I hate Makoto

As a Q player and as a Ibuki player, I just wanted to say… I HATE Makoto. The bitch ruins the game. I don’t find any other character more annoying and broken.

Ok I’ve said what was needed to be said.

You know this thread makes me ask, what if Chun-Li had Karakusa?

I dunno why but it does

She’s so dope.
I havn’t played a human Makoto before but I do play her against my cousin, So er… I guess it can get a bit annoying.

I play mame in Japan and their are some REALLY good Japanese players. I really do understand the tier issue with her being around 5 in America and 2/3 in Japan. I dislike playing Makoto slightly more than Yun. I’d take chun and ken over Makoto any day.

I used to play Q and I just thought she was super annoying because Q/Makoto is the worst match up in the game, but now with Ibuki is still a fucking bitch. It’s that super annoying up close guessing game thats like 80% in Makoto’s favor. And it’s not like it only deals a bit of damage. It’s huge fucking chunks.

OMG! DIAF and all that stuff!

Leave my cute tomboy alone.

yeah fuck makoto

she totally ruins 3s

and most people’s lives

Yeah, Come to think of it, Fuck her…
…Fuck her, Because She’s so good and she’s too good in the game.

EDIT: From a scale of one to ten, How annoying is she ‘Rush Down’?

Yup, Makoto is a bitch. I hate fighting her and Urien the most, regardless of which character.

But crouching jab is your best friend. Stops her from dashing in. Then just react accordingly to whatever else she does.

Makoto is the reason I hate 3s.

Makoto is the fukken shit. She’s the toughest son of a bitch around.

Yeah, She’s really good.

If you really think about it, Karakusa on Chun would be a bigger waste than her EX flip kick thing, as the followup combos wouldn’t nearly be as devastating as Makoto’s.

The key word is son.

Well you can still corner her with Q. I know it’s hard to do but that is like your only chance.

I don’t think anyone worthwhile would put her lower then 4th… and from their its depends on how you “view” tiers

Besides everyone knows all you need to do to beat makoto is guess right alot and hope she doesn’t return the favor.

P.S. since you play in japan maybe you or anyone else can answer this question for me or atleast shed some light on it

Why is it that I never see vid’s of Boss, etc use the 100% stun when they have the opportunity??

IE I will see them do a late fukiage into a neutral sj fp to corner then instead of just killing them

Same reason why you don’t see many people do kara-palms with Yun in tourns, or four LP MGBs in the corner with Dudley.

You want to be able to get safe damage in, instead of doing a high-risk move and messing up, resulting in loss of any damage period. Nobody’s perfect, and they will screw up even the most basic shit(even RX screws up his corner tackles once every five vids).

lol … makoto more broke than Yun. Ah … made me laugh.

I personally think that the tiers look like this.
5) Dudley
4) Ken
3) Makoto
2) Chun

  1. Yun

I’m pretty sure this is the tier listing in Japan. And personally I think Makoto and Chun are very close. Ken is nasty, but at no time do I just feel like I have no options.

Chun is way above Makoto since she has only 1 real disadvantage (Yun) and well here SA is devastating + she can have 2 stocks of her SA. Better wakeup game than makoto, superb ground game and insane kara throw range

edit: it is pretty hard for Makoto to fight back when she has lost Momentum

Well but you don’t lose too much damage if you screw up the 100% Stun with Makoto and the reward when you hit it is a pretty won round.


both combo’s you mentioned don’t have nearly the reward factor of the 100% stun. I am ignoring the fact that it is hit confirmable and if you miss the kara on the first fukiage you can either adjust and do a basic ender or the second chance (character specific)

Also we are talking not talking about a “little” more damage as in the difference between the basic corner gj and kara palms we are talking about the difference between half of your life and all of it

Rush Down- tiers can get a little gray… I personally believe that their is 4 top tier characters in 3s I’ll leave it at that.