Interrogation! The Phoenix Wright Question And Answer Thread

Standard Q&A thread.

Ask questions you have about Phoenix Wright, whether it be something about his play style, his move set, his mission mode, or whatever. Fellow Wright players will answer the questions, a community effort.

I’ll start with this one: How the hell are you guys getting opennings with Wright? I honestly don’t have to much trouble getting the evidence, and I have a combo or two memorized but how are you getting in? I realize that assists are a major factor, and I find Doom Beam to help, but what else are you guys doing. When he’s on point, if you aren’t using assists what moves are you using that are safer, less vulnerable?

I don’t even think of getting in with Wright to be honest. My main goal is to runaway until I have all three pieces of evidence. I then switch him out and use a team aerial exchange to get the Objection in.
Don’t focus on the offense, try focusing on the defense.

So you TAC and then I’d imagine you use an assist so you can combo into Objection or can you do it without an assist? What would the notation be for something like that, because I was trying it but couldn’t make it happen.

Question: Can he juggle with an Objection if he hits someone with an evidence projectile?

No after the exchange, press H into Objection. So for example, I do a basic Wesker BnB and in the air I do an aerial exchange and then H into Objection. Depending on the size of the character a j.Finger after the Objection might connect. I hope this helps.

I don’t understand, you can’t do the objection in the air right? So how do you combo the TAC so Wright is on the ground and able to Objection? When you say press H, you mean press :f: + :h: right? I’m sure this is insanely obviously, don’t know how I’m missing it.

Yes, really easy with the cell phone, cell phone is top tier evidence.

You can do an Objection in the air. It angles downward like this

Which normal is good for punishing

Which normals are good even, his playstyle seems pretty clear but it would be nice if i knew how to punish most things easily, range on his normals don’t seem nice.

lol, I see, I see. Seems like you have to press :df::h: or it doesn’t work in the air. I was pressing :f: :h:

That’s really awesome you can TAC into it.

Down H actually.

Forgive me in advance: I know this is a question I should be able to answer myself, but I can’t play UMvC3 for another 3 weeks.

Say you have Nick and he has 3 good evidences, and is in Trial mode. Is it possible to do a simple air combo into Objection and then TAC out to somebody else?

All I see is people mentioning TACing *into *Nick, but I’d like to know if it’s possible to do the reverse. I haven’t touched the game at all, so I have no idea the comboability into and from Objection. Also, I really want to put Nick and She-Hulk on a team together, even though they don’t seem to have any symmetry at all. Does her Somersault Kick assist do any good for him as a “get off me” assist? Thanks for the help!

As far as I can tell, the reverse is not possible.

I’ve been trying to pair up Walters and Wright as well. It’s almost impossible: they both seem to be point characters, but She-hulk’s OTG assist, while it would be helpful to Investigation mode Wright, is difficult to connect. Wright builds almost no meter by himself on point, and She-hulk’s Flash Kick assist only covers in front of her*, *and therefore ineffective as a getoffame assist. They can both THC, but the damage from Emerald into Maya Smelting is laughable. Wright can only THC She-Hulk successfully if he ends a combo with Order in the Court.

In my experience, I’ve been able to TAC into PW, hit the objection in the air, then TAC out of Wright into another character. Is this what you were asking?

I haven’t had time to really crack open the game so I’m just gonna ask some questions if that’s cool; Is Get 'Em Missile useful at all? I know saying which assist is better is an objective question but it seems aside from Turnabout Press the Witness, his assists have little utility.

It’s a low projectile, so it can avoid some regular projectiles.
It can catch some people off guard.
It is the least damaging assist among Wright’s three.
It has very low durability.
It can be easily jumped over if seen.
Wright can easily punished when calling Missile, even in Turnabout mode.

To me it isn’t a very good assist, and Wesker’s Samurai Edge is a better low for unblockables. To be honest, all of his assists are pretty bad when out of Turnabout mode.

Thanks for the response. It’s a shame that he can’t seem to air combo into his own objection and TAC out. And I figured She-Hulk’s assist wouldn’t be much help there, but it was worth a try. Thanks again!

It’s not what I was asking (I was referring to Wright on point doing air Objection and then TACing out), but that’s good to know as well!

I have a question: how the hell do you call out Maya’s shield? I can get her to do her spazzy trip attack, but I can never seem to get her shield out, and PW’s move list only mentions Maya in two places: her tripping attack and Steel Samurai Maya Smelting.

I needs me some defense.

The shield’s the light version of the tripping attack.

I could have swore I tried that… I must have not. Oh well, back to the grind.