Indianapolis Gameworks Tourney - Indianapolis, IN - 08/11/07

It’s going down!

Place: Circle Centre Mall - Gameworks (Top Level)

here’s the addy for Mapquest

49 West Maryland St
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Time: 12 noon (place opens at 10am)
Games: SF3(ps2), MvC2(dc), CvS2(ps2), ST(ps2 via CapClasCol)
Entry fee: 10 dollars per game
Games are 2/3 matches, 3/5 semis, 4/7 finals. double elimination*.

Tenative schedule is this

12pm - Brackets start being made (tournaments will start shortly after). The games will be played in the following order (with a good chance to overlap depending on time)

Third Strike

I want at least two televisions for each game so if we have say four TV’s (which we should obtain no prob.), whatever’s left can be used for practice/causal/mm. In other words…bring equipment if you have it!

Pot split simple 70/20/10. Just how we like it.

I’m sure everybody knows what you can and can’t do in game, but just in case, look at evo rules to individual game rules.

This is a console tournament so please bring your own stick, pad, whatever. There may or may not be community sticks and pads, so be safe and bring your own.

The tournament is being held in a movie theatre like setting so we will be projecting matches on the screen as well as having individual TV’s for matches. I will have a S-video/composite cable for PS2 games (thanks humbag for the idea) so that we can output projector and still have a regular tv for the actual players to eliminate lag. Not sure what we’ll do for MvC2, although I don’t think I noticed lag the last time we played on it. Rest assured though if there is lag players won’t be subject to play on it. Does anybody know how Evo does it?

If you can bring extra equipment, please do so. We’ll love you forever.

2 weeks before evo. Let’s get our practice in Midwest. We’ll need it.

*rules and match stipulations are subject to change at anytime. Also, I’m not actually heading this tournament. It is being run by Gameworks, led by Knightfall, see this thread if you should have any questions

Me (James) and Aegis Neglector (Mike) will more than likely be coming to this from IL.

Cant wait.

Any specific reason to have CvS2 on DC instead of PS2?

Just to spite you.

I should be down for this. MM’s anyone? I usually don’t do em, but I need moneys for Evo. You can even name a stipulation (I.E. You pick one or two of my characters, I can’t use assists, I can only use low tiers, whateva).

These don’t apply to Eric, Dave, or Gary.

FSgamer - The main reason I figured DC was the way to go is well…we all have that here in Indiana. I don’t know anybody with the PS2 version here. Plus since the DC version is pretty much identical to the PS2 version afaik, we can just use converters and make it easier on ourselves instead of finding the PS2 version.

Derek - Lol, why I gotta be exempt? Oh well, I might mm you 10 or so.

Also, I’m taking mm for 3rd. I’m not a player like Derek though…no stipulations for me really. I use Ken, Chun, Yun, Dudley, Ryu, and Urien.

Understandable. I have both versions so it’s no big deal for me… 99% of the time I’m playing CvS2 I play it on PS2 but I can just practice on my DC stick instead (that is, if I’m free on that weekend and I manage to find a ride).

You might want to ask popoblo or some of the OH fellows about it, if they’re coming, whether or not they care about which version to use, if they could provide systems/copies of the game, etc.

I have spare converters i can bring as well if needed. (also i have a ps2 copy or CvS2).

Let me know if you need me to bring anything (ps2/dc/small tv).

I’m pretty sure I have an all-day thing 8/11, but if I can get out of it I’ll come out. I prob can’t though, wish I could to hang out w/ the IN crew again. Glad you guys are having tournies out there again.

Maybe I can, we’ll see.

I’d recommend playing through a regular TV and monitor OUT to projector, cos HDTVs and projectors will lag. I’ll let you know at least a week ahead of time if I can make it, I can bring at least one TV + systems if needed.

I’d put CvS2 as Playstation 2 just to be standard, it’s what people expect now and you don’t have to fool w/ convertors that Marvel will be needing. I can provide games and all. I just made a new Marvel mix that’s really nice.

Any idea on how many people you can expect? Definitely taking MMs in Marvel or 3s, I’ll try you for a couple bucks Derek. Anyone else?

Why don’t they just have SRK people run the thing (making brackets, keeping stations moving)? Weren’t there some issues with how GW ran the last one?

hey guys, i intend on making it up for this one. good call on making this thread dave, otherwise i wouldn’t have noticed a tourney was going on. and i have a copy of cvs2 for the ps2. cvs2 is standard on the ps2 and has been that way for a good 2+ years. there aren’t any huge differences, but i have one DC stick and a different ps2 stick, so i tend to mess up reversal timing and shit like that if i switch versions.

i’ll tell some michigan guys about this and see if they’re interested. they always bring a good crowd for cvs2.

