I need the SF ANV STICK Template

I’m redoing the artwork on my stick and i need the template. some one help me out please >.<

please refer to my never-got-stickied info thread. I think the mods stopped visiting this forum section entirely :(. http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?t=117050 and bump the thread while your at it. I believe your looking for this one specifically http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g217/NiteWalkerGR/Joystick%20Templates/Happ_Template.jpg Thank nite crawler for that one. My thread has a boat load of other layouts you can choose from.

GEEZ! I’m a worm now?!? It’s ok. Better than some things I’ve been called…:annoy: :annoy: :annoy: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

I’ll keep bumpin your thread til it gets stickied. It really needs to. It’s full of our resources. :tup:

thanks a bunch, much appreciated

OH OOPS!!! Nite crawlers are kinda cute ne :3

doh x.x that template is no good… i need one like this


but for the sf anniversary stick… i saw one around somewhere a couple weeks ago but i cant find it now

i had to make this XD

tis for night walker o.o

I dun get it but I should make it my Avatar :D. You do nice avatar work justin :). Anyways, I don’t quite get what you are asking, why can’t you just use the layout that’s right there then? It’s the same layout that byrdo uses for his small happ cases. You won’t find a layout like that for the SFAC because SFAC never had curved buttons so you’ll just have to manage with sanwa blueprint. You can always reposition the joystick hole a little bit by hand if you must.

Thanks :tup:
That is the hotness :lovin: :lovin:

I’ll make what you’re requesting. I know exactly what you mean. It’s for the where the button holes are on the panel, not where to drill for them. Check back around lunch time. I have a SF anni stick so I’ll make one up for you.


thanks a bunch n.n and no problem on the av the idea was too cool not to make

You know I was talking to jushiness last night talking and decided to use that as my own avatar except srk kept giving me invalid file whenever I tried to upload it :(((((.

I PM’d it to jushiness earlier when the forums were down, but here the file for anyone else who wants the SFAC stick template for creating new art for it.
chipper, I’ll put it over in that one thread that needs to be stickied. Yeah. That one.

It has 3 files in it; a 300 dpi psd file, a 72 dpi psd file and a 72 dpi jpeg. All the measurements are 98% accurate. If I’m wrong let me know and I’ll correct them.

I thought u guys Uld a blank page. The lines on the template was super light. Maybe Im just getting old. LOL

I just doublechecked to make sure I didn’t upload a blank page. That would’ve been funny…

Yeah the lines are pretty light. They are there though.

Is there any particular way in PS to make ur circles the correct size other than by eyeballn it. I know to hold shift or alt shift to make the circles, Im unsure how to c if the are an 1 1/8 tho.

Here’s how I make my templates:

I make sure the rulers are on and set to inches. When you click on the eclipse tool, there is a little tab that looks like a triangle upside down you can click on to the right of it that lets you fix the size of the circle. Just select “fixed size” and also select “from center”. Enter the size of the circle you want to draw.

From there, just use the rulers to position where you want your holes and click on the center point. There you go, perfectly sized hole at a pinpointed location.

FYI, the boles on the sfac templates I made aren’t 1 1/8"; that’s the size of the hole needed to be drilled for the button to fit. I sized the holes according to comp buttons’ dimensions. It’s 1.32 in for the bezel (outer) and .88 for the plunger (inner). This is for laying out art. You can make your art to go right up to the button lip without cutting anything off. Same with the joystick; outer hole is the dust washer and the inner hole is the joystick knob. 2.125 and 1.25 for those. The small start and select buttons on the sfac stick are 1" for the bezel and 3/4" for the plunger.

Ok so I want the plunger hole .88inches for the witdh and the height. or is there a different number. Sorry Im not good at math either. HAha and Im lazy.

No prob. If you’re using the template for the art, use all of the outer diameter holes.
1.32" for the comp buttons,
1" for the sfac start and select buttons,
and 2.125" for the comp stick.

If you’re making mounting holes for happ buttons they are 1.125". Just make em as I outlined above.

What exactly are you trying to make? Maybe I can help out.

Im trying to make a template for my sticks. All my sticks have been different cept till now. I finally have a simple box design that Im happy with and are the people that have bought them. Its a rectangular box 15"length 10" width and 5 3/4"Tall.
And I want to make a disposable paper with all the drilling holes to try and get all the sticks I make as close as possible to add artwork later or whatevr. Also I want to make a template for this stick so I can do diff art upon customer request or my own.

And U know how it is trying to learn stuff when u dont have much time when u have other priorities like family and work, plus the other million things that come up during the day. I never really got around to using PS till now although I have had a copy for 3 plus years.

Im using 3/4" wood of course. I set the base line for the stick and the buttons at a 5" height in the middle of the stick. Then I have the stick 3" from the left edge and the buttons start 5 1/2" from the center of the stick.

Ok I’ll try to throw something together this evening for you. I have 2 questions: American layout or japanese; and I know the stick is 3" from the left edge, how far from the top edge?