If CAPCOM Were To Make A Kelloggs vs. General Mills Fighting Game

…What style of play would you like it to be?

MARVEL vs. CAPCOM 2 style
Naruto: GNT3 style
Powerstone 2 style
Super Smash Bros. Melee style

What moves, supers, intros, stages, and more would you like the characters to have?

This is the best thread I’ve seen in awhile.

But it’s a bad idea, the General Mills characters would own the top half of the tier list.

Here’s a character list that I had complied so far off the top of my head:


Tony the Tiger
Shin Tony the Tiger (without his stripes)
Snap, Crackle, and Pop
Rooster from Corn Flakes
Toucan Sam
Keebler Elves
Monkey (w/ knife?) from Cocoa Krispies

General Mills
Honey Nut Bee
Green Giant
Pillsbury Doughboy
Rabbit from Trix
Leprechaun from Lucky Charms
Bird from Cocoa Puffs
Talking Glove from Hamburger Helper

Here’s some of the characters you’d find.

Tony the Tiger.
Capn Crunch
Sugar Bear
The Bee
Toucan Sam

can you like…not make stupid threads like this, you fucktard? :rolleyes:

Actually, this game may come into existance…
And Frankenberry will own up!

Don’t like the thread? Stay out of it, “fucktard”.

i would pick the honey bee and just rush that shit down all crazy

I would probibly die laughing if I even imagine the trix rabbit vs the rooster from corn flakes. The rooster would be top tier because of the ablility to stay in the air long. The Rabbit would be low tier because he can’t even beat those kids that take his trix. :lame:

If there are fatalities, I’m in.

And you bithes are lucky that Post isn’t up in this shit, because the Honey Comb monster would totally rock your world. That is if the Crispy Critters haven’t been unlocked yet.

my wang is hard to beat

That’s grrrrrrrrrrrreat.

I mean in tekken 5. I don’t know what you might have been thinking…

Yeah, but the rabbit would pull a Micheal Jackson and pop out a little kid assist. Runaway rooster, plus Honey Bee assist owns.

it’s posts like these on SRK … I die laughing reading some of the hilarious posts you guys make. and the responses… hahahh some of you are so serious. Like Forelis’ post HAHAHAHA how you gonna list out characters like that

i’ve been laughing for literally 5 minutes straight.

What about some hidden characters from Quaker Oats and Post?

Roosters don’t fly, they drop. And Snap, Crackle and Pop would be droppin bombs on everyone just cuz they always roll deep.

Tony the Tiger all fucking DAY.

Grrreat! Grrreat! Grrreat! Grrreat Uppercut!!

Nice change of pace from a normal Deity post.

MvC2 style so Snap, Crackle & Pop get broken

LOL :clap: