Installing Sanwa snap in buttons

Hi. I want to replace some of the buttons in my te fightstick. But im worried because, i have a modded mayflash, and when i put my buttons in, the tabs that snap in went in a bit, and the dont snap in they just kind of sit there, so if i push on the buttom theyll come right out. one time i tried pushing the tab back out and snapped it off. Will the same thing happen on the TE if i replace the buttons with different snap ins? Because on the TE right now you cant just push the buttons out, and i dont want to be able to. thanks.

The buttons that come in the TE’s are sanwa snap ins, they should work fine.

Excellent observation sherlock. I know that. My point was: With the TE you cant push them out, in fact it takes a bit of effort. Whereas on my mayflash i can literally just push them out without touching the tabs. So if i were to take 1 button out of the te and put it back in the tabs would be just as strong?

Huh? You are asking about the durability of the sanwa snap ins and how well they stay in place? They should stay exactly the same for a couple times taking them in and out. Unless you shave the plastic nobs off like I did and then they will spin if you try to spin them but they still stay in place. As long as you don’t rape the buttons as you take them out and do it properly you will be fine.

maybe it’s the fact that you widened the holes too wide for the buttons on the mayflash?

If you’re really worried, you could just screw ins. They don’t cost that much more.

My question is though, if i take them out an put the back in will the tabs snap back in place like they are stock on the TE. Because on my mayflash they pop right out.

If thats the case maybe by like .2 mm lol

they cost the exact same usually. If i replace the last 2 buttons on the TE (the ones that are black grey) will the screw ins fit with the snap ins? if they do thats what ill do.

If anything the screw ins will be larger on the bottoms so if you can fit 2 screw ins together why couldnt you fit 1 snap in and 1 screw in? Why wont you just use your snap ins. I took snap ins out of my TE and put them in my SE and they fit like a glove. If the buttons are loose after you JUST took them out of your TE you did something wrong.

OP needs to use a bit more common sense.

Consider that stock TE buttons are 30mm (OBSF-30) snap-ins, then consider that stock TE buttons fit perfectly (can’t be pushed out). Therefore it you can easily deduce that replacing the stock 30 mm snap-ins with a different set of 30mm snap-ins, then those should fit perfectly as well.

I just want different colors.

Guys, my snap in buttons don’t work on my cat :[ What do I do?

I know. I was just wondering if madcatz took any extra preperation getting them snapped in really well. Because my mayflash button holes are 30mm too and they dont snap in well. W/e. Also: I was trying to get one of the shoulder buttons out so i pushed one of the tabs in and couldnt get the other one in well. the tab i pushed in a bit didn’t pop back

Stop trying to buttons in your cat.

Can we mod it? Yes we can!

Can we fix it? No it’s fucked! :3

No really guys. Do I need to get screw in buttons? Whats the deal.

Consider then that, the buttons aren’t easily pushed out in the arcade machines as well. Then consider that (as previously mentioned) you probably widened the holes more than you should have.

AFAIK, Cats only accept IL leaf switch buttons.

You need IL leaf switch buttons without some serious modding.