Instead of Street Fighter 5 what about a new Capcom fighter

Even though I know that this probably wouldn’t happen due to the risks associated with making an a new ip (let alone a fighting game ip). But I would like a new capcom fighting game that is different from what we know and love (sf and marvel) and is a completely different beast together.

What are your thoughts on this…

I would like SF5 and a new IP.

There’s a ton of old beasts that barely anyone tames and that is called SNK fighting games.

a new ip would be cool but i don’t see it happening.

Hopefully this is were DarkStalkers comes in.

DS isn’t a new IP.

A fighting game on Hungry Hungry Hippos.

i actually think the chance of a truly new fighting game IP from capcom is pretty close to 0% maybe like 0.01% or so.

Yeah, how about a fighting game with capcom characters only, bring back captain commando, jin saotome, and MEGAMAN in one fighting game

Instead of Capcom making a fighting game what about Capcom not making a fighting game

They should do it. Release their new IP at the start of next gen where there’s little to no risk. Put Street Fighter to bed for another decade.

Resident Evil Arena: No Megaman Allowed

A fighting game w/ Capcom characters…
Headed by current SNK…

Yeah, that’s better.

How about Capcom clean up their act and not be a shitty ass company before they make new games?

SF4 was a new Capcom fighter. It did not play like any game before it. They changed frame data, hitboxes, impact freeze, hitstun, blockstun, damage, life, jumps, walking speed, graphics, etc. Just like SF3 was also a new game, it could very well not have Ryu and Ken and be called something else. In fact, it was not supposed to have Ryu and Ken: they did it cos it would sell more, that’s all. Having new games is not necessarily better, e.g., the first version of SSF4AE. This idea of having something else to play is not very justified, just like waiting for new record companies to release new songs isn’t either: there are tons of older and less known games and music that you can try. It just takes the initiative to search and be willing to learn. You do not need Capcom to tell you what to play. In fact, this Capcom has lost most those guys who developed the games which made the company this famous. In a sense, in terms of what matters - their skill in developing games - they are not really the same company anymore.

Capcom vs Capcom 1: Fate of One World

Couldn’t press that like button fast enough.

Also, Capcom did state that SF5 is going to be coming out for the next gen consoles. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a launch title for them. The titles that get released at launch sell crazy amounts no matter what the hell it is. This is due to the fact that one launch the consoles only have a handful of games that can be chosen from to purchase. This wouldn’t be the first time Capcom has done such a thing, people probably don’t remember, but Capcom has released fighters at launch for consoles before. First they did it with SFEX3 when PS2 dropped. Now granted that was EX3 lol. They also did a semi launch title (less than a month after the console dropped in the US) with MvC1 when the DC dropped. A way for Capcom to make fast and easy money? Oh, they in thurr.

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If you want something different from SF and marvel then… why does it have to be a Capcom one? You can always check out other companies, who make great games in all sorts of styles.


They’re not supposed to know that they are other fighting game developers besides Capcom.

let the competitors make new fighters that may eventually surpass the street fighter series.