tell me people, how do you explain that this game seemingly inflates A LOT of ppl’s egos exponentially compared to other games.

and this is the marvel series as a whole, this also happened in MVC2.

this quote was taken from the Rage Quiters thread and sparked this thread:
Jnuwin said:
[INDENT=1]I messaged me and told me he RQ just so I don’t get the win, because he knew he was better then me.[/INDENT]

I mean seriously, we are talking about Marvel, where split second decision making is trivial and can sometimes boil down to coin flips honestly.
I always found it funny when ppl get called frauds in this game. Imo, the only ppl who can get caled frauds are those who boast that they are the best/godlike/unbeatable blabla, because their egos are put in check.

U never see this kind of thing in other games. (dont bring up 3s, cause the ones who boast in those games, are actually really the best ie Kuroda/MOV)

is it really just hype? is it irrelevant? thoughts?

edit: maybe its a “America, Fuck yeah!” thing

It’s black people.

This is for anything competitive, doesn’t matter the game. The only difference is Marvel is HYPE

I vote it’s a “MURRRIKA, FUCK YEAH!” Thing. They think just because they’re good in a game with simplified controls they’re instantly good at all fighting games.
Which is never the case. Fighting games and egos go hand in hand be it building them up or crushing them down and let’s be honest, Who here doesn’t like making some loud mouth asshole your personal bitch then laughing in his face as he continues to brag even though you just spent 10 rounds raping him. :slight_smile:

ding ding ding

I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say here…the comment actually makes perfect sense. There are certain fighting game qualities that are very important in deciding who is a better player, but some of those qualities are unfortunately not nearly as much of a factor in a game like Marvel because of the reasons you mentioned - lots of coin flip situations that are very easy to set up and from almost any position on screen. It is too easy for the better player to get blown up, so that guy’s comment (from the perspective of the guy who ragequit) makes sense (though it may or may not be true, he could just be mad or delusional).

Anyway it’s not the game bringing out the worst in people, but rather the game attracting the worst people.

yeah, because I’ve never seen this on the SSF4 boards.

Couch sociologists.

Netplay + your community being bad players

MvC2 combos hurt, and it looks like they hurt.

it’s just a very RUDE game


hitting combos like that makes you feel amazing

There’s this drug in versus games that when things are going your way you’re convinced you’re an amazing player regardless of how good you actually are. So much so that even when they don’t go you’re way you still think you’re much better than that person that just wrecked you.

Youre a weeaboo bitch , of course you dont get marvel. go play persona 4 or some other shitty game if u cant handle marvel, scrub.

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Wow you are the embodiment of everything wrong with the FGC.

I don’t know what’s wrong with people online. It seems like nobody ever plays with the intention of getting better anymore.
I get the impression that everyone assumes that if I win a game, I’m automatically laughing behind the screen thinking I’m better, so most players are just interested in winning that 1 game, taunting and then leaving.

I remember some dude that I was playing against, and even though we were having a close set, he insisted in taunting every single match he won.
I don’t know you guys, but like I said, I just want to get better, and its freaking annoying to play some self-entitled bitch who can’t simply sit down and play.
I can’t get better if I don’t play long sets against people who figure me out and force me to play better.
For real… the new generation of players has a large percentage of mediocre people.

I like the fact that online play gives access to large player pool, but I still miss the arcade culture cause of these fucking kids :sad:

Learn to fucking read dumbass

The fact that you say this with a Naruto avatar almost made me choke on my breakfast.

Someone got bodied pretty hard for trying to call him out on that avatar, open it up and take a closer look at what it is.

admittedly came here after seeing MoMo post…figured it must be something interesting

Firstly all fighting games except for like Mortal Kombat you could blindly throw the “for weeaboo people” card at. Get over that shit already.

Secondly…I really hate when people try to associate chaos control with “random”. Marvel has always been a game of chaos control. Those who don’t understand it or care to understand it just throw out the random card on it…but all of the situations that are random you can do something about whether it’s through your team composition or using general tactics to stop a situation before it starts.

