I'm calling it first. Chun Li IS TOP TIER

FINALLY!! Chun Li doesnt suck anymore! I’ve been playing Ultra and have 2000PP in 1 day. I know that’s not a lot, but I HAVENT lost many matches! In the old game I had trouble with Sagat, Ehonda, Blanka, and Yun. NOW THEY ARE EASY AS F****K. I’m sorry if this isn’t making sense. I’m just so freaking happy that she isnt shitty anymore! I honestly believe she is TOP. Only time will tell for sure!

Her being able to use BOTH Ultras CHANGES so much! And theres new combos! Omg!


she can win tourneys that’s for sure

E Honda should never have been a problem for Chun.

But please do tell how you find the Yun matchup easy because I’m pretty confident it’s her worst matchup in Ultra right now.

It’s pretty hard finding real solid Yun players, if I had to hazard a guess. Not many people have picked him up, yet. Makoto, Yun, Yang, Sakura, I barely ever encounter players choosing these characters. The other three? Yeah, I can understand. You aren’t getting any easy wins with Sakura and, Makoto’s movement disability makes her a real task for new players to succeed with. Yang is under-powered and less popular than deejay. Then again, I don’t even see Rufus very much, and he’s always been a solid character and he seems like he would be pretty fun to use, too.

I reckon Chun-Li is strong in Ultra, but she’s not clearly dominant. She has weaknesses that can be exploited, still. She has a lot of tools but you’ve got to play with unerring precision. I think Rose is slightly better than her because Rose forces more bad situations on her opponents.

There’s five new characters to think about, also. I’m not so sure about Rolento, Hugo or Elena, but Decapre could be a dark horse. These characters haven’t had the same amount of time put into them as the ones which existed since way back in Vanilla.

Poison has the potential to be really good imo

She’s good but not top tier. Its more important that she’s viable than anything else.

I think her bad matchups are still the same: Akuma, Rufus, Viper, Yun, Cammy, El Feurte,… generally nutty characters.

Akuma isn’t as effective as he was and, coupled with Chun-Li’s buffs, I think that match-up could use re-evaluating. El-Fuerte? Is that a bad match-up for Chun-Li? I just think it’s messy. Fuerte has to commit himself to a lot of unsafe shit to get his damage in, I’m not convinced. As for Cammy, I think Chun-Li has a pretty decent match-up against her. I haven’t met anybody the likes of Alioune, and, Cammy is always a threat, but I don’t think she particularly harms Chun-Li in any specific sense, just gotta get your blocks in, like everybody else has to against her. And, Boxer got nerfed, right? They moved his jab up-to 3 frames. I don’t get block-stun locked in that match-up very much, any longer.

Seth used to be a bad match-up just because he could change the trajectory of his jumps in unpredictable manners and, his stun was so high that, coupled with the length of his combos, you could go from, “I got this shit under control,” to, “Fuck, how did I get stunned?” in mere moments. He doesn’t get full-screen jump-ins, anymore, either, which really takes some of the pressure off.

All in all, I’m not sure I can agree that her bad match-ups are the same. She’s way more viable now.

Akuma is 6-4 in chuns favor

Rufus, yes
Viper maybe, Im starting to think that match is even the more I play very skilled viper players
Cammy is even
Yun yes
Elf no. That match is probably 6-4, but it might be 5-5

Seth is tough, but thanks to her buffs it’s a little easier now. It was def a nightmare before USF4 though.

Adon and Blanka are really annoying too. Some say it’s in their advantage… I personally think it’s closer to even, but they are among the most annoying 5-5’s known to man.

Totally forgot about Adon. I play against him rarely so maybe that’s why. But thinking about it Adon should never lose to Chun Li. All of his major moves are safe and armor breakers. It’s probably 3-7. :stuck_out_tongue: Luckily, Adon is never going to be a popular character.

Dudley as well. What a shitty character design. Characters like Dudley, Adon, Yun, Makoto etc. are epitome of what went wrong with SF3, losing mass appeal the series gained during SF2 days.

I’ve heard a lot of Adon players complain about Chun. I dont really know why because who the fuck actually knows that matchup? To this day I dont know what Adon tries to do against Chun, I barely understand the character but it seems that I almost never lose to him so I never bothered to learn.

low jaguars/breakers for days

Adon was in SF1 though :lol:

I entered my first tournament (Friday Night Fights) since picking up Chun about a month ago, there were two chun’s in the entire tournament, myself and another one I’ve met online before who was on the other side of the bracket, the grand finals was me vs him, a chun v chun mirror. He rolled me easily 6-0, as I expected to be the case as he’s been playing chun for years, but needless to say the tournament was taken by a Chun-li. I got the impression from the comments after the tournament that since they started holding Friday Night Fights they’ve never had a chun mirror grand finals before, so that was pretty cool.

I don’t know that Chun is top tier, but I do feel she’s higher then most of the tier lists I’ve seen that have her 1 step above pure bottom, definitely VERY viable in ultra. As is always the case, the real deciding factor if she becomes deemed “top tier” will be if enough top players pick her up, since good players playing good character tends to naturally make the character appear great, while bad players like myself playing good characters tends to make them appear more mediocre then they really are. People had the same opinion of Adon they have of Chun-li now (decent but not really top tier quality) until Gamerbee came along. Maybe Valmaster will be Chun’s GamerBee.

