Ibuki Video Thread



LMAO auto-pilot SIREN is still trying to play Ibuki the same. He’s so terrible in SF4 and this he’s even worse in this.

Anyway I won’t be able to contribute for a while, maybe follow this forum and give ideas, but when I get the game in the coming weeks or months you can bet the Ibuki Player Guide will be back.


You guys need to watch out.

In case you’re wondering, my team is Ibuki x Steve.

Those are some super garbage combos… liked your post cos you’ve come over to SFxT :]]]

I’ll keep up to date meanwhile by occasionally watching your thread or whatever videos are posted here.

If I beat anyone when I get this game months late I won’t be happy.
So make sure that doesn’t happen.

I think we both know there is no preventing that.


Keijimugen ( Xiaoyu X Ibuki ) Vs Chobixinco ( Rufus X Bob ) 00:18

Hi guys, I just spent some minutes in the lab with her and I found that she can cancel the first hit of agamen into Yoroithosi. 330 damage and very very stylish.

I don´t know I u were aware of that, I just wanna help.


I was able to go on Peaceful Jay’s stream a few timesand uploaded some matches from his stream. My performance would be better if the netcode was steady =X. Let me know what you guys think though? I use Ibuki/Asuka. (The last 4 vids have more Asuka action and the last 2 have some cool tag combos I made up in the lab =D)

Here’s my playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5B2DD8F252CED90D&feature=view_all

Hey, had a lot of stuff to point out so I cross posted it to the critique thread - Ibuki Critique Thread

1:07-1:47. Me playing my Vega/ibuki team.

I know my execution was not that great but it was decent enough. I need alot of work on incorporating the new stuff with Ibuki so it will take some time till I can demonstrate my Ibuki better. Nonetheless I did OK. I think it is definitely worth watching though.

Argh, can’t watch right now :eek: will watch when I get home

I really like it man. You give me so many ideas. Back to the lab. Also i noticed you dont use TC4 once. Do you have any way into it or are you content with just using pressure into Tsmuji? Also it looks like a majority of your damage comes from hit confirmed pokes into boost combo launcher ibuki HK damage. I havent been playing character with this as a safe option but you are making it look like a great strat.

Also I notice you are rocking speed gems. I havent noticed much difference using these as it just appears to be walk speed and umping? What benefits are you finding to this over extra life or damage? Be specific if you can. Thanks

I actually have used TC4 quite a few times but I don’t like to use it as often yet since I’m not good with it yet. Soon though I am going to start dashing in like crazy and its going to see more use most likely, especially since you can hitconfirm with cl lp and cr lk. When you use TC4 you move back far away and canceling into tsumiji is good but I can’t abuse it. TC4, st HP back hand, and tsumiji are easy moves to cross counter so I don’t want to make it a habit to use it that often.

Also Ibuki is godlike when attacking an opponent in the corner so any hit confirm combos should be doing ex or hk tsumiji into lk x mk x raida with the two dashes to keep them in the corner. Yes boost combo launcher Ibuki combos are ridiculously powerful with Vega which is why I use them.

I actually don’t play with gems. Those gems were on the xbox as default so it was not switched.

I hadnt really considered the idea of TC4 being easily alpha countered. I’ll keep that in the back of my head when people actually start using them.

I don’t worry about alpha counter unless 1- the opponent is good 2- they have at least two bars. I’d rather take a tiny bit of damage (120 damage for 1 bar is pathetic meter use) and mess up their meter than let up my pressure. That said, I’ll avoid it when I can, if they’re counter happy and not waiting for TC4/8/tsumuji I’ll stop and wait for the wiffed launcher.

ac is REALLY stupd on this game as this was “balanced” from the perspective of being able to roll on wakeup… however after being ac’d you cant quick getup nor can you roll. so depending on character it is something really dangerous to look out for.

however yeah, they can be baited.


You can’t roll after alpha counter? What? There is no way that’s true…

Edit, just tested, you can roll.

lol should have tested it myself… god, srk…

someone in balance discussion said that they couldnt be rolled out of and no one disputed it so i took it as truth… my bad, i was being lazy :frowning:


Assuming that the player is good and that his playstyle isn’t very meter dependent; The cross counter can be extremely powerful. Sometimes Ibuki doesnt have many chances to get in and having a character who can just ignore your pressure completely and continue to outpoke can really affect Ibuki’s gameplay.

Not to mention that Ibuki has very little HP and building meter is so easy.