Illegal to film police

It’s bad enough that crooked cops exist and the govt. has handed them so much power, but now this?

Apparently, in some states it’s illegal to film cops and very soon, other states will be adopting the same bullshit policy. Cops get away with enough shit as it is, now they want to take away the ONLY method we have of defending ourselves against them?

Oh yeah, it’s only illegal if you catch them in the wrong, otherwise, it’s all good. How much more control are we going to give the govt. before we realize how fucked we are?

I am ashamed of the United Stated of America. The government just keeps on supporting criminals and punishing the innocent.

This isn’t exactly new. I’ve actually had an experience with it. My cousin was getting into a fight with another dude and my cousin’s brother started video taping to show that my cousin was actually trying to leave peacefully rather than go all fisty cuffs. A cop actually came across and broke up the fight. Before getting everybody’s testimonies he politely asked my cousin to stop video taping and that was it.

Not every cop in the world is out to get you.

^ of course not every cop is out to get you, but recording them is pretty much the only way to prove so if they do.

Just browsing through youtube, it’s pretty obvious that many cops would’ve have gotten away with some brutal shit had they not been taped. Even taped, they still get away with far too much, imagine all the shit that’s not.

You’re right, instead of holding people accountable for their actions as cameras allow us to do, we should simply stop doing this for no logical reason and instead blindly trust that every single police officer out there is going use their new complete lack of impartial oversight to protect us better. :sad:

despite said abuse being recorded in the article, I come away from this thread with renewed faith in this ‘seemingly’ batshit law.

I really hope they don’t try to bring that shit to California… We have a proud history of video taping cops doing stupid shit :smug:

edit: oh yea, in reply to the thread title, there will never be any sort of revolution/civil war as long as people are comfortable. You’re not going to get people to get off their sofas and away from their cable TV’s/internet/whatever just because the government is shitting on their rights.

Calm down. Least you forget this country’s civil war. Civil unrest maybe… lots of bickering in the courts for a few months to a few years. Some laws get changed maybe, but taking up arms?

Anyway. No on who isn’t a crooked cop is against taping them. If the cops like to use video to catch criminals they better fucking believe that it’s a double edged sword.

Seriously. A lot of people I grew up with became cops and a lot of them are corrupt.

One of the cops was selling drugs to my sister who was a minor and invaded my house with his friends and threatened to arrest me if I don’t leave him alone and if I tell anyone that they do drugs and entered my house, my parents were upstate so I was in charge back then. I straight up started recording and straight up told him if he doesn’t get the fuck off my sister and leave peacefully that me recording his actions would be the least of his problems. Recording criminals is the only defense you have, if you take away that defense, gang numbers are going to explode because that will be the only source of protection aside from moving out of this country. When that happens, a lot of cops are going to get shot and this will not only increase the number of legit gangs but criminal gangs as well and will lower the number of legit cops as well. This law is going to destroy this country.

The civil war part was just a exaggeration for title, but the point still stands. I don’t expect or want people to take up arms, but we’ve become way too complacent and need to do something, like a million man march. At this point, anything is better than nothing. We shouldn’t need a way to protect ourselves from police officers, much less have that taken away from us.

Do you honestly believe it’s a double-edged sword? The law the police are exploiting is a wire-tap law that says you can’t be filmed without permission. Do you think it’ll work the other way around if you ask a court to dismiss an officers dashboard cam because he recorded you without permission?

Yeah, laws should work both ways and this is exactly why I made this thread. Cops are increasingly given more power while we’re given less. It’s very one-sided.

I think you are turning my reply into an argument but anyway.

I was referring to cops using surveillance video or a public video to catch criminals. Say, me taping a gang shoot out or something and then I submit that to the cops. The second edge is that same public video being used to catch crooked cops. I wasn’t referring to police recordings.

People are always quick to hate on the cops…

But the real problem with cops are the unions. You’ll almost never see a cop fired for any of these violations unless they’re absolutely ludicrous, or posted on Youtube. And I guarantee you that this bit of legislation is driven by police unions.

Let’s be honest, every profession is going to have some asshole in it who can use that tiny little bit of power he has to ruin your day, whether it’s a mailman having your shit "Return To Sender"ed or a dude at McDonald’s spitting in your burger. The real problem is this absolute lack of consequences for any sort of wrongdoing. And that’s because of the unions.

When I was assault by an officer a few years back and had to fight off bogus felony charges, my lawyer acted all calm. I asked her why this cop would lie so much about what he did to me and my friends. She calmly responded “He is a cop, that is what he does. He lies to protect himself and his cop pals.”

Needless to say, the whole ordeal changed my life and perspective of crime and police. I now have a deep hatred of most police and become enraged when I see videos of police brutality which bring back horrible memories for me. Police these days are nothing more than criminal thugs who wear badges. They are essentially high school bullies that became professional bullies that now have the right to murder/destroy someones life for their own entertainment.

Not all cops are bad, I have had a run in with a good one here or there, but most are ruthless criminals, who are waiting with baited breath to assault you and then charge you with felony assault.

Link to book very relevant to this topic(I uploaded this btw)

Welcome Big Brother.

So who else awaits a civil war?

We should just get rid of cops altogether. They make it really difficult to use narcotics and murder people. Every single police officer is corrupt and I’m never relieved to see one when I’m in an “unsafe neighborhood.”

I can’t really tell if the last sentence of your post is sarcasm or not… I’m never relieved to see policeman in an “unsafe neighboorhood” lol… around an old set of apartment complexes I stayed around when I was younger there were a few well-known crooked cops(everyone knew they were crooked but nobody ever has/ever will, tell on them)…

And to make things worse, cops do not report misconduct by other fellow officers either(well in general)…

The amount of power we give to these community college rejects (cops) is ridiculous.

Didn’t Stockton also go through lay offs with their police department? There was a CNN segment today in which officials were saying that the community needs to “police itself”. IIRC. :rofl:

GGPO if this law passed in CA. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Wonder whose idea that was. Give the powerful and corrupt dropouts of America even more power.

Rather bump this thread than post a new thread. Anyway, seems cops waste no time in trying to exploit bullshit laws.