IGN's 100 Top Villains List


Peculiar. Discuss

Donkey Kong and Psycho Mantis in the top ten is pretty dumb. DK has been a good guy for years and Psycho Mantis was famous because of a gimmicky fight.

The fact that SHODAN is ranked 47 is ridiculous; she’s 46 spots too low. Especially when GlaDOS (#1) is just a far wussier (though funnier) version of her. SHODAN is without a doubt the best villian ever.

Most villians that are ranked high are there because of how many appearances they have. Take Bowser. Bowser is a shit villian. He doesn’t really do anything but kidnap a princess who most likely wants to be kidnapped.

Yeah, I’m wondering if these people really thought about this and think that Bowser really needs to be that high. They probably did it just because he’s popular. Same goes with a lot of those. Sephiroth and Kefka always manage to make those lists, but never any FF villains outside from those two games. I personally don’t think GlaDos needs to be that high.

Revolver Ocelot and Sniper Wolf should have been top 15 and Big Boss should have been top 10.

Most of the placements seem to be based on nostalgic power.

Dormin also should have been higher. Villains of his kind are very, very rare in videogames.

Edit: It’s also ridiculous that Lazarevic from Uncharted 2 and Neo Cortex from Crash Bandicoot aren’t even on the list.

What the fuck is this GlaDOS shit and why is it #1?

This list fails altogether for not even having The Boss on the list.

Where the fuck is Luca Blight? This list sucks.


How the fuck is Sub-Zero considered a villain?

terribad list

I stopped reading the thread title after IGN.

Just stopping by to say Aizen.

That is all.

Just as planned.

Why do people love Sephiroth so much?

He shanked a bitch.

that list broke my heart. GlaDOS as #1? Top ten, maybe, but not #1.

That fucking dog from Duck Hunt should be numero uno

They’re talking about the first Sub-Zero from MK1 - the one who killed Scorpion and was later killed BY Scorpion and then replaced by his brother, also named Sub-Zero, in every game since. Article says the OG Sub came back as Noob Saibot - that I did not know - but I’m still not getting a “villany” vibe from the guy.

How many bossfights have you ever been in, playing video games?

How many do you remember as distinctly as Psycho Mantis?

That said, Glados being #1 is a good pick, imo.

Bison and no heihachi? FAIL. :tdown:


This list is both bad and wrong. Yes, this list is BADONG. :tdown:


does virginity count as an boss? Pretty much the end boss of the Leisure Suit Larry games…

that shit should have been on there

this list pissed me off

I think these lists are strictly made to piss people off. Nobody ever agrees with these. Ever.