I resign...

All the new evidence of Lyghts Out makes it clear that hes a turbo usin racial slur callin liar. From the newer video on SSF4 of him losin to a Dan player where those crazy inputs dont exist anymore after bein caught the 1st time, lyin about beatin Buktooth at a tournament, random Gears of War player postin on this forum talkin bout how he wanted to cheat, crazy hate mail he sends people for no reason and other shit…

I refuse to be a part of anything that involves this guy so with that said, Im done rollin with AOD.

WTH is Lyghts Out?

And do we have to beat’em down?

If so, that’s money.

Who started AOD? And I thought you already kicked LyghtsOut out of AOD?

Army of Darkness?

How about we bust up all these fractions & have new groups? Then maybe we can do like surviver series style weekly challenges?


who’s lying now? racist!!! lol

AOD was a clan started back in the HF XBL days on the xbox.com forums with notable names like Narcissus Caesar, Plush, and a few others that were big into HF. I didn’t think they did stuff like that anymore…

This is terrible news.

It is with sadness and sorrow, that i now have to proclaim myself as NEW leader of AOD.

AOD isnt a clan, it is a set of values, an idea, a dream, an ancient code that harks back to the days of warriors, chivalry and honour.

I have always been a member of AOD, i was there in the beginning. I have long been its guardian, never publically aligning myself with them because glory wasnt my motive.

For years i waged war on Lyghts, lying in wait, alway looking for the opportune moment to strike because i knew he was a stain on the name of AOD. My job is done and i can rest easy but It comes at a heavy cost, the loss of Phlush’ leadership.

AOD transcends its component members so for you to be the new leader is fine as long as you uphold its values.

For now i inaugurate you as new leader of AOD but remember I will always be there to regulate your actions and will depose you if necessary.

It is with great shame and regret that I must expel myself from Team Possum, due to a lack of skill. I hope this will make things easier for the remaining members of Team Possum (which, since I was the sole and only member, there are none). I hope the remaining members (of which there are none) can move on and eventually forgive me.

Thank you, that is all.

TADA! And the last clan standing is…

YGGBU bitches. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL! And good games last night to KJ out the 17th, who played Remix for a whole hour with me. He had me asking, “DGV who?”

lol :slight_smile:

Not so fast Decoy haha…

OVC stand up!

This is awesome LOL! I absolutely Love the racist part BAWWWW!!! Seeing as how my xbl crew & irl crew is mostly bla err I mean “n*gger”. LOL! Great thread! Phlush, you’re pure comedy keep’em comin’ LOL!

dekor who?

Got to hand it to Lyghts, he really does have an indomitable will.


Dammit. Everyone has played KJ on HDR but meeee. :sad:

I haven’t played KJ either. I’ve heard nothing but good things though, hoping to run into him one of these days.