In n Out isn't that good

Fuck you shoryuken for lying to me ever since I joined this site.



its fast food


I AGREE. it aint that bad, but TOTALLY overrated. burgers are ok, fries are not that great, shakes are really good. I don’t know why people wait in line for hella long times for that.

In-n-out and Five Guys are both overrated as fuck.
Steak n Shake and Bob’s Giant Burgers over all that shit.

I like In N Out because everything is fresh for a fast food joint. The beef is never frozen. The fries are like actually fries as you the potatoes are cut in front of your eyes unlike dumping some frozen ones out of a bag. I’d definitely eat at In N Out over any fast food joint. Also, I prefer the well done fries and since the patties are small 4x4s.

But yes, it’s still fast food and at that price pretty damn cheap.

This is exactly why In-N-Out gets praise, as it should. But the fact that people label it as the Lord and Savior of burgers is ridiculous. All of my friends who come to Cali are gassed on In-N-Out before they even try it and I have to calm them down. It’s a solid fresh burger, that’s all.

Never had In n Out, though Five Guys is good but overpriced. Where I’m from in the Southeast, Whataburger is the best fastfood burger joint.

It’s not even the best fast food burger and that’s my main problem. It doesn’t require a major chain to get a fast food restaurant going and I’ve been to several fast food joints that blow In-N-Out out of the water. Hell, even the Texas chain (Whataburger) is better than In-N-Out.

Most SRKers hype In-N-Out more than Christians hype Jesus’ second coming. I’ve been waiting to taste one since 2003. Goddammit.


I wish they would build an In-n-Out here.

We got Fat Burger which is fucking good. Steak n Shake is good as well, I think we have a Five Guys.

I was all about some In n Out until I finally went to my local Fatburger.

Now, not so much.

I only go to In ‘n’ Out occasionally for that animal-style sauce.

Fat Burger is better?

Well I take solace in the fact that we have one in Chicago

i remember i went to an in n out the first time i was on san fran

I’m going to Cali in September and might just taste my first In-N-Out Burger when I’m there. It’s going to have to be damn good if it’s going to beat Steak ‘n’ Shake.

As an aside, I wonder if there’s any truth to Roger Ebert’s suggestion that people’s preference (In-N-Out vs. Steak ‘n’ Shake) can describe both their taste in fast food and their sexual practices.

let’s compare and contrast fast food chains that don’t exist in canada

Innout is great and cheap as hell.

No homo.

lol steak n shake is some ghetto bullshit. lmfao even including that stanky shit in the conversation.

the fuck, did you expect to get a hand job while eating your burger?

i think it’s very telling that irrenicus wont even list the fast food burger he says is better.

and fatburger is good, but its kind of a different category. definitely not “fast” food.

luckily LA has some of the best burger places on the planet so you don’t have to settle for fast food, even if it is in n out. Y’all dont know about dat Umami Burger, 8oz Burger, or Father’s Office now do ya? That’s how real ballers get down