I hate this version of Super Turbo

My main complaint is the graphics. I hate them. To me it looks like the Guilty Gear 1 version of Street Fighter. I prefer the old Japanese art from the CPSII. I don’t think redrawing everything was necessary. All the characters seem lifeless and they just look ridiculous. Zangief looks so bad and boxer Balrog too. They messed up Guile sonic kick. It looks like a bootleg version of Super Turbo. God forbid that they get the same artist to do a remixed version of the Alpha or Three series. If they ever do it.

On the plus side I am glad that this game is introducing a new generation to Super Turbo. That’s the only good thing about it.

My other big complaint is that they didn’t make canceling supers any easier. I thought with all changes they would at least fix this. The game would be more bearable for me if I could just cancel Ryu’s down forward into a super fireball the same way I could do it in Alpha and in Third Strike.

For me this remake was unnecessary. I thought Super Turbo was fine as it is. But I guess I’m just old school. It would have been nice if they got a better artist then Udon. He’s horrible.

Each to his own I guess, I personally really like the new artwork.

They made cancelling supers easier for some characters (Guile comes to mind), and didn’t change others…I think the reason they keep some level of strict execution in tact is so that the game doesnt evolve into a meter building spam fest like some of the SF titles have in the past.

You are alone.

You are most definitely alone.

Next time please start with this sentence so I’ll know to stop reading immediately. As an avid Zangief player I think he looks fantastic by the way.

Making the supers easier to combo would turn it into 3s. that would be moronic, and yes, i just called you a moron.

and if you don’t like the graphics, then there’s the option of using the old (upscaled and ugly) sprites.

and STFU with that elitist “old skool” talk. i’m old, but i’ve embraced the changes; it’s a new game for crying out loud.

Well can’t say I tried. Being a hardcore SF fan (I have Alpha 3, Third Strike, and Super Turbo each in a cabinet), I was looking forward to this game so bad. I bought an xbox360 and two joysticks just to get it. I am super dissapointed. I guess I’m just old school.

So tell me fellas can you still go back to the old Super Turbo now or does it just look outdated.

Graphics were never my main attraction to the series. I’ll still play ST probably just as much as remix after the newness wears off. Wherever the competition online is, that’s what I’ll play.

Nope, looks just fine, because I play with the old sprite graphics on. :stuck_out_tongue: Not that I don’t like the new graphics, I just find it strangely harder to eyeball crossups with the new graphics.

No, he’s not…

Barring some bone-headed tweaks I mostly like the game, but it’s ugly as all fuck and alot of people share that opinion.

easier cancelling into supers? you kidding me? and youre old school? yeah right. that shit would flat out ruin the sf2 ecosystem. supers alone make it border line for them just existing in the first place.

so you are dissapointed cuz you dont like the art and comboing supers isnt braindead like 3s? do you even play the game for the gameplay? old school my ass

Yeah the new art and music suck, but the gameplay so far seems to be awesome, and that’s all that matters.

The art should really be judged on a sprite by sprite basis.

I’m looking at you HD Cammy. :expressionless:


pew pew pew.

Geez I’m sorry if I don’t fit your definition of old school

the game looks beautiful aside from deejays machine gun uppercut

i love this game, the best street fighter 2 date

lol. That is the definition of old school. Hard as hell execution.

Which is exactly why sirlin stated he intentionally kept super cancels as difficult as they are:tup:


Have not logged on in a while. i generally use forums at work and this one got blocked, then I forgot my password and was to lazy to reset.

But with the release of HDR combined with this lame post…

The old graphics were pretty good, I agree. They actually managed to stand the test of time as Street Fighter saw updates through SFIIWW to ST (A credit to the artists), but shortly after became really dated. They are chunky and really low res. On the new systems they look like crap.

