If they made a good SFIV live action, who would you cast?

American actors? International actors?

Rey Mysterio as El Fuerte

I would cast Steven Segal as Dan. Rest of the cast doesn’t matter.

JCVD as Guile obviously

Bustabust as Abel.

International for sure. Damn this shit would be hard as fuck to cast. There’d like a 99.9999% probability that it would turn out cheesy.

This girl as Cammy. She doesn’t even have to act, she just has to appear on screen.

keanu reeves as ryu.

This Thread was the most recent “cast street fighter movie” etc

Go there and revive it if you want to talk fictional casting choices. I believe these sort of threads belong in general discussion



That list is full of fail

This is the truth.

Sean Connery as everyone.

That “if” is sooo huge, I can’t look past it long enough to answer your question.

They already did, the Van Damme movie was epic!!!

Okay it was terrible, but it was terrible in an amazing way, like the Super Mario Bros live action movie, or the TMNT live action movie… sure they were terrible, but in such and amazing way that they are just fun to watch!

Hah, she actually poses nude now.

uhhhhhh PM the links? :china:


Ditto that! Or PM a name at least, hahah.

Her name is Alisa Kiss.

Micheal Clarke Duncan as everyone.

Samuel L. Jackson as Balrog

Machida as Ryu