Im putting people on notice

I have started using Sakura in tourneys and alot as of late these threads will start seeing me post in them more often from now on.

thats whats up! hopefully we can learn a thing or two from you and citiofbrass

is excited

Maybe now people will start giving Sakura some damn respect. People have been sleeping on her since release.

Nice I really need to watch you play her , I have a lot to learn :slight_smile:

Who are you again?

Nah, just kidding =)

I want your babies! :rofl:

Be sweet to see some more Sakuford matches :bgrin:

Don’t forget to join team sakura! AND DON"T FORGET ABOUT THE BOW!!! XD!

we should def have a team get together night and play some mirrors soon.

Are you saying sakura is top tier now?

I wanna see some Empire Combos with Sakura.


Haha I was just about to come in here and post that. I highly doubt she is but it’s interesting to see him play her so well such as in [media=youtube]IwRsUvnKSIs[/media]

well he actually did well with Sakura at the latest Battlefield Arcadia. I posted it in the video thread but I’ll post it here too.


Good shit, that’s dope to hear, you are gonna make Sakura shine. Can we get some honest opinions from you on Sakura? Do you think she is as bad as she seems to appear on certain tier lists or does she have good potential?

Sakura is high mid tier imo def a force in ssf4

Ooh~ interesting. I’d like to here both your and Skatan’s match-up break down (just numbers) since you both seem to think her match-ups have improved considerably.

Looking forward to more matches! Nice to see someone carrying the US competitive sakura torch

well imho, the reduced damage overall benefits her very well.

i mean she has huge damaging combos, if your execution is on top.
Sanford could have done much better, if he did make some basic execution errors.
But he has also shown how nice Shou FADC can be!
i am also getting it out of an EX Shou now for 80%

Glad to see Sakura getting some recognition.

ex shou -> fadc is like, wide open.

You can link a afterwards. >.>

sanford beat some people last night in money matches with sakura. was pretty sweet.