Yes the new ones are a tad cartoony. I wish they where a little closer to the SF3 graphics than the Alpha graphics. Also, trying to resize some characters to match their newer versions while keep them within the hitboxes of the original game has punished them a little. I like a beefy Akuma, its nice that he matches how he looks in artwork and animation better rather than just being Ryu with a new head and hands. But his standing animation looks kinda odd because he is kinda squashed to fit his old hit-boxes. A couple characters suffer from this.

But to be brutaly honest, even in the old version some of the graphics look really odd. There is a clear difference in the shading and drawing technique between the original art for CPS1 and any frames drawn for CPS2. The new challengers look slightly different and characters with new frames sometimes seem to suddenly change their quality during moves. Not always noticeable, but in some situations it stands out clearly (Ochio Throw, cough cough)

The complaints about judging cross ups is purely a matter of what you are used to. Once you get used to it, the cross ups are identical. To be honest, you should know them regardless of what the art seems to be telling you. There are already loads of moves who hit boxes dont completely match the animation anyways and you have used them that way for years. SIRLIN even pointed out how drastic that was in early development when they toyed with the hitsparks. When they were removed, virtually every move seemed to miss but connect anyways. The hitsparks are used in these games to cover this fact up. So we as players are used to moves that connect when graphically it does not look like they should.

Why on earth would you want the supers easier to connect? If you want that change then you have no clue what ST is about. Take a look at the difference in damage for supers in ST and in other SF games. Those games are designed around easy reward for less work, and to compensate the moves all do less damage. Yes it feels good to connect Hadouken - Shinkuuhadouken (the names of the moves you mentioned, but for someone who states they are such a big fan has no clue about for some reason) but it would completely change the game. In ST you need to think out when you are going to combo into a super alot more. Comboing into a Hadouken is generally pretty safe, and if they block you waste nothing. You can leasurely cancel into a Shinkuu in other SF games that allow this (SF3) on reaction to them not blocking. You have more window to choose this and are less forced to commit a super stock. ST is less about easy rewards and more about stategic thinking.

It also would fundimentally change the game in a severely drastic way that would have likely led to a good 6 more months of tweaking trying to balance it. Not every character has Super moves which can clearly be used as you ask (Claw and Zangief are the most obvious examples) and some would have so many options to cancel into supers to make it way to easy and give them far to clear an advantage (Ryu and Ken are the far most likely to come out on top in this case). When you already know how the current combo system effects tiers and character balance, it makes it far easier to clearly and cleanly rebalance the game over all.

I do have a few minor beefs though.

  1. Music ; I like you can choose to play either the old or new music, but I wish that they eleaborated this option and allowed you to make the choice more individually. In the options where you select which music version to use, you should be able to either just select all music, or makes the choices for each individual music piece. If I want all old music but want to keep the new Fei Long music I should be able to.

  2. They gave us the old Guile voice. Awesome. I prayed hard for this. But why not swap Cammy to her Japanese voice and why not give Sagat his Alpha voice

  3. Would it have been so hard to give Chun Li her standing and crouching animation from SF3 and every newer games she has been in since. Capcom clearly has evolved her. As long as the number of animation frames is the same and it uses the same hitboxes it would not effect gameplay at all, and make her look better. Her old stance makes her look more angry than graceful. Her style is listed as Tai Chi and she uses a stance that looks more like some form of boxing.

  4. I would have loved to see some other series members doing cameos in the backgrounds. It almost feels like a crime that they didnt do this one. Would love if one of the people in the background on Blankas stage was changed to be Dan for instance.

  5. The female portraits make me wanna punch myself in the eye, Chuns is passable but Cammy…like did someone decide the art the artist turned in needed their eyes resized or something.

All in all this game makes me happy and I greatly appreciate SIRLIN and all of Backbone and Capcom for this. It is the title that actually put me over the top to buy a next gen console (which I am planning as my self xmas present) My points are mainly nitpicks.

@OP ; if you really do have the Cabinets you mentioned and really did buy a 360 and two sticks just for this, but have such little understanding of this game to make the comments you did on its gameplay and to refer to Ryus Hadouken as just Down Forwad Punch move then I would have to say your money to brains ratio is out of wack