I made a skill based 3D beat em up game, next will be a fighter, based on this, is it worth Kickstarting?

My latest game is a beat em up, but I plan to make a fighter next once I have funds for it.


HTML5 demo:


EDIT: Desktop demo with keyboard/gamepad support(and leaderboards, my highsore is OVER 9,000!!!):





Virtual Stick: MOVEMENT. Hold down then move in any direction, will walk the character for as long as you hold it.

Red Button: ATTACK

Green Button: JUMP

Combination Moves:

DASH: Hold Movement then press JUMP.

CHARGE MODE: Hold ATTACK for more than half a second.

SPECIAL ATTACK: Press either JUMP or ATTACK during charge mode(at least 1 second charge).

Advanced Moves:


WAKE UP SPECIAL: Press ATTACK or JUMP(Princess only) repeatedly while knocked down.

WAKE UP DASH(Knight Only): Hold MOVEMENT in any direction while knocked down.


Yeah, I made this game myself, jack of all trades and what not(only got help in music)

My experiment with using 3D graphics after learning programs like Blender. Turned out better than I could have ever imagined, I definitely prefer working in 3D over 2D. I did the illustrations as well, was trying to go for a game intuitive, toonish character design.

I’ve attached some concept art, which includes characters that where to appear in the game, as well as already made 3D models that didn’t make it in due to time and money constraints.

Gameplay of Knight(GUI is different due to it being an older version):

Princess gameplay:


There you have it, a melee character(Knight) and the Princess shoots lasers for long ranged enthusiasts.

There where 5 characters in total planned for initial release, the dragon, gunslinger, and fairy had 3D models that where still being worked on.

Fairy(The concept art is her transformed state):


Gunslinger(Red caped form is a transformation).


Fighting Dragon Concept Art and 3D model wip.

I wish I had the time and money to get them up to speed, as well as some extra effects.


Anyways, enjoy the game, let me know what you think(and what your high score is).

Some concept art of other characters that could have been in the game.

More in spoilers:



Some Heavy Hitter characters:

Various In-game bosses:

BizNiz men known as the League of Greed are the main antagonists of the next game:

Yes, theirs even a Ninja and Mage character, but i need to work on their design some more:


I reallly, really would like to continue development on this game, should I just kickstarter? I spent the last 5 months working a dangerous job that may or may not pay a lot depending on the season, by sheer bad luck, it was the former.


So first off, I would never use Kickstarter for any project that isn’t already well underway and just needs help finishing up and/or polishing. I think most people feel the same way after getting burned on other projects by teams far larger than yours. Cases like Undertale are the exception and IIRC, again, he was already well into development when he posted the Kickstarter.

Secondly, while you obviously have some decent work ethic to make a game all by yourself, and the art isn’t even that bad, the in game models, while obviously you put effort into them, are not something I would ever pay for. It’s a good effort so far but as soon as you bring money into it I expect better visual quality. If you want to use Kickstarter, get a 3d modeler OR put a shitton more work into the models for the next game.

Thanks for the honest critique, yeah, I could make better quality models than that, I was working with $0 budget and only my free time over the span of a year. I could probably kick it up several notches above that now if I where to remake the models since I released the game last november, unfortunately, i don’t have the time now.

What do you think of the gameplay and mechanics? Unlike my last game, I tried to make the gameplay as smooth as possible with good touchscreen controls. Something I really liked implementing was the knight’s dashing state, which makes him invulnerable to attacks for the frames he is dodging in.

Here is the html5 demo of my last game for comparison, bigger character selection, but the game play isn’t as smooth as in NK, full keyboard and gamepad support though(and finished illustrations):

These are the controls:(in asdw, hjkl, and uiop groups)

ASDW = Movement

H = Special Attack

J= Normal Attack

K= Signature Movement (Propulsion, hovering, and flying.)

L= Power Up (All the others) / Reload (Phreit Nor’s gun)

U = Angle Control / Tech Powerup {Grafto}

I = SKILL switch {Gotta be over lv.1, Max level is 6 for 7 skills per character at lv6. You buy books from the turtle under Adventure>Shop)

O = Energy recooperation {The yellow bar, also works on the red bar, which is the equivalent of acid build up in your muscles)

P = Zoom in / out

Spacebar = Inventory where you use gems.

Full game:

Amazon version has story mode unlocked from the get go if you want to explore it fully:

Definitely good points on Kickstarter, it would probably be best to have a full game near completion and with vamped up graphics than a prototype.

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Looks interesting, however the art needs work, especially the animations which don’t have any weight to them.

@Don_Barracuda Where should I have posted it at? I remember there use to be a place on here for indie games.

@Jion_Wansu Yeah, it sucks that people never finish what they started, especially after all the effort they put into it, like stopping just 20 ft from the finish line. All that work gone to waste. I never stop once I get started on something, thus these finished games, in fact, I wish I could work on a sequel with improved graphics but I’m out of money and time.

@d3v Thanks, and yeah, I need to work on the 3D graphics and animations. I could make improved graphics now if I had the money and time.

If anybody wanted to play a desktop version that has full keyboard/gamepad support), here’s a link:

I even implemented leaderboards, my high score is OVER 9,000!!!@$@#

Fighting Game discussion forum, you’ll get more feedback. You can ask Preppy to move it if you want rather than create a brand new thread.

@Don_Barracuda Sheesh, I’m dumb, I thought beat em’ups didn’t count as fighting games, but now that I think about it, some fighting games use beat’em up characters. Okay, I’ll ask Preppy.

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Speaking of which, I see somebody’s on my tail with a score of over 8,000! And another at 3,000! But everybody else I can tell are casuals since the game will score you at a mere 1,000 or less if you play like one through all 10 waves of mooks. :alien:

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My first impression is the visuals are too rough. I’d recommend finding an artist to collaborate with.

Do you mean the 2D visuals or 3D visuals? I could step it up for the 2D, but as for 3D, I made those graphics when I was still a novice, it take a monumental amount of effort and time to replace all the 3D, since i used a 2D method from the late 90s for the 3D graphics look(had they been actual 3D models, the change would have been as simple as switching out the textures).

Both the 2D and 3D are pretty rough. Reminds me of Five Nights at Freddy’s.

I see, I guess next time I’ll put in more time for the 2D, if I try, I can make some decent art, such as the following:

Out of the above art, what would you say is my best style/best quality/most suited for games? For example, the Wolf guy is Vector Art that i did in illustrator, while the others where done in either Photoshop or some other Raster Program. I could do even better than any of the above now that I have a new tablet(The Zergling is the only one from the above done with it, and I wasn’t even trying for that piece, all the others I gave it my all, but was limited by an older tablet model).

As for the 3D, I’m thinking of studying the method used for Dragonball Fighter Z or GGXrd.

That running guy in the cave should be the visual pillar of your graphical direction. Try to make how that picture feels come to life.

This is an idea nobody seems to care about anymore.