Interview : SFxT is Tokido's actual main game + his "tier-list"

SGCafe just put online an interview with Tokido conducted at TGS 2012. In this interview, he talks about his team in TTT2, how he stopped playing P4U and he says that SFxT is his main game at the moment.

He shares his thought about who are the most powerful characters in the game.

You can get the rest down here :

Haha, I was just about to post this here in its own thread :slight_smile:

You go, Tokido.

I am honestly happy I didn’t succumb and pick up P4. I was on the fence about it but work pushed me to not buy it. And with how many games are out I am just happy I was able to skip one.

I honestly wanted to get P4A, looks damn fun… but essentially timing and resources turned the situation into “either P4A or TTT2”.

Then GGAC got announced for XBL/PSN. :oops:

I know, I don’t want to be one of “those guys”, but GG is still my favorite ASW game by a large margin, and there’s just too much out right now and I’m knee-deep in SFxT and TTT2. Just not enough time/money. :shake:

That article title is the stupidest thing I’ve read following the entire article. Has nothing to do with the main scoop of the interview and it’s down right insulting to use as an attention grab.

Back to the interview’s main topic, it’ll be interesting to see where the SFxT audience goes after they are done grinding for the car. The main thing going for them is the money and car prizes.
Not enough people understand enough of the SFxT metaplay and thought process. It’s hidden by the slower moving actions sometimes, I don’t blame people if they say it’s boring but yeah… what’s going to happen after the SF25 finals? We’ll see. And P4A is fine. Two button reversals are not all made equally either.

Lol at the misleading topic, SFXT is only his main because of the ridiculous money Capcom is throwing at it in the tournament. Lets face it the game is dead, just let it die.

I don’t get it. Why do people who never post here suddenly pop up just to say the game is dead? This post was reported but it’s pointless for me to give you a warning. Thread topic has nothing to do with some type of resurrection, whether the game is dead or whatever. It’s just a relevant article where Tokido mentions SFxT and why he’s playing it.

If you want the game to die or don’t like it, more power to you. Stop wasting space this side of the forum.

tokido confirmed not to be pure of heart

would not be able to ride on nimbus

Don’t you want more easy prey to feast on?

He’s a sponsored professional gamer, he’ll prioritize profit above everything else.

I’m looking forward to a pro gamer who would say he plays the game not because of the prizes but because he enjoys it.

Personally, Arcsys fighters are just my favorite fighters (except for VF which I’ll always love). So P4A is taking up a lot of my time away from SFXT, but I still intend to focus on both games (and Blazblue if we don’t get Guilty Gear soon in the US, though I have no intention of dropping BB entirely). On topic, glad to know some pro players still are taking this serious enough to be their main game. But I can’t say I fully agree with his top 4.

If lambda 11 isn’t in the new BB I will skip it. She was the only character I enjoyed playing. GG on the other hand I am all over. SFxT will definitely be put down for a couple weeks when that comes out.

We all know how this is gonna turn out. “lol, dead game” “just let this game die” and watch people bring back the classic “Well I don’t like or play this game but…”

He named off Chun Li and Cody…good enough for me who cares about the rest of the cast as far as top tier? I really can’t tell you besides Kazuya who would belong up there with those 2 juggernauts.

I’d like to point out that SFxT isn’t the only game in the SF25th anniversary competition, and yet he specifically mentioned SFXT as his main.

I’d also like to point out another quote from the article: “In general I buy every single fighting game for consoles when they come out, but if a game turns out to be “no good game”, then I stop playing.”

Put 2 and 2 together, and it’s pretty clear that he isn’t JUST playing SFxT for the money.

Stop applying logic to these situations, being smart online doesn’t work, I’m afraid.

Lol, I should know better by now.

I envy your optimism. I hope you’re right on that one as it makes sense. :slight_smile:

I literally frowned when I read the “…because of the Capcom 25th anniversary” part. :frowning:

I really don’t want this game to die. This is the game which made me take fighting games seriously.

To be honest, I question the longevity of any fighting game these days.

Or, maybe I question the MEASUREMENTS of longevity. Local tournaments and local gatherings…I’m starting to wonder if those are accurate guages anymore. I mean, KOF13 supposedly “stole the show” at EVO…and, yet, I would hesitate to say that KOF13 is a wildly popular game right now (and, that’s coming from someone who loves KOF). Heck, KOF13 is at Season’s Beatings, while SFxT is not. I guess that means more people play KOF13 than SFxT in the United States. Would you bet your life on that? I certainly would not. Same with Skullgirls, which is apparently a side tournament.

I don’t know, this whole community seems more interested in appearances than reality.

MVC3 sold a fraction of the copies that MK9 sold. UMVC3, even fewer. But, if you asked the “communiity” what the bigger game was, the answer would be MAHVEL BABY. This is, like, FACTUALLY WRONG. But, no one cares. Marvel gets higher tourney numbers, so I guess that means more people play Marvel overall. Right.

SFxT is already dead. Haven’t you heard? It’s been dead since March. It doesn’t matter if people are still playing it. The fact is that people just aren’t playing it.