEFT]0:10 = Early frame jump cancelling dashes[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3:20 = Box jump overhead/low and double overhead[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5:00 = Cross up j.M[/LEFT]
[LEFT]6:04 = Testing Smart Bombs for aerial footsies.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7:27 = Practicing hit confirms/combos.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]12:17 = Simple cross under mix ups during corner welcome situations.[/LEFT]

Joker Lockdown/Repulsor+Drones Tech…xas-iron-man-danke.153075/page-2#post-6416532

KJunk’s Fuzzy Guard Notes

KJunk’s Magneto Style Welcome Mix Up Notes

Good stuff DJ.

I’ve known about all this for a while, but for some reason seeing it in action inspired me a bit. Anyways, I’m gonna make an Iron Man offense/Mixup video over the next few days going over basic setups, tri-jump, and fuzzy guard options. So if anyone has anything they want to me to include let me know.

I guess I’ll repost what I originally posted in the main thread back at the end of November regarding Fuzzy Guards. Maybe it saves you some time in the video you’re working on, Ve.

Solo IM Fuzzy Guards

Because of how fast Iron Man’s Air Dash Down is, and because his air normals are dash cancellable, he can fuzzy guard a bunch of cast members pretty easily into big combos without the need of an assist. The setups are pretty easy for it as well. If you don’t know what a Fuzzy Guard is, go read what has to say about them.

The basic idea is you force the high block with an air normal, then you immediately jump and do an air attack. If they transitioned to blocking low, your jump attack still hits unnaturally high (the fuzzy guard) and Iron Man can air dash down instantly into a combo. Even off a j.:l:, he can air dash down, land, and still combo into a :d::l:.

Here are the cast members you can just j.:l: on. A good example of setups for the j.:l: would be tridashing in with a j.:m: or j.:d::h: - once they block it, simply jump and j.:l:. Another example would be going into flight mode and immediately using j.:s: to force a high block while also landing, then jump and j.:l:.
[]Nemesis (is so tall that you can j.:m: instead of j.:l: and it still hits)
]Sentinel (is so tall that you can j.:m: instead of j.:l: and it still hits)
[]Dormammu (is so tall that you can j.:m: instead of j.:l: and it still hits)
]Magneto (is so tall that you can j.:m: instead of j.:l: and it still hits)
]Doctor Doom
[]Doctor Strange
]Super Skrull
Other characters are too short for j.:l:. However, you can use Iron Man’s j.:d::h:. The only catch is that you have to do it from a slight distance away from their character. However, the distance is easy to setup if you happen to say, :d::m::h: xx Fly, j.:s:. It also works well off Unfly j.:h:'s when you’re zoning, or a j.:d::h: if you tridash into it from a safe distance. This works on all of the characters mentioned already above, plus these people below:
[]Phoenix Wright
]Ghost Rider
]Iron Fist
[]Captain America
[]Iron Man
Not a huge deal, but it further highlights how tough his high/low game can be to block once we get the execution down. I see a lot of good characters in those lists, so having these kinds of tools for those match-ups is really cool. The notable characters these don’t work on are Zero, Firebrand and Amaterasu.

Yeah, I think I’ll use your list. I was gonna just tell people to experiment on their own. But since you’ve already done the work (I remembered that post btw, it is/was good work), I’ll just use it.

You’ll be credited don’t worry.

One more post as well, this one from earlier in January. This one’s on corner mix-ups, and it’s basically just adapting MarlinPie’s Magneto mix-ups on incoming characters to IM.

Stop Repulsor Blasting Characters As They Come In and Do Real Mix-Ups

Because IM can cancel his air normals into air dashes, he has access to some of the same mix-ups on incoming characters that Magneto does. For those of you familiar with MarlinPie, this is basically his Vanilla Magneto setup on incoming characters but modified for Iron Man.

Here’s how it works: after a character kill, jump up and hit them with a j.2H as they fall in while calling a lockdown assist. Sentinel and Morrigan can reversal super it, but everyone else should have to either get hit by it or block it as they come in. If you use the proper distance, you should be safe from XFGC Air Throws (but this could still use testing).

After the j.2H connects, air dash cancel it into a down+forward air dash. A few things can happen based on their response:
[]They get hit by the j.2H. They’ll be hit down into the lockdown assist, and you continue the combo.
]**They block the j.2H. **If they block the j.2H, they fall into the lockdown assist. You’re now set to apply Air Dash Down high/low mix-ups.
[*]They block the j.2H and Advancing Guard. You hit the ground and can immediately jump up+forward and air-throw them. This can be done before the lockdown assist begins hitting them. And they’re in recovery from the advancing guard - it’s free.
A variety of lockdown assists can be used for this, and some are better than others of course. If you’re using a slower assist like Sentinel, you’ll want to call him in advance of going up for the j.2H.

