"I'm sorry, what did you say?"

My girlfriend and I were buying booze at Ralph’s tonight. The cashier asked for my driver’s license, and after looking at it she asked, “you ever play that game Street Fighter?”

I disguised my surprise and said yeah.

“Your picture looks like one of the characters. Ryu.”

My girlfriend and I shared a laugh. And then my girlfriend whispered to me, “You should tell her you have a Street Fighter cabinet in your living room.”

It’s funny because *we really do have a Street Fighter Arcade Cabinet in our living room!

Really Street Fighter, do you know no bounds?

I’m sorry but your hair owns Ryu’s.

I don’t really see the resemblance lol.

How did she say “Ryu”?

That’s like the time I shouted HADOKEN as I money shot a hooker.

I still can’t get over the fact that you guys on the west coast can buy liquor in a fucking grocery store.

Nah you got to shout Tiger Destruction after you tear up a hooker.

It would have been funny as hell if it went down a slightly different way after the cashier’s first question…and then it would have been fighty time.

Wait, you guys can’t? Around here you can find liquor pretty much anywhere. I’m sure soon enough we’ll have booze at the dollar store.

Well, everywhere else has the liquor store separate from the grocery store, but in the same building. Grocery store has the beer and wine, the liquor store has everything else.

Only wine and beer 'round 'nyaw

I’m from NC and here…I have never seen a liquor store in the same building (even in a chain of stores) as a grocery store.

You can also buy liquor in a grocery store in Texas , but that shouldn’t be a surprise.

Well down in lousiana…you can get beer or booze from gas stations, grocery stores(in the store not separate, either)…anywhere really. Back in high school we use to get daiquiri’s for the ladies in our car,from a drive-through, in our school uniforms.

You look more like a male version of [media=youtube]_xz702-M8M4"[/media].

Try Sweetbay if you have those. They might just be a Florida store, though.

More like you shout Tiger Destructionafter you tear up a white girl.

Actually the real surprise is that Dallas is a dry county.

next time try von’s or albertsons, maybe they’ll say something similiar, but instead of ryu, they might say “akira” from virtua fighter, or “dogface” from the dogface show.

I can’t get over the fact that everywhere else in America other than Cali and here in New Orleans, you can’t.