Idea for New Rule Set

Ok guys with the re release of mvc2 I got to thinking what was the thing that pushed people off about mvc2 competitively and how could we add a new feeling to competitive play.

Here is my idea you make teams off a point system. No team is allowed to have more then 5 points.

3 Points

Dr. Doom
Tron Bonne

2 Points

Silver Samurai
Omega red
Ruby Heart

The rest of the cast is worth 1 point.


I like this system because no characters are banned everyone can use their fave and it will add more variety and strategy to building your team and not just bnb team after bnb team. I would love to hear more input and feed back about this system.

Also I will be hosting a free online tournament this sat to test this new point system out on and it will be fully streamed. The rules may change based on feed back here on the site and on our jtv channel.

Thank you in advance for all the positive and negative feedback.

P.S. This is not to change the current high level play and rule set its just a alternate rule set for those who want to try something new.

I like the idea, I think it’d make for more interesting matches. Not seeing the same 4-5 characters over and over again would be a nice change. One problem I can see with the point system is that there’s a possibility that it could change, meaning that one week my team is allowed but the next week it isn’t because the point values for my characters has changed possibly putting it over the limit. I do really like the idea though, I think there would have to be a list that’s set in stone first though.

lawl seriously just lawl

I do like the idea of this. Forcing some people to re-balance their team to fit a certain goal is nice. Like the guy above me said, the list may change making some teams invalid. But then again, it becomes a learning experience to try out other characters instead.

That aside, I’d suggest moving Megaman away from a 3 point slot. And maybe Captain Commando takes his place.

Great story, and then what happened?

So…all the three point characters are the ones you have the most trouble fighting against right?

There are low tier tournaments with there own threads already. Try that out if the same old same old is boring or gasp more than you can handle.

No not at all this is just an idea hell i cant even use my team in this rule set its an idea to add variety instead of the same team over and over. Its a alternate rule set that is all how about adding some constructive criticism instead of random flames.

This has been discussed a bunch of times over the years, and the general consensus is that people don’t wanna do a math problem to play low tier.

If folks want to see a fresh look at the cast, ban Storm/Sent/Mag/Cable/Cyke/Strider/Spiral/BH/Doom/IM/WM with an optional ban on Tron.

You can pick any combination of the remaining characters-- everything is beatable.

Doesnt apply to my team. Akuma / Ruby Heart / Morrigan I think it could be interesting.
Same top tier teams = boring

Gief yea i know about the low tier tournies I got the list from a tournament organizer who does both kinds low and reg mvc2 tournies. He seemed to think it would prove to be interesting but is def a love or hate thing.

Still its a trial and error thing and i know its not perfect right now but it wont hurt to try it out and make the proper adjustments.

think of the practicality of a low tier ratio system. Everyone has to remember those 30 characters and what ratio they belong in? yea, don’t see that happening. Everyone would have to look @ the list then see if their team would be “legal.”

The ban system works best IMO. Very simple layout and it makes the low tier stuff playable. No math problems, no dumb characters in a weak ratio system. example, you got sim in your ratio 2 when he should just be banned. His runaway game vs low tiers is VIRTUALLY unrivaled. With such a simple layout, you can get almost anyone to play low tier instantly.

Could always create a simple “Tier value” calculator that people can use to setup their teams. Just a thought.

It would be ridiculously easy program wise.

Hi 09’ers, good news, there’s an entire forum full of Marvel knowledge which includes good / not-so-good ideas for alternative play in this game. Instead of posting about your amazing new ‘omg i fixed marhvel baybee!@’ rule-sets, perhaps you’d be more interested in ones people have actually tried out in the past.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking as well. I guess you beat me too it :amazed:

The idea sounds cool. Ultimately the rules are decided by the tournament organizers. We’ll see where this goes… (I would assume it wont work cause people just wanna play the game) No offense of coarse :wink:

Yet another poster who adds nothing to the discussion.

Yes it would be easy to program. Who would use a team they havent tested yet outside of the tournament?

Thank you for the people who are putting criticism and ways to improve whether they agree or disagree.

Also i know the character list / values isnt perfect yet but that is why im asking for opinions and other good information that I have missed.

None taken exia i already have enough people that want in the tournament since my channel has a good 8 or so casters that stream games live throughout the day mainly fighters so we have a pretty decent size community just wanted more input on it.

While I really like the idea, I don’t exactly like the list…

My team nearly always has Tron and Iron Man as the core of my team. Having to choose between Iron Man and Tron is a no-win for me :frowning:

Perhaps if the “God Tier” was 3 points instead, and the number of points allowed equaled 6 it would work for me.

Yeah, that’s what I thought at first. There is no way Magneto, Storm, Sentinel and Cable should be worth the same points as Some of the characters there. It would create diversity I guess…

You did say the list is up for discussion. :shy:

I’m just pissed about you separating strider and doom :annoy: lol

Believe me its effecting my team as well i have to rethink my entire team and strats but in my opinion its what makes it fun. When you do find that sync that works it will give a nice sense of satisfaction.

Also i think most of those characters are there because they have a really high strength against most of the cast but yes the ratios are up for discussion and can be subject to change just need enough reason to adjust a certain char from 1 to 2 or 3 to 2 or 2 to 1.

Its a bad idea to force a character ranking system on the masses when you dont know the potential of a character/duo.

Do more research, this has been done wrong many times in the past, in the exact same way.

OK yes its been done wrong but im here making an attempt to do it right. It being ignored and not doing it at all is a terrible idea im here asking for input not for just oh its a bad idea.