I love my custom...controller?!

Someone has probably already done something like this but I wanted to show this anyway.
After building a bunch of sticks I have amassed a bunch of old controller shells and bits. I decided to put some of these to good use after my PS2 controller broke (most inconvenient for my wife as she was at the tail end of Persona 3) SO I bought the Sony PS2 controller w/o rumble motors from Wal-mart for $15 and got to work.

I rummaged through my old shells until I found a transparent blue one from the same family. I decided to stick with the black lower half and use the transparent blue top.
Some rumble motors also had to be soldered in seeing as it didn’t come with any. Good thing I have a grip of those. I went with a 4/8 stack motor setup which is an upgrade from the 1/4 stack that would have been in the controller had it come with rumble motors. I don’t know if this will negatively effect the controller in the longterm but, here’s me not caring>:wgrin:. I demand big rumbles! Here is a picture of the motors installed next to the ones they would have replaced.

I also went with the light grey buttons and analog sticks from a PSOne controller. Here is the end result.

So, to recap…

SCPH-10520 A series guts and lower shell
Transparent blue top shell
Light grey buttons and analog sticks from a PSOne controller
4/8 stack motors for maximum rumble

Thanks for looking!



I think a DualShock 3 would look pretty sweet with the PSOne controller’s lighter-colored buttons. Shoulder buttons would be a bit of a problem though…

FYI… the analog playstation start/select/analog doesn’t work with the ps2 pcb. =
Or at least the PSone version (light gray) doesn’t. The analog light will stay lit and not turn off while the start and select will not function at all.

The PSone direction pads are also universally stiffer than the ones on PS2. The pads on the back have little blocks that stick out in the back, with the PSone and original digital pads sticking out more than the PS2s. At first it looks cool, because you get to have the light grey for the pad and buttons, but the extra stiffness annoyed me after a while, so I went back to the black PS2 pad and buttons (to match).

I’m surprised that the screws line up. I’ve had a bunch of dual shock 1 & 2 controllers and found that the screws don’t line up regardless of having the same pcb model (A series, H series, whatever).


If anyone has an ASCII SNES Fighter’s Pad, you can use the buttons from that to work with any PSone or PS2 controller. Just use a nail cutter to cut off a tab or two on the buttons, and voila! The only downside is that the profile is a bit shorter than Playstation buttons, so there isn’t as much of a push when you press them, but they work fine nevertheless.

Forget it… just realized you used a PS2 clear blue shell. =__=;;

Heres a small project I just finished last week. Basically I wanted a 6 button street fighter style PAD for friends when they come over to play street fighter on the Xbox 360. Some of them are not stick players and they bitch because I only had sticks to play on. My consoles are in another room and everything is wired through the wall to a HD TV in my living room where we usually play so wireless was needed. I play wired in my lab but wireless in the living room mostly when a few people are over.


I hacked an akuma street fighter anniversary pad (switched the pic to ryu lol…its custom) and used a parallel DB25 cable because it has enough wires. The project box I got from radio shack and it has a button on it for sync. The select button is now the guide button start is start.

Using the street fighter anniversary pad was easy because the PCB and traces on it are so large. I drilled holes in the PCB to route the soldered wires behind the side with the button contact points so it doesnt interfere with anything. I really wanted to do it with a Sega Saturn pad I have but I didnt think my skills were up to do it as the PCB is much smaller. If any one can hack a saturn pcb without interfering with the buttons it let me know ill pay to get that done.

^this is a bit confusing
what you’ve did was hacked a ps2 pcb to an external 360 controller inside that project box and cut the ps2 cord?

tips hat

Wait wait wait; Your consoles are in a whole 'nother room? Thats awesome! I bet your setup looks sweet then, not cluttered at all.

That is what I was wondering could you elaborate on that? Either way, that pad looks nice.


heres a quick photoshop of my setup. there are no visible wires to the tv in the living room. The flatscreen is wall mounted and its all connected on the other side to my shelf, network pc setup on the other side.

The only thing that was a bitch was hooking up the surround sound on the device shelf in my lab since all the wires to the living room had to go really high and through the wall from the man room to the living room. The ceilings are 16 feet high since its a loft and getting on that ladder was a beootch… but having all the devices on one shelf is great for networking (xbox 360 extenders with the media center pc) and I use a remote extender to control things like dvd players etc in the other room.

fucking amazing

Mind taking pics of the setup? I’m really interested in seeing how it looks, on both sides of the wall

Fallback, that SF Anniversary pad conversion is sweet and indeed a 360/Saturn controller would be t’awesome.

I didn’t know what to expect from this thread and I wasn’t sure if I’d care for what’s inside, but this stuff is really cool.

Ben Heckendorn a few months ago put a ps3 pcb in an Xbox 360 controller shell. He said it was super uncomfortable to play on the ps2/3 controller for long amounts of time. I agree with him especially when it comes to playing FPS’s. Here’s a link to the pic (I cant post images for some reason).

P.S. Another awesome job Big Pockets :rock:, I just wish you had the time to do custom sticks ::sighs:: One can only dream :pray:

yeah man that was my original plan. It MUST be done. lol

Here are some scans I did of the Saturn PCB I have. Its the Saturn Pad Model 2 (Dogbone Shaped)



If anyone can hack a Saturn Pad so it can still be put in its original case let me know and name your price. The only way it has been done that I have read is by having the added wires come out the back through drilled holes in the pcb.

Fallback, that is truly amazing, dude. If I had a similar room setup in my house I’d totally do that, but as it stands all the gaming takes play in the basement and the computer is upstairs, on opposite ends of the house.

Though I dont have pictures of it, just earlier I took a GC controller with crappy joystick and c-stick and switched out the potentiometers for the sticks with those from the wii classic controller. Though I kept the knobs from the GC controller because they feel better. I was thinking of switching out the knob for the c-stick, but the classic controller knob sits a little higher than the c-stick knob so I just left it as is.

So now, at the expence of a wii classic controller, I have a perfectly working GC controller again. And with any luck the wii pontentiometers will last longer than the GC ones.

I know about a week ago someone was saying how first party GC controllers were getting hard to find and they were worried with the up coming release of smash for the wii. Well, now you know its possible to bring you old controllers back to life.

I Dr. Frankensteined another controller up last night.
I call this one the Ikaruga controller. Unfortunately, I need a converter before I can actually play Ikaruga with it. Still, I think it looks pretty sweet.
I’d go into details about the insides but, you should be able to figure it out.

Dooood, that one is sick!!

Are you just swapping shells or is there more complicated work to be done within?

Yeah, I’d totally rock out some Othello with that controller.