I have to be the first non-Jap to have done this!

Thanks to the vid of Jiro that cureOne posted (THANKS SO MUCH DUDE!!!) I actually went into training mode and stuck at it. This is damn cool which is why I made a vid of it. Let me know what you think. Specially if you’ve ever seen anyone else manage it :arazz:

so it’s just a case of (very) quick fingers it seems. fantastic! I can’t wait to try it out when i get home

Wrong I have done it before alot of times - I swear to god ask people who played me. Me and Arma^ (gaz) Who was in UK but since moved to Japan spent a while in training figuring it out.
The first time I saw it done was in 2002 and it was by Match If I recall - its one one of my dvds somewhere.
I am pretty certain its not THAT much of a secret :).
I am telling you this for your own good naz the last time someone acted like this over a Yun combo everyone flamed em because alot knew it anyway.

Wilson - :arazz: Do it as many times as I did :bgrin:

Here’s a permanent viewable site


well thanks for the vid. but i still don’t know the technique on how to do it.

Erm I pulled it off in matches before ive done it over past 3 years or so.

What about you?:arazz: .

lol don’t hate man I was trying to be helpful.

Fair enough Wilson - you can show us the next time you come down.

I just need to nail it down consistently…

Sure no problem :slight_smile:

In meantime I will see if i can find some old replays on my dreamcast VMU and ps2 mem card from past couple years with it being done on. I am sure theres one or two.


I’ve heard Hsien pulled it off as well so thats a non Jap that I can believe - Hsien is damn good.

Damn, I got exited over almost nothing. Almost though…

dat was a nice vid naz keep it up:tup:…nothin beats dash back kara demon! on DIVE kicking Yun!! :rofl: (CopyRight@SrWilson All rights reserved 2002)

OY don’t share my uber Yun killing trick on here:rofl: :rofl:

Hsien used alot of Akuma back in like 2000 - 02 then he sold out to Ken for some reason oh well.

Cuz Ken is better. :lol:

Do you just mean the Kara Demon? If so, I found this video of a guy doing it on KO, after he beats a few other guys first. [media=youtube]NCPRaob_SbE[/media]

Kara Demon is used by a lot of major players. Just takes fast fingers. It’s really good after a hurricane kick, lp reset, then kara demon.

errm, isn’t this old news…

I don’t think you guys see wut harmonaz is tryna say. kara demon is dope, but this is diff. take note to how he doesnt even show his LP
its not just a kara demon, its a kara demon that hides the LP
im still tryna figure out how to do it =/

let me just say this, if ANYONE can pull off what I saw in 1999 and again in the Scandia tourny I was in back in 2003, then I’d be like, :looney: :xeye: :wow:
—>> :hp: into demon or even combo. I’ve been succesful in doing it against 3 peeps on live on and mostly on training/arcade mode @ home. Been trying to do casuals with a friend of mine from work who’s good with cheap shit ken but, diff, work schedules. That’s ownage. I got a couple more crazy shit I know but hey, that’s what being creative is all about :tup:

Sorry but four clonez is right, major players use kara demon, and that kara demon on KO is definitely old news. Those are NOTHING like what I’m showing here.

Do what I did in that vid. Don’t use any other move, just walk up kara demon.

I guess only serious Akuma players can see the point in this.

Chozen - cancel Fierce punch into demon?? whats the point of that? I’m pretty sure most people will be able to do that if they try. Nothing hard about it - it just wont combo for 16 hits. The opponent will recover fully from hit stun before the demon can grab them.

yeah i don’t think anyone is noticing that it’s walk up - kara demon, no dash or jump to hide the jabs…