Input short cuts vs. the way it's mean to be done

I just wanted to know if taking the ‘short cut’ route is a good idea? I still can’t pull off a DP from crouching jab, but can if I do the short cut (DF, D, DF). I’m just worried that if I stick with and learn short cuts and commit them to muscle memory, that these same short cuts might not exist in future fighting games, potentially leaving me at a disadvantage. Am I being too paranoid or should I utlimately learn to master doing it the ‘proper’ way?

i personally perfer the normal way it feels less akward to me i play with a ps3 pad btw
i suggest u stay with the normal inputs and practice them after a while it will be natural to you.

Don’t you have any other fighting game? Just practice doing SRKS in 3sO or HDR until you get it the right way.

There is nothing wrong with abusing shortcuts if it gives you an advantage. In SF4, I pretty much always use the dp shortcut in combos off a low attack, but not really for anything else.

So, you want to perform a DP…

1: exactly like in an older game, which used different inputs.
2: pre-emptively in a way it might be needed to in an as of yet unreleased game.
3: in the ways it is intended to in this game.

Err, go with #3.

You should learn how to do the traditional motion, so you can translate that into whatever fg you want to play that uses those motions.

Conversely, once you have that skillset down, you should learn the shortcuts whatever game you play provides, and take advantage of them accordingly, i.e. dp-ing from crouch.

3rd Strike has the df,d,df shortcut… I keep doing SRK’s instead of hadoukens when I cancel a lot.

why not use BOTH? o.o
i use the original input for standing attacks, and the shortcut for crouching attacks.

I don’t think it makes a difference. I mean, it’s not like you’ll get a new game that doesn’t have the shortcut, and you’ll keep trying to use the shortcut. The new game will train you to use the traditional motion. I started with sf4, but was still able to do dp motions in marvel, which doesn’t have the shortcut.

The way I use it is to map each motion to distinct move, even though it’s technically the same move.

eg. standing DP = :f::d::df:
crouching DP = :df::d::df:
auto-correct DP = :df::db::df::db::df:

If doing the shortcut helps you win in SFIV/Super/AE, then hell yeah you do it. The system is there, might as well use it for wins.

Personally, i use both lol for me, going to the left with the shoryuken intended motion is actually easier than doing the shortcut. but going to the right, i cant do a shoryuken motion to save my life in a real match lol so i have to slap out the shortcut and i almost always pull it off. stick and button mashing the right handed shoryuken shortcut really works wonders for me when waking up from a fall, but generally only against more aggressive, even foolish players. i hear a lot of debate about it making the person who uses it look more noobish… but i personally see it as just another method of working the stick to your advantage. People use pianoing the buttons to increase the probability of the input being registered. its no different. same with using negative end inputs. nobody ever complains about people using turbo online though… lol jesus that pisses me off…

Oh yes, people complain about it. Constantly. A lot.

I know that you mean well, but if you are still having problems dp’ing consistently, you’re not the best person to be posting advice/perspective at the newbie dojo

well its just an opinion on how people treat using the shortcut. its already well known that its best to be able to do it properly, im just expressing an opinion based on the moral aspect of it. I see nothing wrong with using them, but i myself intend to learn to do the proper motions because that IS the way it should be done, and is the only way to guarantee getting the motion out. the shortcuts dont always work… ive tested it in training and they come out most of the time, but sometimes ive had perfect DF>DF>P inputs and not had it come out. definitely not reliable. just morally i dont think it should be frowned on. take a look at plinking… its understood from what ive read that plinking is just manipulating the “leniency” system, and in fact, is an exploit. but people use it all the time. yet ive seen people rag on others for using the DF shortcut.

so dont look at it as professional advice, just an opinion. not being a pro at the game doesnt mean i have nothing to contribute intellectually… just not as much as a pro like yourself.

If the shortcuts don’t work, it means you’re doing them wrong.

For example, DF > DF (contrary to popular opinion) is not a valid dp shortcut. It needs a total of three inputs for the DP to come out. For example, DF, D, DF is a valid shortcut.

Check out this link for more information:

You’re right, not being pro at the game doesn’t mean that people have nothing to contribute; in fact, pros seldom actually post here. I’m sure as hell not one. Frankly, it doesn’t take a pro to answer newbie questions.

However, being more or less completely new to the game and scene really does mean you don’t have much to contribute here yet. This section is designed to give newer players a place to ask advice from more experienced players, not to give new players a place to ask advice from other new players. Having a high signal to noise ratio doesn’t help new players get better.

Again, I really appreciate your zeal, but if you’re still at the point in your SF career where you believe Ryu’s combing into ultra is “cheap,” you really don’t have valuable advice to bestow on anyone.

True i suppose. But the catch here is, as stated, what im saying isnt advice on any level. Its just sharing an opinion on what most pro’s try to claim about the input method being cheap. And i stand by what i said that considering the techniques that are used to do the combos everyone does, i really dont think anything can be labeled cheap. its all capitalizing on tweaks and glitches in the game to some degree or another. so my opinion is that if something works consistently for you, (aside from turbo) why deviate?

are you disagreeing with my opinion? of both times this post has been criticized, neither have actually formally disagreed with my opinion or given me a valid reason why it is incorrect. Im here for criticism as long as its respectful and helpful in my game (which it has been so far from almost everyone, including you guys) so yes by all means correct me when needed. But in this particular instance i feel like people arent disagreeing with my opinion, but instead just voicing their opinion that i shouldnt voice my own. am i wrong? on either count?

by the way, thank you very much for the information regarding that 3rd input. ill definitely be trying that out next time i play. But i do recall seeing nothing but DF DF movements on the screen numerous times when i DID complete the shoryuken. is it possible the game could have a random occurance of accepting the command? doesnt seem this would be possible, but with your information on the 3rd input im sitting here in puzzlement at how ive pulled it off the way i have in the training. maybe the 3rd input doesnt always show up in the input list? like an invisible plink or something?

Three “DF” inputs constitute a valid DP. It’s not that there are a number of different individual motions for it, but that all of the 3 inputs required by a DP (forward, down, forward) have directional leniency; the DP’s motion should be viewed as being “any forward, any down, any forward”. This leniency is similar to how a charge character can end a down-up move in any up position. The term “shortcut” is something of a misnomer, because it might give the impression that certain inputs can be skipped. But seriously, the game doesn’t give cookies to people who perform man DPs from older games.

Obviously, one way of doing the dp-motion is more convenient in one situation than in another one.

Like some have said, the df, d , df will prove more useful when doing a it in a combo from a crouching attack whilst the f, d, df may prove to be more effective after a standing attack.


i think my inputs were comin out 3 fold. ive been in the dojo for a few hours now testing all this and so far the best way ive found is F>DF>F but my hands are still having trouble with this when under pressure. i try to crank it out as fast as i can but it doesnt always come out. but if i slow down a bit and do it deliberately then it always comes out.

i intend to try this:

after im done posting here lol

thanks for the tips guys :slight_smile: