Iron Man Pressure, Spacing & Mixtape thread. 2nd Test + footage of Texas Iron Man (Danke)

Low mid tier sounds more fitting, yes?

Stay low tier with 2 great assist my friends.

I’ll take it.

Alright so here’s the issues I was having in that video (mostly hit confirm/combo based) so I’d like to know what you guys do to optimize in those situations.

1. /watch?v=4Y4ATzqMDio&feature=BFa&list=HL1327037358&lf=mh_lolz#t=9m08s = Is there another way I should be hitting the opponent during this combo so that I can land and do smart bombs super? I usually do H smart bombs but I notice I usually can’t get super to connect in time.

** 2. watch?v=4Y4ATzqMDio#t=10m13s** = I have a similar problem in the corner. I noticed later on in the corner that if I used M smart bombs the super lands pretty consistent though. I usually just autopilot on H bombs but there’s probably some situations where I can use the other bombs.

3. watch?v=4Y4ATzqMDio&feature=BFa&list=HL1327037358&lf=mh_lolz#t=11m33s = This super jump combo I’m kinda consistent with but I noticed they sometimes tend to fall too fast. Is there something I should be delaying longer or do you guys prefer other super jump combos? I know I tried one of K Junk’s ones but this one seems a bit easier to do for now.

4. watch?v=4Y4ATzqMDio&feature=BFa&list=HL1327037358&lf=mh_lolz#t=15m08s = Looking for any XF2/3 based super jump height to ground combos basically.

** 5. ** watch?v=4Y4ATzqMDio&feature=BFa&list=HL1327037358&lf=mh_lolz#t=16m22s = I found a video with some more elaborate stuff I could do but wondering what you guys do also. Same thing with the air throw right after that.

** 6. Lastly what anti air or regular jump height combos do you guys have when you’re in an AA or air to air with like a j.H situation when they’re around regular jump height?**

I’m learning IM because of this thread. Get @ me

Bandwagon swag.

Why does IM feel like a legit fighting game character? I have to time my combos and shit, wtf is this?

He’s in the wrong game or something. No ground bounces, no dive kicks, no hard knockdowns, just…Iron Man with long ass normals, air dash pressure and cool looking supers.

Iron Avenger is still the most hyper super in the game.

I don’t even know why, it’s just a laser blast, but somehow it’s unbelievably epic. My best guess is it’s because Iron Man is awesome.

Your guess is very correct. Plus follow ups into more damages.

Oh and whenever you get the chance if you could answer my above questions that would be coolio.

Oh yeah, I’ll look at them. I posted the problem you were having with the throw combo on your YT page.

I’m gonna start work on that offense guide tomorrow, it will probably take a few days to get done, barring distractions.

Also, if anyone has anything they want me to make sure I include, be sure to let me know. I am notorious for being forgetful.

Oh yeah I saw the answer already. You can just answer the stuff that wasn’t already answered.

Ah yeah that reminds me. In the offense guide I’d like to see some stuff with jam session assist (I know you’re already throwing in drones obviously). Generally some stuff that works with jam session or sent drones that you can lead in with would be great.

Also if you find any nasty reliable cross ups with him (that’s the one thing I miss with point Doom) I’d like too.

Well, I wasn’t going to go over assist specific tactics, just ways to set up the assists, since once they are blocked you typically just go into traditional mixups anyways.

Crossups is a good idea though. I haven’t really looked into cross-up setups too much, but I will do some labwork tomorrow.

There are some weird things you can do with IM’s throw since it causes a face-down knockdown, but they really aren’t all that useful as they require a neutral tech.

You can slow down the final hits of the air series. His j.2H has enough hit stun that you can wait a moment to start falling before you ground them with j.S. Also I think you could have hit the PC there in your video, you just missed the ground dash upon landing. I’d practice just Dash -> SRK with him over and over again. You want to hit the Smart Bombs as soon after his dash recovery is over as possible. I actually think it’s pretty easy with him BECAUSE of his stupid dash recovery. You can do a two button dash and input the SRK motion as he dashes, and finish it with :h: for Smart Bombs right as the recovery clears.

You can actually always use the H Bombs, but you just need to be aware of the timing. Proton Cannon has its initial hit and then the beam after. If some of your bombs hit IN BETWEEN that initial hit and the beam, the bombs will let them bounce out. The solution is to delay the Proton Cannon slightly. Iron Avenger is the opposite. You want to cancel Smart Bombs into Iron Avenger as soon as possible to get the combo. In some cases, skipping the ground dash can make it easier because it gives the Smart Bombs a small amount of travel time which widens the window to hit Iron Avenger.

