Iori vs. Blanka/Bison

After a blocked blanka ball, does iori have enough time to nail blanka with a crouching roundhouse? And will it reach… And if so, can I activate CC (zero frame startup?) and use the crouching roundhouse to start an ass whoopin? Just wondering cause blanka is still giving me trouble.

Same goes for bison, after a blocked psycho crusher, will the crouching roundhouse hit? Same CC activation question too…
Thanks for the input guys, I appreciate it.

After a blocked Blanka ball you can cr. RH and hit if you walk forward a tiny bit first. This takes about 5 min. to practice in training mode. Yes, you can CC with this–I usually use cr.RH x 9, hcb + RH, qcf-hcb + punch.

Psycho Crusher is a bit different because Bison doesn’t bounce back like Blanka. I think you could just B&B him with s.strong, twd.strong, qcb + Fierce x 3 or something. If you really wanna CC him though, then don’t block the PC at all, just activate and anti-air that piece of trash with dp + Jab, cr.RH x 8, hcb + RH, qcf-hcb + punch.

If you’re close enough to the corner by the 6th cr.RH, then instead of that finish you can s.Fierce x 2 xx qcb-hcf + punch (wait for two stasis hits) dp + Fierce… This is a bit harder and only adds about 200-300 damage. You could also do this if you can get to the corner by the 6th cr.RH; dp + jab, cr.RH x 6, hcb + RH, dp + jab, qcf-hcb + punch… This is going for looks mostly. Point is, why block PC when you can CC it directly?

If the PC goes by you and you block it (like if you don’t have meter), then I dunno exactly what you can do because it’s usually not much. Depending on the positioning of both characters on the screen, you could possibly cr.RH Bison, but you could also try to hcb + RH to chase him down. I would say this is often risky though, because Bison’s recovery out of PC is good. Note that you can probably just flat out anti-air him with dp and at worst it trades assuming you timed it right. I’m pretty sure a straight vertical j.RH can do it too, but that’s playing theory fighter on my part. Test some of those out in training mode and see what’s most efficient.

You guys actually have trouble beating blanka w/Iori?

Blanka is Iori’s worst matchup. Bison is second.

Yeah Blanka gives me the most problems when i fight him. i can’t counter after that roll and he’s faster than IoRi putting him at a disadvantage

I don’t find Iori vs. Bison to be a hard match. dp + jab tops a lot of Bison’s crap, so use that for a safe method of punishment. if Bison corners you, use wake-up dp + jab and start prodding him with s.forward if there’s a bit of space, otherwise use Iori’s viscious little B&B combos that you’ll find in the Iori B&B thread, namely cr.jab, cr.short, cr.jab, qcb + fierce x 3. Iori’s s./twd.strong seems to be mostly unwise vs. Bison. Note that you can also wake-up into a Scum Gale, which equals free B&B/Super/CC. Seriously though, unless this Bison RCs everything, you can nearly get away with abusing dp + jab. Just be careful that you don’t get baited, that’s the trick. What are some of the problems you’re having vs. Bison? We need to work some of this stuff out.

RC Blanka makes Iori’s life hell… oldschoolgaijin, I really just don’t believe you. Sure, normal Blanka can be done with moderate ease depending on opponents’ skill and style, but RC Blanka is… a completely different character. :bluu:

I’m pretty much facing a bunch of turtling bison’s and blanka’s. They sit there and throw out pokes and blanka balls/pycho crushers. Blanka is giving me less trouble now that im getting the hang of the crouching roundhouse counter after a blocked blanka ball. Bison still chaps my hide. I just really hate that fucker. RC is not a problem cause I mostly play on XBox where I “think” RC’ing isn’t possible. Anyone care to confirm that?

Specifically against bison I’m having trouble getting some hits in after a blocked psycho crusher or blocked scissor kick. The psycho crusher seems to land him to far away, i’ve been backing myself into the corner so after i block it he isn’t too far away but I hate fighting from the corner. The scissors kick seems to recover too fast for me to get any good combos in, although i’m probably just reacting too slow in that case.

If it’s blocked, Bison can respond with a slide everytime, or if he’s happened to have been holding a charge, scissor kick (which means death if he’s in A-Groove and fully charged).

Also, you can always just hit fierce after blocked Psycho Crusher.

Iori does not like fighting Blanka at all, but if you’re not in A-Groove and have the meter you can do a Maiden Masher (and even if you’re in A-Groove, have the meter to spare and are leading a bit). There are other things that can punish him (walk c.roundhouse, kara cancelled rekkaken) but those take skill. Learning to RC rekkaken will make your life a lot easier, but if Blanka can RC back (more specifically, RC elec), sucks to be you.

The most consistent way to punish a Blanka ball is to block the ball high AS LATE AS POSSIBLE. That way, Blanka stays closer for some odd reason, making walk up c.rh possible, as well as earliest RC rekka ken too. Bas said it’s possible to hit with all 3 rekkas if you use this method, but I haven’t had any luck yet.