If you don’t have a lockdown assist, it’s still a very strong mix-up on an incoming character, but they have outs that are dependent on what you commit to. Unassisted, none of their outs can be done on reaction to what you do, but you have to try to anticipate what they’re going to do for yours to work. The strength of the assisted mix-up is that you can just react to what they do.

I feel these are better than Repulsor Blast left/right mix-ups on people as they fall in because you only get one mix-up in those cases, and it gives up control of the match if they block it.

Additionally if you do Repulsor Spread against a cornered opponent, your odds of being punished go up dramatically. Repulsor Spread is -9 with a lot of knockback. Normally the knockback keeps you safe, but not as much in the corner. I also feel these types of j.2H -> airdash mixups are better because they set you up with a series of mix-ups rather than just one.

One last thing is that these do work midscreen as well, but certain assists like Jam Session with knockback are less useful in this case unless you can push them out of Jam Session hitting them during the duration of the assist. Otherwise it slingshots them out away from you at the end of the string. That can be valuable and good for some silly cross-up mixups in some cases, but not really this one.

Okay, I think I’m gonna put a section in my vid (I’m writing down an outline as we speak) for setups. The two obvious ones are Repulsar Blast, and the Marlin Pie j2C>ADD setup, but if anyone has any other ways they go about setting up IM’s mixups let me know.

For some more clarification, I suggested j.2H over j.H because it’s much easier to convert the j.2H into a combo and it does a better job at pushing people down into an assist.

I realize j.H could be used to option select an air throw, but that situation only happens if you’re mistiming your setup IMO. I feel that having the j.2H active on the incoming character AND at a spacing that keeps you safer from XFGC air throws is more valuable than an option that should only be useful when you mistime your setup anyway and is harder to combo after.

I’d also consider pointing out the property of Repulsor Blast where advancing guards don’t push it back, so it can be used to hold someone in place while an assist activates. Drones obviously work well with it, but I bet (needs confirmation) that Cold Star, Lightning Legs, Daggers of Denak, Eye of Agamotto, Dark Hole, Molecular Shield, Senpu Bu, Spitfire and Vajra could also work with some strength of Repulsor Blast to give you at least a single mix-up opportunity afterwards.

Hidden Missiles could work too, however you’d need to call it and wait a moment before working in the Repulsor Blast given the long amount of time before the missiles start coming down. That might be best after a character kill, or if you st.H + :a2: -> cr.H xx Repulsor Blast.

I’ve also had luck with lighter versions of Rep Blast + Jam Session for pushing someone away so I could continue playing the range game, but that’s not really for mix-ups.

But those assists I listed still need testing. And that concludes my IM download for now. :blah:

Yep most of those assists work. I’ll test all potential options when I start recording.

Also, you can still OS/throw with j2C by doing the input as j3C. Also, when you jump back up for the guard break, you can OS/throw/plink dash down to continue pressure if the throw doesn’t take for some reason. You can also jump back j2C to try and blow up throw techs if you think they are catching on to the guard breaks.

Best opening sentence to a thread ever.

I gotta say I been in the hyperbolic time chamber with Anchor man hard for the past week and I feel he complete’s my main team more than Taskmaster. I gonna be running Taskmaster for these next few tourneys but when I get a chance to really divulge into Tony stuff I feel like he could replace Taskmaster.

That is awesome to hear :tup:

because this is how I feel about option selects


Why do we have the best posters on these forums in this thread…so GDLK
Also does anyone have any Zoning/feeling out tactics they use? Now I’m doing
Jump (adf/adb) j.h xx l SB
c.H xx fly j.H xx unfly j.H
c.H xx Unibeam

I’m having trouble incorporating missiles into my gameplay unless my opponent is fullscreen… I guess I should cover doom with repulsar blast? I honestly love that move and I feel like if you use it at the right times you get missiles for free, the only problem is it can lose hard to beam assists. I’ve found that this can be omitted if you do c.H first… Thoughts?

Mixtape thread? Come on DJ, don’t flaunt your nigga status on SRK

LOL. Yo I hope you don’t change the thread title DJ. But can you seriously tell me “Tony Stark” don’t sound like a Young Money or Rockafella CEO.

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I’m white FYI, so you are all going to have to be careful and use lingo that I can understand.

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This thread has existed for less then 12 hours and it’s already my favorite thread on SRK.

I don’t always lose, but when I do, I used Iron Man.

One other quick mix-up/pressure thing to add: he carries a lot of forward momentum when he lands from his ADDF. You’ll really notice it if you reach about 1 character height before you do the ADDF.
[]You can use this to slide into throws from really far away.
]You can also use this forward momentum as a poor man’s replacement for where people would normally dash on the ground after landing. Since his ground dash can’t be canceled immediately, you can rely on the forward momentum of the ADDF to continue moving you forward while still being free to block, use normals, etc.

Stay low tier my friends.