Input lag on ps3? WTF?

I haven’t gotten the game yet so I can’t test it myself, but it seems a few people are reporting input lag. WTF!

Arcade perfect, they said.

CRAPCOM does it again. I feel like strangling the creators. everything is skippy & laggy. not to mention they had to fuk up the audio/music and put in some horrible remixex. nothing is user intuitive and the achievements are annoying as hell. not even sure how you can take them off.

so much for the wait. this isnt even GGPO or arcade perfect. what a joke.

I can’t believe they blew it.

i hope its’ just random shit. I saw seth said on twitter that their debug tools show no significant input lag…

Also didn’t fubarduck and these guys play this at the exhibition event on ps3 and they didn’t mention a thing?

definitely not lagless, there is input delay, even locally in training mode

only time will tell if XBL will have the same issue, i’m not sure if this is hardware or software related

If Seth said it plays on Sega cabs, I guess they used S-CART or something.

Ryu i think there an option to turn the stage music back to its original stage music. Also this is filling me with dread instead of anticipation because of these reports of input lag on the ps3’s end.

it lags… cant even to simple combos

Really bad input lag, can’t even pull of basic bnb combos. What a joke

I can do the combos just fine, I play on Ps3. Learn the game again, SSF4 AE made things to easy for you, thats most likely it. Other than that, I think they did a Great job, I experience minimal lag online, and none offline. 3rd strike has always felt this way, I support the release.

So, the game sucks in PS3 ?

Just like every other Capcom fighter this gen… ugh… and yet we STILL use PS3 at majors.

Of course he said there wasn’t. Damage control, denial. There’s no way Capcom is going to announce in a press release “Yes, our hot new game we just released hours ago is a shitty product that didn’t deliver on what we promised!”

Anyways, can anyone mess with / turn off the filters and confirm that it’s not just the HD filters?

the game is the same regardless what they are played on, so stop your bitchen

The game is “playable” offline and online ? You notice something or the game is fluid and proper ?

So, who will Christian Svensson have killed first: Fubar, Seth, or Derek Neal?

YES, please, do just deny and tell people to not complain. Especially when there are NUMEROUS people reporting this shit. QUICK, NOBODY CRITICIZE. NOBODY RESEARCH! Nobody try turning off the HD filters or anything to see if that’s the problem. Don’t do a scientific test of this shit like people have for the SFIV games. Don’t confirm that your moves definitely aren’t happening the frame after you input them. Because Coltina here told a guy asking a question to stop bitchen, so we’re obviously just imagining this shit.

If people bitch, we might be able to get to bottom of this shit and someone will find out for a fact if it has input delay. I am 100% serious when I say, “PLEASE, EVERYBODY BITCH!” If Capcom promised an arcade-perfect product and instead delivered a mediocre port, your bitching better be fucking loud.

If you are playing on a lcd tv, it probably is lagging. This game needs to be played on a crt.

How would I be able to tell if there’s input lag? I’ve always sucked at combos but I can do Ken’s MP HP Hadoken SAII and cr.MK SRK SAII. I’ve also passed the first three parry trials (I hate Ken’s SRK right now) so I’m not sure how people can find a frame or so of lag.

Less input delay than PC emulation imo. But I think possibly some delay in the sound effects or something, I’m not sure but something is a bit off.