Oh, my bad. I didn’t mean safe as in if it’s blocked or it whiffs. Use it to out-prioritize his specials. So don’t just spam dp + jab, use it to punish specials. Works. Then again, you could dp + fierce, but That can be made to look ugly by your miscalculations, opponent’s baits, etc…

If you have to block a PC, then fierce is probably the easiest effective punishment, but if you’d rather just pass on taking Bison’s good chip damage, than out-prioritize him!

I don’t see why people sweat over Bison and Iori i’ve only lost like 3 times ageinst a bison player while i was using Iori his Psycho Crusher is cake to counter a roll or just block it till you can pull off a FP then Rekka Ken.
I tried out that block blanka’s roll but what i did was when he attacked me i quickly rolled behind him and then did that take down move (QCB K) that really works so blanka is starting to become a little easier to me

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t saying Bison is a piece of cake, but his specials are easy to nullify. What we need to worry about are his normals… Even so, Iori isn’t too bad vs. Bison IMO, despite it being his supposed second worst match-up. Blanka is a big deal though, and if you own Blankas no problem then you need to find a Blanka player that’s actually good, not scrubby.

So what can Iori do vs. Bison? I would suggest trying to keep him on the ground. Do whatever it takes to punish anything he does in the air and the psychological effect should be to remain mostly grounded. Once you convince him that the ground is safer, you can pry at him with any Bread & Butter combos starting with cr.jab/cr.short. That is the hardest part though, considering that Bison’s jab is considerably better. However, after maybe even 4 B&Bs and a few good hits, you’ll have meter, hopefully before him. I think another thing to keep in mind throughout the fight is Iori’s s.forward. This normal could cause the player to feel pressured, and allow another beneficial psychological effect to take place. After you enforce these effects, the player should conclude that he will need to rely on a super/CC, and thusly will desperately do everything in his power to set up PtF or MPC. This is the most dangerous part of the fight, because there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it. I would turtle, and even this isn’t safe because of Bison’s great GC. If you can RC quarter-circles and/or half-circles then by all means try it if you’re getting GCed. Most important though is that we understand Iori’s baits and use them. The problem is is that most baits from Iori, Bison can punish from at least half-screen. So we need to develop some Bison specific baits.

This is how I’ve analyzed the match-up, and I pray you’re using A-Iori. Anyone have any comments or safe bait ideas?

A good Tactic might i add with IoRi vs. Bison is Corner Pin. Wait till he Psycho crushers you then jump or roll putting him into a corner
then let the ass kicking commence…

exactly, i’ve found now that when fighting bison, i back myself into a corner then fight him from there. I wait for him to try a psycho crusher then nail him when he lands right behind me in the corner. Once i have an opponent down and in the corner, the fight is usually now in my favor. Just keep the pressure on and you’ll get him from there.

I can consistently nail blanka after a blocked blanka ball now with d.roundhouse. The trick is to block standing and hit forward while in block stun. When you think you’re NOT QUITE within range for a ducking roundhouse, do the ducking roundhouse. If you don’t you’ll be too late and they’ll block.

good fights.

Hahaha:lol: A-Iori owns Blanka, I have no problem with him anyway. Just go here and go to the Iori vs Blanka A-groove video. Iori fucks blanka up.:wink:

And then go download pro matches with pros using Blanka and see how often they Blanka Ball! Not often! :stuck_out_tongue: :rolleyes: Iori can punish the living phuck outta Blanka Balls, but Blanka in standard fighting… not easy, and besides, you won’t always have meter, and again, not everyone uses A-Iori (I dunno why not though :cool: ).

check the Fuck Blanka section

Although those vids can help you turn a match around, my point is, is that those vids are only helpful if Blanka uses the Blanka Ball. Blanka Ball is uncommon in high level play (comparatively), and therefore, those videos won’t help you enough. We need to figure out what to do vs. horrors not unlike the infamous ‘RC Electricity spamming Blanka.’ Knowing how to punish a Blanka Ball will not save you… in fact, it may not help you much at all.

Standing roundhouse that bitch. Standing RH has so much priority, and standing FP. If he want’s to turtle and poke, RH and RC rekkas. Use Iori’s sweep from max distance and see if he tries to retailiate. If he does just jab uppercut. I’ve seen so many Blanka’s and Bison’s at tournies, so I really don’t have much trouble with them anymore. Just don’t sweep when they have a lvl 3.

Yeah, s.RH has pretty good priority, but I think vs. Blanka more specifically, you might want to use s.forward, since it has seemingly equal priority and it’s hella faster. Other pokes do indeed include s.fierce, cr.RH, and I recommend cr.forward. Also, you can try to sneak in twd.strong -> qcb + fierce x 3 now and again, but definately don’t over do this one. If you must jump in on Blanka, don’t be any bit greedy, just stick to j.short… stick that shit out. j.RH doesn’t work, like, at all vs. Blanka unless he’s predictable and you unleash the kick early. I’m finding that it’s fairly easy to pressure Blanka. Not rushdown, just pressure.