I have no respect for teleports in games

IMO giving characters the ability to teleport takes away all the things that make fighting games fun. Want to zone? A teleport character will teleport right next to you. Want to rush down? A teleport character will teleport away from you. Want to play any sort of footsies? Not gonna happen with a teleport character because they can reset the situation too easily. These are just a few examples. I feel that NRS is obsessed with teleports and teleport attacks, which is why I think Mortal Kombat and Injustice are so lame. Marvel is so much more enjoyable to me when I’m not fighting a team full of teleport characters. I feel like when developers give characters teleports that they are just being too lazy to think of more unique abilities to give characters.

while teleports are indeed a pretty lame concept, capcom still attempted to balance them so they work similar to how a dash would work in a non-teleport based fighting game. dashing is faster than walking, but is vulnerable during the dash.
similar to a dash, a teleport is vulnerable on startup and recovery - you can’t just mash teleports if you’re being pressured as you might get hit out of the startup, and if your opponent isn’t doing anything when you teleport, they can easily hit you right after you appear near them.

since teleports are punishable in pretty standard ways, i think that they are fine in marvel. they may be uninspired, but they are just another movement tool.

I actually agree with this. Teleports that arent heavily, heavily punishable should never be put in a game.

You know why dhalsims SF4 teleport isnt bullshit? Because just throwing it out there is never a good idea. Setting up a well timed teleport mixup after playing some very clever neutral game however, is a good idea.

Just doing teleport + disruptor/plasma beam/vajra with Vergil, Dante or Dormammu is stupid and it works way too well. The tactic is mostly stupid because of assist coverage but the root of the problem is still within the teleport special move. Take out teleports all together and you’d be fine.

Its not the stupidest thing in the game, but its definitely on the laundry list of silly tactics in the game that should be severely weakened.

so what’s the difference between yoga fire -> dhalsim air teleport vs. call assist and teleport?

The assist.

So it’s partially caused by a larger entity, it’s not wholly the fault of the teleport.

Similar to dhalsim yoga fire -> air teleport, you could fight the yoga fire, you could DP the teleport, etc.
You can fight the assist or the teleport. Spacing is a huge deal in marvel as it is in any fighter.

It’s marvel, there is bound to be some sort of extreme representation of other strategies.

I can’t because this isn’t a thread that discusses the nuances of teleports in fighting games and why they are flawed and instead is a thread created to whine and/or troll.

The big difference is Dhalism doesn’t put me in a 100% KO combo.

So, again, the teleport isn’t the only problem.

You can be put in a ToD combo out of mixups that don’t use teleports but are arguable dirtier.


The only thing I really get frustrated about with teleport characters is getting my inputs crossed up constantly. Fair enough if you’re purposefully using your movement and dashes to cross up but it’s free with teleports and you can get punished really hard for such an easy mistake to make. I really hate getting fly instead of bon voyage with firebrand or j.S instead of fly with sentinel for example.

Definitely one of the things I respect about top players is recognising when this is going to occur and accounting for it with a high accuracy rate.

A ton of players lack the fundamentals needed to understand how to fight teleport characters.
Players tend to over commit far too often to there own movement and attacks instead of slowing their own gameplay down to deal with teleporters.
Its too easy to get caught in a position trying to over compenate offensively and getting crossed up, or letting them teleport out of pressure, or simply being out of position to punish correctly.

Use Hulk, wait, press H.

I see pros get owned by teleports all the time in this game. If the pros lack fundamentals to fight teleport characters than how are other players supposed to stand a chance?

Dhalism is far far easier to block in SSFIV than the teleport shenanigans in this game.


If you don’t have respect for teleports, you will lose to them.

Do Zero, Magneto, or Morrigan teleport?
Vergil teleports, but i think rapidslash is the real issue.

If you can’t react to rapid slash, you need to find a new game.

Or put on spiral swords.

Anything can be balanced and not stupid but is it worth trying?

you need to put a little more thought in what you say…
Lets say Capcom was asking for suggestions on how to make a game.
Will you really tell them “I got no respect for teleports so remove them please”?
That’s exactly how dumb you sound right now.