IBM Model M keyboard - keyboard discussion

After seeing a couple people use the Model M keyboard, as well as Das. What are your favorite keyboards, and why?

I use a Microsoft Natural 4000 because i like the wrist wrests and ergonomic design. However I miss the loud action and feel of a buckling spring keyboard.

I am contemplating buying an m15, but they are extremely expensive.

I bought an IBM M keyboard at a garage sale after seeing people gush over them online. It’s in storage somewhere now. I liked the feel of the springs, but damn that thing was loud. Right now I’m just on a boring Dell OEM keyboard. I’ve found that I’m a lot pickier about the mouse than I am the keyboard.

I am very picky about mouses as well. My favorite mouse is the black and blue Logitech G5. Second place goes to Microsoft IntelliExplorer.

Ideazon Merc

keyboard that came with my dell with custom keys for starcraft(pictures of units) ftw

Loves me my Model M. Pick up like 3 at a garage sale for about a quarter each. :slight_smile:
Love the spring back, and I’m pretty sure the clicking source puts the girlfriend to sleep at night. Layout is perfect, keys are easy to find. The only thing that bugs me about the model M is the lack of Windows keys. I’ve gotten so used to using Window-E and Window-M that it kind of irks me every time I have to move to the mouse to ‘show desktop’ or bring up an explorer window. There’s probably a way around that but I havent bothered looking.

I’m typing this message right now using a keyboard from IBM’s old rival, digital. I think this keyboard model is the FKB4700, but somehow, I’m skeptical about that since that same code coincides with some Fujitsu keyboard. Oh well, I’m not TOO picky about my keyboard, but I like the clicky feel and heavier resistance this gives me. Contrary to how I play my sticks, where I prefer the more sensitive Japanese buttons.

autohotkey your own shortcuts

Ideazon Zboard, only because it was on sale for like 20 bucks. I never swap out the original keyset for the gimmick fps layout.

As for mouse, Ive been using a Logitech Mx518 for the past 3 years.

My model M is my backup keyboard. I go through a keyboard about every six months, and whenever they finally give up the ghost the old model M is there to step in til I get a new one.

My favorite keyboard remains the last generation Apple Keyboard (Model A1048):

It looks great, is very space efficient, is very quiet, and the layout is near-perfect (the location of the F13 key, which corresponds to Print Screen, being off is the only nag I have with it). Using it on a non-MacOS system requires a bit of key remapping, but that’s easily done, and afterward it will work fantastic on both Windows and Linux. My affinity for these keyboards, it seems, is only surpassed by my ability to repeatedly spill liquids on them that end up destroying them (I must’ve gone through at least 7 or 8 of these…)

A very close second would be its predecessor, the Apple Pro Keyboard (Model M7803):

It’s a bit bigger than its successor, but the layout is a bit more traditional, and the location of the two USB slots are better. Since I no longer have any A1048 keyboards to use, this is now my primary keyboard.

I’ve also used and owned plenty of others, including the old IBM Model M. They’re definitely good keyboards for typing, but just too loud for my tastes.

I grew up using those IBM Model M keyboards, pity I didn’t know how much I would miss them now. Clicky noise and feeling, just felt like high quality product (sturdy and robust n such). I’m a big junkie on quality gooods. Now I’m just using a OEM HP keyboard and mouse. Gonna try to pick up them Model M keyboards at some garage sale. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the Razer Lycossa Keyboard. I am a fan of slimline layouts. :slight_smile:

a thread after my own heart. the clickety-clack of a model m is delicious.

i own a few, and will love them forevermore. seriously, they’re fantastic.

What the heck?

Post pictures of it man! I wanna see :smiley:

If anyone wants an IBM M2 keyboard part no: 73G4614. I have one I could sell.

Just PM me offer.

I use one of the old IBMs. I find that the feedback makes me a better typer. I took a few typing tests and on regular keyboards I type around 63 wpm. On the IBM it was 67. Not a huge amount, but in addition to faster typing they are just nicer all around and more fun to type on.

As for gameplay (like fps games), I don’t really care what I’m using. Never really thought about it. Funny how I’m so picky when it comes to fighting games and sticks!

lol the old skool way to open the start menu is ctrl + esc. I still do that out of habit.

anyone try the newer das keyboards? I’m thinking about picking one up.

Yeah, my old ('96 or so) laptop didn’t have a Windows key. I used a little macro app that ran in the background and bound the Control key to it. So Ctrl+E = Explorer, Ctrl+R = Run, Ctrl+D = Show Desktop, etc.