iPhone, anyone?

Has anyone gotten the Iphone yet?

My contract with Cingular is up so I can renew and get one pretty cheap. I already have an ipod so i don’t really need the music aspect of it, but the phone itself just looks so badass. I know about apple’s first gen product problems in the past being the proud owner of a severy scratched up first gen nano.

If you haven’t seen it go to www.apple.com and check out the features, it’s pretty ridiculous with the touch screen and what you can do with it.

Has anyone had any problems with them or know if they have any severe flaws that have popped up since they have come out?

Not out till June, in or around there.

…its cool but, you know they’re gonna release a new and better one 10 seconds after you buy it and stop supporting the old one Macintosh style.

(I still want one though)

I got one. It’s basically everything in the commercial, best phone I ever had.

I saw the line up…

picked some pockets…

Didn’t by the phone, didn’t pick enough pockets…

but one day, one day soon, SHE VILL BE MINE!


this is how i feel about it

I don’t use my corporate phone for personal use, and I actually save a ton a month switching my personal Treo to the iPhone. Mainly because I don’t pay that mandatory (at least when I bought it) unlimited data plan thats $39.99 a month anymore, also I needed a new iPod.

How big is it compared to the razr? i want it, but im afraid itll be too big for my pockets.

It’s suprisingly super thin, maybe a hair bigger than the razr. Don’t worry about size.

i don’t understand how apple could put out a non-3g phone in june 2007. like seriously wtf were they thinking?

how much exactly is it with a new plan? bcuz i can’t find any pricing info on the cingular/at&t site which also makes a little wary of how much this shit is gonna run with a plan and shit. the 8525 has technical edges over this phone in all areas and can be had fo r $99 which is what i’m leaning towards gettting right now.

Information on the 3G iphone will come out on Monday, so why even buy the IPhone now? heh

icrap…lol unless theirs unlimited texting i have no point in getting it. cause i text like no ones business.

Not worth the money and the plans are ridiculous. 60-220$/month. GG!

At least you can get it off prepaid at&t.

Yeah its IMO too expensive to be worth my time. I have a 30G Ipod I barely ever use. And on top of that…its fucking Cingular

  • :bluu:

Does it have a regular earphone jack or one of those cell phone earphone jacks?

Glad to see people here still don’t really know what they’re talking about but bitch anyway.

They put it out as an EDGE enabled phone because of battery life. 3g phones have SHIT for battery life.

Where did you hear this?

The plans for the iPhones are 20 dollars cheaper than those of other data plans.

Most phones are discounted any where from 100-300 dollars to get them into a customer’s hands. The iPhone is not. It’s the first phone Cingular has put out that they don’t take a hit on, otherwise they’d be selling it at like 200-400 bucks as opposed to 500-600. As far as I know this is pretty much a first in the wireless industry.

i think it would be better if it could fold in half somehow. looks kind of big in the pictures/commercials

does it have an unlimted txting at all?

My sis bought an IPhone yesterday. It’s amazing cool to look at, but i can’t imagine paying for one, even though she offered me one as a birthday/christmas present. But really I have no use for something like that. Still, the idea of browsing srk on it is pretty hot.

P.S. I got neg repped for posting here using it. Too much haterade.

Yeah, you can get unlimited txt.

Some of you guys know how to read, right?

Click the “Plans” tab. You can also click the “FAQ” tab and it’s got a ton of info too.