Impact Clash After Party Discussion Thread

I know I have another thread on Impact Clash in the tournaments an events but I would really like to have a thread focusing on the after party of the tournament so mods please do not delete this! Once it serves it’s purpose you can delete it or do whatever you like.

Basically, at the last Impact Clash, at the end of the tournament, we all went home and didn’t even have a chance to formally get to know one another. So, I posed a solution this time, having an after party where we could all meet up right after the event, possibly have a few drinks :), and get to know one another more.

So, I’ve posed two solutions. I can rent out a space in Underground Atlanta’s VIP room at one of the clubs. The huge pluses are we can bring girls in the VIP (I am basically married so that’s no plus for me), get to go out and drink/dance, and get look like actual ballers being in a VIP room. Ok, well maybe not. But the point is Underground has it’s advantages. Downside? Everyone must be over the age of 21. I know there are quite a few people who aren’t who’d like to come.

On the flip side, we can do as Cool Breeze suggested and rent a hotel room not far away from the tournament and possibly bring some alcohol and have something there. That way, the party ends basically when we want it to, people under 21 can come and we can actually hear each other instead of talking close over music. However, the choice is up to you guys what you’d like to do better since you are the ones that are participating in this tournament. Just let me know what you like and I can try to accommodate for you.

Then you should ask.

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Bowling, that sounds very interesting. If anyone else has any other ideas let me know. I’d like to have it decided very soon!

hire strippers

I recommened Magic City or Body Tap stripper cause one my relatives own the club.



MAGIC CITY GIRLS ARE OVER DONE FO’ REAL (there are a few honestly well put together chicks but ummm no)

Body Tap girls ain’t gonna come cheap, any solid women gonna run $3,000 g’s for the low cause I doubt any of you all plan on dishing out loot while they strip etc.

That’s mainly why the cover is so high.

On the real, are any of you all SERIOUS about chilling after the tournament???
Cause it makes no sense for me too make plans like liquor, chicks, etc if no one reallly plans on attending the function yo!!

Well if we go to the Underground even if not that many people attend we can find girls on the dance floor and throughout the Underground and bring them back to the VIP area so we could make it work. I’d really hate, hate, to rent out a hotel room and no one attend. But please, I need you all to show interest because either function will cost me extra money and I only want to do it if people are interested and will attend.

No offense too you homie, I pretty much love the idea, it’s different, and could work BUT…

If held at UNDERGROUND ATLANTA I will not be attending (I’m only one person so it’s no major deal me not coming), Nothin’ but hood rats hang out UNDERGROUND ATLANTA.(I’ve got video evidence too prove it sir’)
(Check your PM’s for the additional more important reasons)

I’ll ask around though but I doubt much has changed, My former employer is head of security at UNDERGROUND, Warblade 49 also works for them, so does Papa Da’ Rippa, if they tell me it’s a no go… then I trust those three people when they say… it’s a no go.

Hmmm, well I do not want any attendee’s safety compromised at an after party event. If it is as dangerous as you say then I guess the hotel would be the only option. The hotel I have in mind is no more than five minutes away from the tournament unless anyone else has any other ideas.

I mean don’t jump the gun too soon, like I said I will speak with those people and find out how the scene has been since the transexual club was closed down.

UNDERGROUND security ain’t worth a damn on the real, I couldn’t trust them to protect us if somebody talkin’ to the wrong girl blah blah blah.

Maybe things can be a bit solid for this event, I could be wrong, never know

The Hotel you mentioned… I think I remember that one, but what about the two behind HOOTERS one street over from peachtree st.??

I’m not sure which ones those are. The one I was looking at was off West Peachtree Street. The huge problem with the ones within walking distance is the price. They are very expensive. For the huge price difference I think it’s worth it for us to have a five minute drive to a hotel as opposed to a hotel within walking distance if the price is astounding much higher. The hotel I am talking about is still in midtown. This is the address

1302 W Peachtree Street NW,
Atlanta, GA, 30309, United States

If you map quest from there to the World Congress Center that’s a mere eight minute drive away. However, if you know of anywhere else that is closer to the World Congress Center and is no more than about $150 a night I will gladly chose it.

i say we just chill at the hotel and get some drinks and chicks and play some games and shit.I mean either way is fine with me im 27 and single so age and commitement is not an issue for me lol.


I told em’ we should go hoe hoppin’ Im off work that entire weekend so it would be a bit interesting:wgrin:

no offense to you or anybody but i wont be coming to a club hopping after tournament event…or a hire stripper party after tournament event…i think im just gunna go to the tournament and do my own thang when its over…like normal

I’m with this idea for sure if there is liquor involved too :looney:

As long as sweet lady Vodka is involved, I’m good either way it goes.

hehehehehehehehehehehehehe!!! lol!!!

Well I think the hotel it is then. I’ll make sure to get the hotel.

Also, 50morecents you should at least swing by for a little. And yes, alcohol will be there, ha ha ha. Hopefully more of you will end up coming as well.

Can I bring bitches? If so, how many? :lol:

Qualifications for chicks.

1.) Must be single Why?? (Because they plan to come over, get a lil’ tipsy, ****e a lil’ drink a lil’, maybe even see me with my shirt off, would you allow your chick to be ALONE wit’ ole Iceman while she going into a drunkin’ state… exspecially when he is providing the liquor :woot::shake:)

2.) Great Looking

3.) Into gaming
(Cause I hate when bitches come around then COMPLAIN and say
"Why ya’ll be playin’ dem’ games"
I will boot a bitch quick fast in a hurry don’t try me like dat’ hoe.

4.) No stuck up HOOVERS.
Chicks who want to come in, ****e, drink, but don’t want to be touched, aren’t friendly, start going into some crazy mental state like warbalde 49’s female friend (I’ll explain the story later)