I still think Sentinel has the best loop or even has an infinite combo in UMVC3

That’s what i think. Sentinel has a loop that could kill a character in one long combo. I even think there’s an infinite combo that has yet to be discovered.

anyway, maybe you can get an idea from this video


Not really, seeing how Sent doesn’t have any infinite/very high hitstun moves (maybe expect j.:h:) and only one “bounce” type move (j.:s: - ground bounce).
We don’t even get cool TAC combos anymore :frowning:

Apart from that, he’s already doing 800k solo, and I am sure that with other assists he can do more for one meter. And he can loop Hard Drive in the corner, so that’s great damage too.

wow that bananas you know any good video i could watch to learn from

This really didn’t need its own thread, that video is old, and is already posted in the video thread. And no, sentinel doesn’t have the best “loop”, sent doesn’t even have any loops, his moves have too much hit stun to allow him to loop or get an infinite.

Seriously this thread doesn’t really need to exist.

Sentinel has a TAC glitch loop though.

Sentinel jump loop TAC glitch:
Down exchange > Fly > fly over to them > j.A > j.C > unfly > j.C (hit as soon as you hit the ground) > ( land jump immediately > j. A > j. C > fly > j.A > j.C > unfly > j.C (hit as soon as you hit the ground) ) x n


lol that is pretty funny eh? Well in my defense, its a TAC infinite so it doesn’t completely count lol. Still pretty funny though.


Surprise! He’s a midscreen monster too!

Lol, shit jak, bad timing on that xD

oh yeah because someone can see the future :coffee:

hindsights 20/20 retard. coming into a thread to go ‘pwned xD’ is retarded.

The guy said that an infinite with Sent is impossible. An infinite with Sent was found. He failed.

Am I supposed to say fail BEFORE an infinite was found? Of course it’s going to be after. Retard.

I appreciate the video. I’m getting the Down TAC consistently in the corner, midscreen I can’t really say so, but this side TAC is useful.

Anyone found one for the Up TAC?

This guy made a post saying ‘I think Sentinel has an infinite’ with 0 explanation as to how or why. Prior to what we learned yesterday, an infinite with Sentinel was literally 100% impossible by the game’s mechanics. Who fails more, the dude who goes ‘I think Sentinel has an infinite’ but provides 0 explanation on how that could be possible (when without this glitch it’s literally not) or the dude who goes ‘Sent doesn’t have an infinite’ then a few days later a system wide glitch giving multiple characters infinites is found?

God damn, you are one fucking dense motherfucker. Posting ‘fail’ is basically not contributing anything or adding anything useful to the discussion, of course we didn’t think Sentinel had an infinite before the Trish one opened up this whole can of worms. Why exactly did he fail, when up to that point he said exactly what 100% of the Sentinel community knew to be fact?

That’s like looking at an early revision of a scientific theory, pointing at something that couldn’t be measured when it was made, and then going ‘fail!’

also this infinite sucks dick, all i want to do is give vergil 5 bars so he can shit on my entire team, that’s a great idea

literally the worst possible timing. Oh well, shit happens.

So if this gets patched, we all get to quote your posts and say


Not really because the infinite would have been possible at a time. Even it isn’t at present.

Whereas in this situation, the infinite was always there. Just undiscovered. It’s not like Capcom released a patch within the time Jak made that post and the infinite being discovered

No, because in that case, the original statement of

“I still think Sentinel has the best loop or even has an infinite combo in UMVC3”

Would become incorrect.