Coin Flip/Random like the word cheap is used when people stop caring to understand. I’ve pretty much mained fighting games that others have labeled as “random” for years and yeah you just get fucking tired of it after a while. It’s funny that the OP brought up 3S because that was the original “random” game that I first started playing seriously in tournaments. Dead or Alive was another game of “random” also, but obviously it was better to play 3S over DOA at the time. Even with 3S…although parries change the dynamics of how SF normally plays, it’s still your fundamentals via footsies and whiff punishing that will take you the farthest in that game. It’s just learning some option selects, anti parry strings and mind games inbetween to keep your chances of getting parried down lower.

I like games like 3S and Marvel 3 because you can’t have excuses for those games to compete at the highest level for them. You will never be able to win at the level you clearly should be at believing they are games of coin flips and random. Marvel 3 especially is simply a game of “win before they win”. Losing a character is basically like getting hard knockdown in 3S off a super or in SFIV off a sweep. Now you gotta take the mix up that you’re not really going to be able to see on reaction and it might cost you even more. A lot of Marvel 3 is just about winning from the front and that requires putting a team together that can deal with a lot of situations from the front.

Of course with XF involved the games run by a bit too fast, but that’s why the game is gravitating towards 3/5 for tourneys any ways because the game has no rounds so it doesn’t really play under the rules of most other fighting games. Even talking with other top players about Marvel 2, they pretty much said the same thing about how 2/3 in Marvel 2 wasn’t exactly the most solid deciding factor ever.

I’ve been maining the “random” games (3S, Marvel 3, possibly Skullgirls now even depending on how the meta goes) for years and I love them because I feel it’s more about controlling chaos and having more of a presence of mind than typical A+B=C fighters. Other people wanna call it coin flip/random but I say it’s more about learning to control stuff that you can’t just write down on paper. Bruce Lee feel over thinking. Think before the match, feel during the match. If you’re fighting somebody who feels out everything that you have to think about to do…you’re probably not going to beat them. It takes less mental resources to feel than it does to think. It’s just it takes a while to condition to mind to feel everything rather than think about it and that’s where most of the top top players stay consistent from. Being the best at the feel part of fighting games.

Thinking is important but at the highest level of fighting games you honestly don’t got time to think if the opponent is also at the highest level of play. It’s all about doing what you think about so often that you feel everything you think about…instead of think about it.

As for why everybody pops off about Marvel…it’s a game where if you think it is random or coin flippy, it’s because you probably got your shit stole from you by some guy mashing on Hulk or Wesker one time and went “WTF…I’m a smart player, if this game is smart I would have won etc.” People go through the same shit in every game it’s just in Marvel because of the resources you lose just for losing even one character (despite XF), you can go down through a domino effect. Yeah sure XF can bring you back…but the person that holds on to their XF (the guy that landed the first hit most likely) will have more ways to counter your XF and win the match any way.

In general the game forces a lot of these situations where you see people react to “what is impossible to react to”. In Marvel 2 you always saw Sanford blocking down just frame high/low mix ups from Magneto and that’s really just from having the the feel aspect of blocking those mix ups down to such a degree that he was able to do it consistently (at least seemingly). Marvel 3 forces a lot of these situations also like how Kusoru was regularly blocking rapid slash mix ups and teleport/assist call mix ups that other players normally call bullshit or impossible to react to. Seeing stuff like Marlin Pie reaction air throw stuff like level 3/4 XF Dark Wesker Teleport H mix ups is pretty much around that level also. The game gives you the tools to deal with the “coin flip/random”, it’s just whether you care to take the time to learn what team composition and game mechanic options you have to deal with it.

That’s why people are gonna pop off when they win because your “feel” has to be on a stronger level than in pretty much any other fighting game. If you don’t have feel you’re going to pull out the random card. It’s just anyone who truly plays this game on a level where they are winning consistently…the last thing they would most likely attribute it to is “I was better at coin flipping/random pulling”. I’m sure everyone would rather play matches out of Marvel 3 than literally flip coins to decide winners and that’s where you have to buckle down and figure out why you are losing.

