"I prefer to fight alone." Cody Partners Thread

So now that our favorite criminal is back on the streets and ready to mess someone up, lets start throwing some team mates his way and see what we get.

For one, Cody can open people up really well with his Safe Jump Options and his high Frame Advantage punches, so putting him on point works really well. That being said, on back, Cody hits like a truck and can end combos really strong.

What do you think? Who is a good partner for our lone fighter?

I think cody can play both, front ant anchor with no particular better spot. he has solid gameplay, but lacks good meter building and mobility.

Cody on point seems great to me, he has everything you could need in a character. Solid pokes, good anti air’s, easy but damaging BNBS, and amazing tag cancel ability. I love tag cancelling off Criminal Upper, as characters like Dudley and Ogre can benefit off it.

May I ask, why don’t you feel his meter building isn’t good? I haven’t noticed it too much, probably because I don’t use EXs in combos. But, rarely do I have a problem tag cancelling with Cody.

To be fair, I’m playing Cody with Hwoarang, mostly cause I can do combos that result in 450-500+ Damage off of one Meter. I hit my opponent three times and they’re dead. DEAD I SAY!

compared to other characters as he has a rather risky offense, a slow projectile and no abusable special or tools to stay frequently in the face of the opponent like other characters have. (guile’s projectile + whiff building, ryu’s c.hk~hado dash canceling and donkey kick pre patch, rolento’s safe rekka etc)

Personally Zu, I’ve been using his crouching MP and going to c. Lk, then CADCing to move forward and continue the offense.

I don’t say that he has no tools per se to keep pressure going (f.hk, f.mp, c.mk, c.lk poke etc) but they’re not as pressuring / abusable then tools other characters can resort to, which in return build more meter due to that pressure (think cammy, rufus, ryu etc) c.lk cadc yields not enough block stun to be abusable - works good enough with c.hp tho. again he’s pretty solid but not top notch. the only thing where he is clearly top tier is in terms of anti airs. ^^

I don’t think cody works as good as offensive characters in this game. he’s more a footsie character then anything else (imo of course).

We’re still very early into Cody’s exploration, so lets see where he goes before we stick him in any one position.

But, I am inclined to agree. A little. :slight_smile:

I won’t have my hands on Cody till this weekend, but I plan on teaming him with Kazuya. Was wondering if anyone here who uses Kazuya and can do the ewgf combos. Could they be done off a CU switch cancel?

My friend can do them, and god yes can they ever. CU Switch Cancels Make for 500+ Damage combos if done with EWGF Combos.

I use him as tag in partner, had some problems as point blank until now.
I use him with Law and it works quite well. Law gets easily in the opponents face and then Cody comes hin for high damage ^^

Meh ok, I think Law is good for nearly anybody. He has so many brainless specials xD

Isn’t his safe pressure in his normals? Like Clst.Mp into F+Mp for pressure. I haven’t spent too much time with him, but he seems to struggle with opening people up.

Yeah that’s right. Many of his pokes are positive on block. Nevertheless you often have dangerous gaps between those pokes. And yeah, opening people up is pretty difficult with him =/

I have to agree with you, opening people up is an issue. Or maybe it’s because we’re all so new to the new Cody.

Are we meant to treat him like AE Cody?

Can’t tell you =/… Frametraps are a bad joke (throwmixup ftw xD) and CH cr./st.HP into EX badstone doesn’t work anymore which was one of Codys best tools ever. I don’t really know ^^

Yeah, frame traps certainly aren’t optimized. But I have had much luck using Clst.Mp as a frame trap, as people get deceived by how it looks.

Atm I’m playing him second with Gief as point.
The damage off of 1 Tag from Cody HP-crHP-HP CU to Gief jHk-BnB is ridiculous.
Just not very satisfied with Cody’s tag back and forth potential and his general possibilities after a tag. Get way more with Hwoa.
Can’t find anything useful for 1 Meter with Cody coming in.
Wait, what about HP-EX Zonk? Is there anything possible after that?

s.mp, c.hp xx Zonk xx switch cancel?

sorry, I think that was not clear from me. I mean a solo combo, if I wanna keep Cody in.
Anyway, I think in Cody’s case I’ll use super more often. My team is really not very meter hungry.

I could not get a rhythm going with these two. I’ve been putting him with Juri since they do pretty good damage and work well. Spill the beans. What are you doing to find Hwo/Cody success?