You may be like “how am I supposed to remember all this crap” but it will become natural really fast.

After you land from the super jump and then jump into j.MM2HS, you can probably delay the j.S slightly after the j.2H. This’ll help you both get closer to the ground for the cr.M to connect afterwards.

I’d try just slowing down the initial part of the combo to offset the XF2/3 speed. Focus more on their height than the speed of the hits. We may be able to get fancy with Air L Smart Bombs or something after the initial confirming hits failing that.

shinquickman posted this one and I think it’s good:

[INDENT=1]Ground Throw, L Smart Bomb, st.H>cr.H> (delayed) st.S>snj.M>H>dH>S, land, TK H Smart Bomb, land, cr.M>st.S>snj.M>H>dH>S, land, H Smart Bomb>Proton Cannon (Around 530K damage.)[/INDENT]
It’s also possible to kill someone dead with even XF1 after a ground throw. You can XFC right after the L Smart Bomb and you’re rocking.

I need to play around with this more for more options. I should get my copy of the game back from a friend this weekend and will get back in t mode for some details.

I also saw you messing around with some air throw options and I think you’re making it harder than it needs to be. Just ADDF and let it go all the way until you land, and then L Smart Bomb them up into a combo. The only time this won’t work is if you had to air dash at them to get the air throw. But then your other follow-ups you were trying wouldn’t work, either.

A mixup I like to do is similar to what combofiend does with nova. Dash in -> Jump -> IAD J.L -> to hit confirm Work on every character, including a crouching rocket raccoon. This works better with iron man, since he can just go into a c.L for a quick high and low mix up.

I use him as an anchor so if you keep him on point/2nd this would be better since you have assist covering you

I’m a comic book guy as much as I’m a gamer. I’ll explain why Iron Avenger is so hype.

Both in the comics and the movies, a majority of Iron Man’s power reserves are to protect Tony. G-Force dampeners, supplies itself its own energy, water/ice retardants, heat/fire retardants, high/low temperature protection, radiation protection, EMP protection, and many other things. I would say about 65% of the suit’s power is used to protect Tony. You have to keep in mind he’s one ordinary ass dude, he’s no super-soldier, no God, nor a gamma irradiated guy. So if he gets punched he’s k.o’ed. So he needs to suit to mostly protect him, and whatever is left, he uses that to fight.

Stark’s suit as an “override” system, where it converts most of its power to fight and less energy to protect him. You may wonder why he doesn’t use it more often but that’s because if he uses it he’ll probably die. All those things I listed above won’t be there to protect him, but he will have a significant power boost for the duration he’ll use it. So when you activate Iron Avenger, the first thing Tony says is “Unlock Power Inhibitor”, as in he’s removing all the safety protection of his suit for a VERY short period of time, because typically that’s all he’ll need to kill you. The MASSIVE Unibeam that you see after he grabs you by your face in the blink of an eye (which is a speed boost from the override system), is what Unibeam would look like if it was fired by the Iron Man armor at full power.

Anyways, enough of my nerd talk. This thread is fucking top-tier for laughs.

EDIT: The white flash after Iron Avenger adds to the epic, leaving you unsure if you killed your opponent until you hear them scream with a “HYPER COMBO-K.O!!”. :slight_smile:

Nice Kripy Kream combo DevilJin! I am still working on it, I could only get it 40% of the time:(

Anyway I am working on how to get IM close enough so that I won’t have to do this combo. I find dash Replusor Spread and Doom missile very effective of doing this, IM’s dash travels far enough while Replusor protects Doom and the missile pins them down long enough to force my opponent to at least guess twice. It works well with snap in set ups as well.

Also Deviljin doing j.MMdHS as an air series after s.S deals more damage and helps with the land DF SB.

I prefer L smart bombs to proton cannon much more reliable imo and hard SB to Lv3

Don’t use l SB, it does less damage and hit-stun, instead cancel into hyper just as the bombs can out. Works for both level 3 and Proton Cannon. Level 3 is hard to land after a long combo due to HSD, so use assist to combo into Repulsor Blast Spread for an easy finish.

Really? For me, doing the exact opposite is easier lol.
L SmartBombs don’t launch people too high so LVL3 connects, and H smart Bombs to Proton Cannon is a slow(late) cancel.