Long story short…it’s just a game where when you make a mistake…you get set into a domino effect of being choked up for more mistakes and of course mentally this takes a lot out of people. It just forces you to have to be on what is the highest level of fighting games which is feel over thinking. How much of what you know can you turn into feel in a match? You have to be on your shit from round 1 fight or potentially lose it all right there. Which means you have to have your reactions, anti random/coin flip strategies/spacing, team composition and everything else all down to a science and to a level where it is pretty much on feel as soon as the announcer says fight.** Of course when you win or lose having to do all of that at that speed…the last thing you’re going to do is be like “yeah so um…i won”. **

Yeah momo… don’t get trapped.

EDIT.: Suddenly, a DevilJin post.


To me it seems like he’s more so obsessed with weeaboos than anything. If you truly don’t like something…you just don’t talk about it. His avatar is basically a parade for inviting the stuff he supposedly doesn’t like any way. Weeaboo is a very specific term that nobody really understands correctly any way. The guy he attacked (I’m assuming the OP) doesn’t even fit the description of the weeaboo.

He just saw that he had a bit of a disposition towards certain things that happen in Marvel and called him more or less a Japanese worshiper. Which very few people that post on this forum flat out believe the Japanese are some superior race. They may like what they do in anime or what they do competitively in video games (and maybe favorably over the other), but unless you flat out worship and believe every single little thing they do is better than the US and wish you were of Japanese decent yourself…you’re not a weeaboo.

It’s thrown around like the word nigga now basically.

In general I hate the whole “America’s game” thing because the game was created by Japanese (with influence from the US) and the game obviously caters enough to people who like Japanese animation or manga. At least far more than Mortal Kombat does any way.

It’s a dumb thing to fight about because if it wasn’t for the Japanese the game wouldn’t play like it does and if it wasn’t for the US Marvel would not be fighting Capcom in a video game. It’s just flat out dumb.

It’s just a bunch of people fighting back and forth about something that was mostly made in Japan with influence from the US (basically the Japanese and the US working together and shaking hands…unlike the weeaboo name calling crap). Good shit. If you play this game and are not of Japanese decent…that’s enough room for someone to blindly call you a weeaboo also. If you don’t like weeaboos…try not playing the game so you’re not somebody who looks like a weeaboo calling other people weeaboos.

In general the whole thing is just people hoping Marvel stays “our game” even though those same people just talk shit about the game all day. A fighting game is still one v one and in the end you’re fighting everybody whether they are from the US or from Japan or Europe or Australia (because in real life there are actual other countries). If they just treat as a different game and stop turning it into a culture vs. culture thing…they would be confusing themselves less. Yes Marvel 2’s top tiers were a bunch of Marvel characters and Marvel was made in the US…we get it now get over it.

There’s no way you can associate 3S with Marvel 3 when it comes to randomness. 3S requires making good reads to punish the opponent…but if you decide to not attempt those reads, it’s not like you’ll get blown up for it, you’ll just miss the punish opportunity and will be susceptible to more pressure…in Marvel 3, if you don’t read some braindead easy to do mixup from like anywhere on screen, you will get blown up and lose that whole character. It’s completely different. In marvel you have to constantly read correctly to survive, in 3S you need to read correctly to counter (with the exception of good throw mixups, but even then you will lose a throw’s worth of damage, not the whole character).

The reason I keep calling the game random is that while there is a slight difference in a particular mixup that decides whether you have to block left or right (or high or low), it’s almost completely undeterminable until after you get hit. Crappy players can even “mix you up” without even intending to, by misexecuting the timing of their teleport/beam mixup (for instance) and then hitting you because you thought they would have executed it correctly.

The game is pure chaos, many mixups are almost completely unreadable regardless of how good of a player you are. This just isn’t the case in most other games.

The key to succeeding in the game is to have a team that avoids the chaos, or to just be better at starting the vortex first before they can…but this is flawed design in such a high damage game.