FSgamer, are you coming to this tournament? it’d be cool to finally meet you and get some games in.

random questions…

it’s $10 entry fee for each game, right?

any general idea on the order of games and times? i know time is kind of a relative thing at tournies, but order is important IMO.

if there’s under 8 entrants for a game, will a round robin format be used?


I’m interested in coming but I need to find a ride first.

Ok, CvS2 on PS2 it is. I will just have to find the PS2 version although any extra copies of this game would be appreciated.

I also updated the first post with a couple more things I forgot…namely an entry fee rules for round robin, and some other stuff should it occur.

Keep it going…oh and Ghaleon…10 bucks third strike and marvel…that is if you come of course.

Popoblo - glad you’re comin man. There will be a tournament for all 4 games regardless of participants. Marvel and Third will be big for sure though (indy has legions of unknown Marvel players, and I’m sure just the people I know and play will push third strike)

Is there a venue fee?
It is guaranteed that GW won’t be taking out of each game’s pot? Confirm and I’m pretty sold.

Sure Dave, 10 in each is good. More takers? I’m trying to MM as much as possible so let me know.

I have a nice 27" TV with monitor out I can bring as long as I’m not bringing more than two people. You can hook it out through the DC’s VGA box too (although you have to use only composite IN to have monitor OUT). Seeeerious. The projector stuff sounds like it’ll be more trouble than it’s worth, including possible lag and stuff. This isn’t Evo :stuck_out_tongue:

The solution to the projector thing is if you have ps2 cables that have the svideo and yellow conposite on the same plug.

At UofI tournys i plug the yellow into the tv and put svideo into the projector. Works flawlessly. (I only have one cable like it though).

ghetto who are you?, im the white dude with red hair that plays 3rd strike.
ive been playing with ray, joe, and derrik in mvc2.
imma take 3s and cvs2 in the tourny. i wont enter marvle, im havnt played mvc2 much.

Chris - they will not charge a venue fee that I know of. Here is the confusing part for folks who didn’t make it out last time…they actually didn’t run it last time. There was some dolt who claims he runs an Indy pro gaming league of some sort and this guy and his crew of cronies proceeded to take money away, interrupt tournament matches, screw up brackets, etc. It was just unimaginable and so awful. This time everything will go much better as any Gameworks employees will know how to run things better and of course any of the rest of us who are traveling to this can surely run things nicely if need be.

I might have to place some money on 3S…no not on me…on Gary. You guys will both do so well but my feeling is that if you guys meet up then he has the advantage.

Also the last time we played on the projector and it was wonderful. The entire MvC2 tourney was on the projector, as well as the 3S finals.

Knyghtfall - any of the other Indy guys looking to get a piece of this at any games? :rofl: I will take on all-comers in 3S and ST and yes even MvC2 and of course I’ll play Brent at T5 or DR or whatever. CvS2 I’m not too sure but oh what the hell, if someone really wants to play that so badly for some reason I will give it a shot.

Besides, if they are Indianapolis players they can’t be that good.

OOOOOOHHHHHHHH…Indy are you guys gonna take that!!! :rofl: Bring your best stuff and prove me wrong. I am so psyched for this!

I might try to make it, but I’m highly doubtful about that due to money and lack of transportation (ok…so maybe not so much money…but transportation, definently). Add to the fact that I doubt my parents would agree to this…yeah…well…damn me…

If there were any in Ohio, I’d probably be able to make it…PROBABLY being the keyword, as transporation is still lacking…I really need to get my license hardcore…bleh.

Illinois is cleaning up shop…not. :frowning:

But i will be in attendance lol.

money match in cvs2? 2/3 or 3/5 for any amount you choose.

and i’ll take any other money matches in cvs2.


Ditto for 3s, give me a price Tetsu.

Brent, me and Gary – bet it :looney: Don’t tell me you’re chickening out at your chance for personal revenge though… !

Humbag + Derek, hope you guys can get some of Chicago out.

Dan: Can you get a carload or two of KY up here?

Meh, I doubt any other Chicago players will come. They scurred.

And if anything, I can run Marvel if need be. I don’t want to come all the way down there for some mysterious pro league to take away half the pot. I won’t stands for it!

I’m getting hype for this…