The reason she isnt top tier is because she has a bunch of 5-5 matches while others have a lot more that are 6-4 or 7-3.

Aside from Yun and maybe Rufus, shes a damn good tournament character to use IMO. I never feel like Chun lost the match for me anymore those two aside. I still think youll need a pocket character for her unless you play the best yuns and rufus players and have a lot of experience.

People also dont perceive her very well right now because she wasnt good in 2012. Itll take a while before the masses realize that ultra is very different than 2012. People still think Akuma is top tier, and he isnt. Hes completely middle of the road and this will prove to be true as time goes on unless people figure out new ways to get big damage with him, which I dont see happening.

Chun is almost on Rose level if not equal imo. USF4 buffs and changes helped a lot. Just need time to have the tiers settle down and learn the matchup in light of Ultra.

There’s also Infiltration, Lud, Nashfan etc… don’t rush and put her in Adon Gamerbee status just yet :3

Also, pos them vids if you got them @DanTheTimid :china:

I did a search and I was only able to find vids of the opening round fights, none of the top 8, I’m assuming they saved the rest of the stream some where, just not looking in the right place. Glad I looked it up though as I missed my friends first round match (he sadly did not make it out of the opening round fights). For some reason he decided to play Guile even though its not even his secondary, but his third character. Anyway, I’m sure if I searched hard enough or asked the tournament organizer/commentator I could probably find the rest of the matches, but frankly, other then maybe watching the other chun’s play, the only reason for any of you to watch the videos would be to tell me the 101 things I did wrong and give me tips on how to not be so awful. I really only made it to the grand finals do to a lucky draw of a lot of favorable match ups and probably some tournament nerves on the part of some of my opponents.

But if a bad player like me can fraud my way to a grand finals, that just seems to be further proof that Chun-li is legit. Its funny, looking through my old posts just 3 years ago I posted on the newbie help forums requesting suggestions for a new character to pick up (I played cammy at the time). I’d played the game since vanilla, spending hours every night in the training lab, but could never execute FADC or links no matter how many hours I put in. Weeks of training had turned to months, months to years, and after years of training for hours every night with out any sign of improvement decided I’d reach out to see if there was any character in the game people could suggest who I could have a modicum of success with despite my apparent physical limitations. A handful of people suggesting Gouken, Boxer, Dictator, and Abel, but not a single person suggested Chun-li. In fact, local chun-li forum resident Necrotrophic posted in the thread, but rather then suggest chun-li, instead more or less told me if I couldn’t link or FADC it didn’t matter who I played, I was still gonna suck, which was more or less the same advice about 90% of the replies gave, although most of them also told me to stop being lazy and whining and just learn to do links and FADCing cause its easy. I still can’t do links or FADCing to this day (not that I’ve ever given up on trying as my hours which probably number in the thousands now spent in the training lab can attest) but I’ve finally found a character where I can at least compete at a low level to some minor degree with out them. Just wish some one would have suggested Chun to me back then. Oh well, just glad I finally found her now.

It’s 6-4 Akuma’s favor and I think Chun vs Cammy is 6-4 Chun’s favor

Chun vs Akuma : Akuma can exploit her wake-up so much, He does more damage than her and she doesn’t have that pressure like yun. He has nothing to fear from her. An example of a setup for Chun : After hard knockdown S.Lk > DF(Delayed divekick)O/S Sweep… Stuffs all Spinning bird-kicks and catches back dash and works on DWU. I know most Chun’s will make it there life goal to avoid getting knocked down and will just footsie him out ; smart Akuma’s will play along with turtling and other defensive play, he has stronger tools for zoning and will eventually get a knockdown most likely by a fireball… if she is turtling. She needs to block, but she also has to worry if he decides to cross-up dive, wiff > grab and DF-Grab ; There are endless options with Akuma. She can’t really wiff punish demon-flips. Akuma now has more combo ability… so he can maximize his damage on crouching and further opponents. She can’t raw jump-in just as much as he can’t raw demon-flip or jump-in. The only thing I see her doing well against him is the footsie game ; Akuma will just stay out her S.HP range though. I think Akuma has this match because better escape options, damage and AA’s, and he can make his self safe most of the time with low to the ground air fireballs to jump in… demon flip too because of air fireball cancel buff and I know she can grab him if shes fast enough or dash under if she can “If she’s fast enough”, otherwise she will get hit and a quick stand is fine with Akuma ; as long as he gets some pressure going. If she does get a knockdown ; I don’t see much she can do with out meter, hisenshu(Don’t know how it’s spelled) can be focused, he will do it or shoryuken on reaction… Ex win’s and HP trades vs Ex-hisenshu ; I think not sure.

Cammy vs chun… Cammy can’t deal with her great pokes and has to take risk to get in, Cammy’s damage nerf and Chun’s health buff don’t work well together either LOL.
Would right an essay on this too, but you get the point of my opinion on this match-up ; I only wrote an essay on Akuma because most Chun’s are stubbern(Not all) in this match-up and will argue an awful lot to push this in her favor… everyone hates him. What did Akuma ever do? :frowning:

Akuma bullies the match after a knockdown, she only wins off of his stupid mistakes and the footsie game. Not that many points for Chun.
Akuma is A+ if not S… People already got new way to get big damage(you’re kinda late).