If Fei Long is so tournament viable

then why does no one seem to play him??

Like I said in my last thread on here, I am somewhat new to the Street Fighter scene…but from all of the Evo matches to a bunch of other tournament stuff, I barely see any Fei Longs. Even with the online scene and all that, you see a whole bunch of Ryus, and Guiles, and Zangiefs, but barely a Fei Long in sight…

Im not maining Fei Long atm myself, but I might end up maining him…I was just wondering why this is…is it his character? playstyle? execution? can they not live up to Bruce Lee’s status??

(I’m taking all this tournament info from the bunch of tiers I saw, on from the discussion within this own sites SSF4 tier/tourney thread)

Selected Fei Long, there are a few tournament vids there.

Fei only has a few 6-4s, and not necessarily where he needs them. That said, other characters have an easier time against other top tiers. Fei really has to work for all of his wins, even though he’s 5-5 for most of them. People just don’t want to work that hard nowadays. In the Ryu vs. Fei popularity contest, Ryu wins because:

a) he’s iconic as far as Street Fighter
b) he can sit back and chuck fireballs, so he doesn’t have to chase a turtley opponent
c) he’s versatile and can play various styles
d) he has easy links
e) he’s also 5-5 with many characters

Really, there’s no reason to pick Fei. Unless of course, you enjoy the challenge that he brings, his style, and being different.

I saw combojack in the last Arcade Infinity tournament maining Fei Long. Mago is still sticking with Fei in the current God’s Garden.

Most people didnt change their mains from vanilla to super and in vanilla Fei longs damage output was relatively low and others could end matches in 2 to 3 good guesses.People also like to see someone do well with the character in tournaments before maining as a sort of assurance that the character is capable of winning.Fei long might as well have been a super character.Also Inthul plays him in the us,starnab and evans in europe and mago in japan.

This x1000. In Vanilla it was so much harder to win with Fei compared to other characters. People who have invested a lot of time in their original characters very rarely switch, not to mention that since he can finally compete he might as well be a new character. New characters have yet to be popular, especially in tournaments.


^lol what’s that supposed to mean ?. If your trying to prove that fei long is viable you may as well have linked a starnab/evans/mago/inthul vid but still good stuff

Lol that Cody was so ass haha. Pretty lame example, I’m sorry to say.

Good to know about that U2 counter though. Someone should make a list of Ultra counters, I feel like I’m in the dark about that; I don’t know which ones break armor, are projectiles, or what.

Can I asked what exactly changed for Fei Long in Super? I saw there there was buffs and nerfs for other characters, but I haven’t really seen anything for him. I’m still on SF4 cause I’m stuck with the PC version, but I might just break soon and end up geting a 360 and SSF4(and some other stuff)…But I mean…there most be some reason that he went from near the bottom of the pack to near the top of them…and still no one seems to use him =S

rushdown works better because doomsday combos have been nerfed. and 95% of the characters had dmg nerfs. fei not being one of them

^didn’t bnb damage get nerfed? i didnt play vanilla but i saw a post about it somewhere .

very slight. his light lows got changed from 30dmg to 20 or 25 or something

All the BS combos and reversals got toned down, so Fei can play his pressure game without losing 75% of his health over a couple of lucky guesses. Fei’s damage didn’t change very much in relative… so the game’s more balanced. Fei’s corner power strength is so strong that it almost makes up for his below-average Ultra.

-crouching lights nerfed: 30 to 20 damage
-super damage nerf: 400 to 370
-super is now 5 frame startup instead of 7
-forward double kick is faster
-damage is untouched on flamekick which is actually…a buff!
-close mp xx HK CW on some characters for massive damage

not confirmed:

-better hitbox on rekkas (and maybe on flamekick)
-light rekkas can be chained faster, so its easier to beat focus if your opponents does not release it early (could be wrong on this one)
-better hitbox on u1 juggle so its easier to land 3 hits now
-easier close hp link after hk CW

So it wasn’t more of a fact of Fei Long getting “that” much better, but more of a “they changed them around so now they are more manageable” matchups, and “we added 10 more characters that Fei Long has better chances against” matchups?

Eh half that and the buff to his F + HK, faster HK Chicken Wing, WAY FASTER SUPER. Fei Long was never really nerfed, only buffed if I recall.

Yes that in tandem with all the other nerfs to the strategies that initially really hampered his game have ironed him out to be an excellent mid or high-mid tier character.

And in the arcade edition, if all we lose is HK Chicken Wing invinc. and Ryu and Akuma lose their hurricane kick escape moves then we really have got a great character.

I wasn’t aware anyone actually used F + HK. Fei didn’t really change, it’s the environment around him that did. He’s always been good, there were other characters that were just better.

HK CW nerf is NOT confirmed so take that with a grain of salt, same goes for cr.MK being special cancelable. Not to mention that’s not the final build so we could have lots of surprises in store. Or… none at all.

But yeah Sagat and Ryu anally raped Fei in vanilla. Them being overall weaker really helped him out a lot. Also no one was on Fei’s nuts till Inthul showed up but Starnab and Evans have been repping him rather solidly even before then so I’d say a lot of Fei’s “improvements” are just psychological.

I have a question for all the other Fei mainers out there and I really think this is about his tournament viability.

I’ve been doing pretty well with Fei and the random tourneys around here in the midwest and south but I’ve been having HUGE issues with adjusting to input lag…whether its from an lcd to an CRT or ps3 to an XBOX (and yes there is a difference). How do you guys adjust to the timing issues? Fei REALLY relies on his one framers for any sort of damage or positioning, not being able to land that link after CW is a crucial blow. is plinking the answer or does this change with lag as well?

It may sound like a weird question and I’m not trying to start like a consol war or anything but this is plaguing me as a tourney Fei player right now. I just can’t seem to adjust enough to be playing at the level I know I’m capable of, simply because of technical issues.

I’ve alway’s thought that if you keep the timing the same the latency would deal with the button inputs in the same manor. I don’t play much offline, but could it be that actually trying to change your input speed for specific scenarios is the problem and not the actual timing of the combo’s?

If you keep it uniform across all formats, with offline being your benchmark, then it would be the same wouldn’t it? I could be wrong though.

Can’t imagine having to try and change 1 frame link combo’s on the fly myself…! I’ll stick to online :rock: