Im in the process of making a vid for new 3s players

Hey Im trying to make a video for new 3s players to learn from. It will cover basics and advanced tactics as well as some character specific shit. Its gonna be a really long video however. Im looking for it to be upwards of an hour of nothing but 3s lol. Yeah i know it sounds like alot but i think its for the best. If anyone has any suggestions as to what i shoudl put in the video feel free to post up. I guess this is my way of helpingpeople learn and get in to 3s.

Try not to overlap too hugely with the already available 3s basics by thongboy, or you’ll just be wasting your own time.

Aside from that, I’ll leave the rest of it to people who know what they’re talking about ^^;

I didnt plan on to. this video is prolly gonna be more character specific than anything else.

Feel free to consult with me about Oro-specific stuff.

Sounds cool. I’d put most of the emphasis on the basics and try to be as concise as possible. It’d be too easy to lay down some solid rules, only to confuse things with character-specific exceptions later on.

I’d like to see a good video on the basics; General defense, knowing when to attack etc, but any kind of 3S tutorial would be nice.

zoning, tick throwing, best ways to Chip death (hahaha) for each charcater

specific hi/lows?

If you truly do a section for each character, the video will be far over an hour long. Thongboy’s 12 tutorial was over 30 minutes iirc. So, for every character it will be far longer. I’m definitly not against this, but it will take alot of work. If you do finish it all it will be really awesome though.

I think theres already a 3s tutorial for noobs. It was in the shenmue game I think. It told you how to do everything. No character specifics. It was more along the lines of what you are able to do in the game. It had a joystick layout on the screen and whenever the character did a move, the joystick on the screen would mimic the motion and show how it was done.

it had sean as the teacher or some shit like that. anyone seen it?

o yea mopreme and some other good people wrote the official SF AE strategy guide. It has all the frames, good\bad matchups, character strategy etc. Best faq I’ve ever seen. Mopreme is the man for that shit. Hope he got paid good though. That shit was hella detailed. Pick that shit up and support mopreme! as well as anyone else who contributed to it.

Thongboy Bebop made a good “basics” video, IIRC. I would recommend checking that out (it should still be at and thinking about what you can improve off of it.

you can ask me anything about alex … i’m still not a pro though .

I’d suggest also providing smaller versions of the file for each character, for those who may only want stuff for a particular character.

I think I understand what you’re looking to do here, and it would be significantly different from Thongboy’s video, and equally as useful. I would suggest just going in the basic concept of how each character works – pokes, anti-airs, what they’re trying to accomplish, their most effective range, best mixups, etc. Maybe even mention a few useful things vs common characters. I’ll suggest some topics for a few characters, and again, these are (to me) the basic elements of the character, neglecting advanced stuff.

Ken (Concentration on poking, and mixups on wakeup):

  • Poking/counter poking
  • Anti-airs: SRK (beats jumpins), far s.MP XX SRK (to beat parry attempts, by changing timing), c.MK xx SRK (to beat parry attempts)
  • Important hit confirms: MP HP (high), c.LK c.LK (low), b.MK (overhead)
  • Throws and tick throws

Dudley (Concentration on mixups on wakeup and juggles):

  • s.HK xx EX MGB option select (as anti-dash and counter poke)
  • Anti-airs: EX SRK (beats jumpins), HK xx LP MGB (if only the MGB hits, you get a juggle), MP MK HP Chain or MK HK HP Chain (beats parry attempts by changing timing), MP xx Duck super (beats parry attempts by hitting from other side)
  • Important hit confirms: s.HK xx duck (high), c.LK c.LK (low), t.HK (overhead)
  • Universal Juggles (after either c.HK or EX MGB): Midscreen: MK Ducking Upper, Corner: LP MGB, LK Backswing Blow
  • Usefulness of j.HK (hit confirm and sets up mixups)
  • Tick throws

Makoto (Concentration on Karakusa, and mixups on wakeup and post Hayate):

  • Dashing
  • Anti-airs: c.HK, EX Fukiage (hits from other side), s.MP xx EX Fukiage (hit side is ambiguous), parry close s.LP dash (cross under that gives free mixup), dash c.HP (hits low from other side, and knocks down)
  • Karakusa set ups
  • Show how to combo after Karakusa (s.HP xx EX/HP Hayate, or s.HP xx SA2 in corner)
  • Mixups (especially post non-EX Hayate): Karakusa (grab), c.LK xx LP Hayate (low), s.LK xx LP Hayate (good position and anti-jumps), c.LK xx EX Chop (overhead), s.LK xx EX Chop (overhead), s.MK (anti-jump), c.HK (anti-jump), EX Fukiage (anti-jump), jump immediately EX axe kick (anti-poke, and overhead).

Urien (Concentration on poking while building meter, and basic Aegis uses):

  • Poking (c.MK, s.MP, s.MK, s.HP, c.HK)
  • Anti-air: s.MP xx MP Sphere (can give juggle), Headbutts, EX Aegis (gives juggle), parry c.HP (gives juggle).
  • Basic combos: Midscreen: c.HP EX Headbutt MK Tackle, c.HP MK Tackle, Anti-air sphere HK Tackle, Corner: c.HP MK Tackle s.HP, Anti-air sphere HK Tackle s.HP
  • Aegis uses to give free mixups: Midscreen on wakeup: c.LK xx LK Tackle xx (LP/MP/HP) Aegis (possible followups: c.HK (low), t.HP (overhead), dash throw), LP sphere xx (LP/MP/HP) Aegis (possible followups: c.HK (low), t.HP (overhead), dash throw), Corner: c.LK (low) xx LK Tackle xx LP Aegis, s.MP (high) xx LK Tackle xx LP Aegis, LP Sphere xx MP/HP Aegis, All with possible followups: c.LK (low), t.HP (overhead), dash UOH (overhead).
  • Midscreen Tackle xx EX Aegis Mixups (Show safety)
  • Reversal EX Aegis on your own wakeup

That’s my idea of the basics for those characters. I’d do more, but I’m on a laptop right now and don’t feel like typing more, lol. Maybe I’ll do more later.

^ thanks man thats exactly what i was looking for. If anyone has any suggestions make sure to add them i will be starting this video with in the next week!

Just make sure to tell people to actually use the parry training…it’s not there for a laugh you know.

I must spend a good hour or two in Parry training each day and it has done me a world of good.

I mean it’s all good learning combos and learning how to kara your moves but if you can’t defend worth shit GTF away from the machine.

I reckon solid defense should come first. Block high, low, tech throws. Watch for overheads and crossups.

Second would be ‘knowing the risk’. I see this as the biggest hurdle for new players. Throwing out all the heavy specials and sweeps without considering how unsafe those moves are on whiff or block.

This leads conveniently into confirming specials and supers for the sake of safety and efficient meter usage. You could then outline the difference between hit-confirmed and punishment combos and go on to detail some of those combos for each character along with a general strategy. Cancellable normals, linkable normals, preferred Kara etc.

The more ground you cover in a general way, the less you will have to cover on a per character basis.

how the fuck do i deal with yun’s meaty dive crossup …that shit still puzzle me , help me man … yun players get’s free combo by doing this to me .

yea i got the same problem. Learn to parry xups or stay away from the setups. His xup is crazy fast especially during a wake up. Alot of it is character situation though. Yun would do certain setups on chun he wouldnt do on ken and vice versa. The general idea though is to parry punish so he’ll stop doing them less frequently or catch yun in the air and make himm pay that way. Dont jump when he has a meter. When he has no meter its ok to jump around. This will avoid some of them but watch their meter. You dont want to get into an offensive hypnosis and give a free parry away. The opp could turn that parry into target chain GJ activate.

say you parried an xup, its possible to react to fast causing you character to attack the wrong way. Wait a second and attack or wait till your character turns around. If you have ken, xup parry, srk kara srk. DONE

Lets see. …
parry bait and tick throw setups would do a world of good in the vid.

make sure you illustrate OSing, like doing a parry then a block, parry throw and c.LP tech.

btw 3s master your avatar gives me a headache

cover hitconfirms, especially ones like Ken’s target combo and cl.MK x Dashpunch xx sa1 with Q which are easy to see.

tick throws are important obviously

show the basic mixups for each character.

cover various types of combos, ie
sj cancel

Damn by the look of it this video is going to like 2 hours +
I’m sure you know this shade but try to explain the concepts and the terms etc…
remember this vid is for scrubs like me etc. So remember to dumb it down so anyone and I mean anyone can understand and apply it.

In other words what I’m trying to say is remember your audience