Ideas for a Street Fighter 6

Wonder if we’ll ever see a Street Fighter 6 someday? Just wish it’ll continue after 3rd Strike. Plus it’d be nice if Capcom puts an RE Engine in the next SF. If possible.

Have Mel Masters as one of the protagonists, trained under his father and Ryu. Li-Fen, be the new Chun-Li. Datta, Dhalsim’s son… because the new yoga master.

Plus a fresh set of original characters with fighting styles not yet explored.

My idea: drop the stupid Fight Money mechanics.


I agree.

By the way, any new characters in mind?

Yes: Shamash, Ezra and Lau would be my choices for new characters.

Play like 3rd Strike with Ultimate MVC3’s artstyle and we groovy.

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You guys need to square with the fact that a) ‘next generation’ style rosters are never popular and b) they will never make a SF that plays like SF3.

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I’ll take a bite.

  1. First and Foremost: GGPO. Same gameplay quality for crossplatforming. As low delay for pressing buttons as possible.
  2. One solid desicion: FTP or 60$ release. I do not want to buy a game that partially locked with in-game currency and partially with paid DLCs.

Now more controversial stuff:
3. “No proximity normals” can stay.
4. I really do not like juggling system in SF. Situations when you hit opponent and he holds UP just to get hit and make invincible recovery hop… and hit you back because your special whiffed. It just boggles my mind. Also inconsistent rules of what juggles and what not is not my thing too. Some SF-like games existed without this so why not?
5. Also arbitrary inputs like: Dhalsim won’t do EX YF if you inputted it like 412369 but will do it after 8741236 - is not my thing too. Maybe there is a reason for that but i do not like it either way.


I’d actually like SF6 to be a really really really barebones game, with really really outdated and retro graphics (maybe similar to GameBoy or Atari) and quick like shit and very experimental gameplay.

Probably all the original SF1 character roster to be playable as well.

I think about SFA for GameBoy Color as the model to follow.

There’s no way they would do that, however.

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Do the opposite of everything Sfv did. Simple but magnificent solution.

Just sell the franchise to ArcSys.

Or at least steal the whole cel shading tech so it looks like an updated Alpha game.


They’ve announced that they’re using the resident evil Engine for street fighter 6 and it’s currently in the works to be showcased (not released) next year. Also they’re getting rid of most of the current SF5 and SF4 cast… The reason why it’s in production so soon is because SFV apparently flopped pretty hard.

Me personally I’d prefer if they used the cell shading techniques in GGX3rd for SF6, not the over the top anime designs but the graphical style if that makes sense. I want SF6 to look like a 2d fighter. I’m not too concerned about them using the RE engine.

Besides graphics I would like 95% of moves to be animated from a standing position.

No more crouching down, and jabbing to the knees or awkward looking crouching medium kicks. Just make it a standing leg kick. Down/puch should be a standing body shot or jab to the chest.

Holding down should be quick duck but only when in proximity of a standing move, this also makes it harder for people to read charging characters.

The ability to increase your walk speed but no dashing. For some strange reason fighting games with a variety of jump heights and dash maneuvers are always stiff.

Alpha2 mechanics with toned down CC’s or basic ST Mechanics but with the choice to choose from a selection of Supers for each character like 3s.

No easy knock down maneuvers like down/hk only Supers and specials in certain situations land knockdowns.

No Juggling.

The way it looks and animates is the most important thing in my opinion. It has to look like no other fighting game out now including SFV which to me looks identical to SF4.

You have a source for any of this? Doesn’t sound right.

1- Change the art style to something between SFIV, Third Strike and Guilty Gear Xrd. Fighting games are becoming sooo bland when making the jump to 3D and are desperately in need of some visual disruption.

2- Make it ultra-friendly to newcomers with some easy to pull basic combos and deep training mode a la Dbzf and Skullgirls but more comprehensive. And why not a easy mode for newcomers to get hooked and make beginners tournaments easier to manage.

Street fighter is the grandfather of fighting games, it should be the one to teach you all you need to know. It should be a true Swiss knife of fg.

The Fgc needs to get of it’s highhorse about “just play and git gud” attitude.
A good game is easy to understand and play but difficult to master. See Tetris, chess, all sports, etc. You can play imediatly but someone, or something, has to teach you advanced techniques you can’t just “play to get good”.

On the other end make the training and game modes so deep that even veterans can use it to hone their skill in single player.

The RE Engine can really work for SF!

Just as long as that takes place after 3rd Strike.

The ‘easy to play, hard to master’ design goal is much much harder than simply stating it as an ideal. Every game aims to achieve this but quite frankly some genres just can’t reconcile the goal without changing fundementals of the genre. Overall I agree with the sentiment, but I dunno if a mainline SF game is the game to do that with. Perhaps a spinoff.

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Sorry for the late response, it’s mainly UK sources like the dailystar which really isn’t known for its groundbreaking journalism but it hasn’t been wrong regarding gaming. We’ll have to wait and see, ill post the link later.

I’ve slightly changed my opinion regarding what I want in a sf6 game.

I’d also suggest getting rid of Supers and making it free to play. So no super moves for at least 2 years if at all to balance out the characters. Just normals and specials.

Make it much harder to knock down or sweep an opponent to intensify the action with more back and forth exchanges and footsies without interruption.

All SF1 and SF2 characters, all the way to the Alpha 2 series.

10 additional non goofy looking characters.

I’ve not read about anywhere, even in places that would most likely report on a huge rumor like that. Also a lot of your ideas don’t seem based on a consistent base of gameplay ideals. Or are vague.

Which ideas of mine are vague and inconsistent?

No, that article isn’t reporting on any rumor it’s all speculation. The ‘company said this, here’s what it could mean’ type article which is really like a long forum post or blog type thing sites like Eventhubs does. It’s very important you read these clearly as to not spread info that doesn’t add up.