Iron Man Players to Watch

So the combo thread is very active with people arguing and discussing all of Iron Man’s combos. That is all good and well, but the thing that I’ve found lacking is videos of people actually playing the character. So far the only competent Iron Man players I’ve been able to find videos on are, condor missile who plays xf3 iron man which you can only learn so much from, that is if the other player even can make it to iron man. There is Danke who I think is a good iron man, but there are no videos of him playing. I only found about 3 videos of his matches. Joker is the only Iron man who I can find a good number of videos on. Does anyone else play matches? It seems everyone just makes combo videos and no one actually uploads match videos. Can someone direct me to some good iron man play? other than the ones I’ve mentioned?


Some matches, there isn’t much stream footage of me anywhere unfortunately because despite getting top 32 at UFGT and top 64 at EVO I never got on stream :(. Once I get back to Texas in late august I’ll be able to get a lot more matches up.

A bit off topic, but a team of Miki, Haruka, Hibiki is a top tier team:)

Well that explains me not seeing you on the EVO stream. that sucks. I was really hoping to see you in action.

I agree.

On Topic: Watching Danke play Iron Man is like listening to Chihaya sing kiramekirari.

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I play tony … >_> and i use him in the middle so he actually fights on my teams too


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Definitely watch Alukard as well, this guy has been chucking plasma and bombs since melee(I wish I was good enough to play Samus). There’s also way more footage of him playing.

He also plays Magneto/Iron Man/Sentinel better than Joker could ever imagine.

Its funny you mention Samus, I think she’s really analogue to Iron Man in this game. Especially Brawl Samus, really fun to play, but also pretty bad.

I’d like to also suggest my friend Dapvip who plays Dante/X-23/Iron Man. He runs Iron Man anchor and does work with him. He has very good hit confirms and footsies with the character, as well as knowledge of Repulsor Blast spacing and when to be shooting beams and chucking air Smart Bombs. All things you need to know to succeed with Iron Man. All around strong player with Tony.

He’s posted stream archives of him playing, they are scattered around the threads here.

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alukard’s playin tonight @ big two and had won a close set between him and Noel

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