I found a Marvel Vs. Capcom cabinet in the trash!

And it’s broken and I need help diagnosing the problem, so I’ve been scouring the internet for aide and I stumbled across your forum.

Okay, so first and foremost, it’s not exactly MvC. It’s a Street Figher II Championship Edition cabinet with a Marvel vs. Capcom marquee and CPSII boards. Upon plugging it in, the marquee lights up and the boards run, but there is no audio or video output. After consulting a few technicians, it was suggested that I need to replace the power source. So I plan on ordering a new one to see if that does the trick. I was wondering if any of you guys have any input, comments, suggestions, etc.

Any help would be appreciated!

Some photos may help. I don’t know much about cabs, but i would think that if it was indeed a power issue then nothing would turn on. Good find nonetheless.

Before buying a new power supply, I would suggest testing it with a digital multimeter, might be possible that the power supply just needs to be adjusted, might be giving out too much power, or simply not enough. If the header lights are coming on, youve got power. You might need a new power supply, but I suggest testing everything first with a multimeter. And while your testing, should also test for continuity with all the wires.

Been a while since I worked on any arcade games, but I believe it should be between 4.5-5.5 if its reading below that or above, the game might not power up properly.

Pictures will definately help as well. Also, try taking out the board, and blow the unit out with compressed air, then put the board back on, could just be loose or not fully making contact.

Here are some pics, and it’s an awesome find. I’ll post more when I take them.
So I removed the power supply, and tested it. Some of the power goes straight through to the board and the marquee. Thus they power up, the rest of the juice doesn’t seem to be getting though the power supply. Even the fan for the power supply doesn’t spin, a pretty strong indicator that it’s shot.

i dont know alot about this stuff, but i heard that you could get killed if you not careful with the monitor, not trying to scare you or anything, but i just want to you to be aware of this…this is all the advice i can give you, good luck with the fix buddy

WTF???Is it like going to explode on you or something??Cuz I heard something like this from my dad that some TV’s explode and stuff

um no they just handle lots of electricity so be careful

Hahaha, CRTs will implode if the glass is broken. There is a vacuum in the tube. But yes, handling Arcade Cabinet monitors is a very dangerous procedure even if you’re not plugged in. Once I’m finished troubleshooting this cabinet, I might replace the CRT with a nice LCD monitor or something using a conversion card.

Yea ive heard from more than one person.
Alot of shit uses capacitors, which I believe are like temporary batteries.
they hold a charge for a while. if the crts was out on the street, and then in your place, un plugged for awhile I guess youd be ok. i think they only hold for a couple hours. dont die and blame me though heh


this is why tv’s are dangerous.

if you’re not careful it’ll arch right through you

lol as long as you discharge it you will be fine

Yes, CRTs are potentialy dangerous if you don’t take care. If I remember well my years ago Eletronic classes, you only need to push up that little rubber connector on top of the CRT with an isolated screw driver till you hear the click and it’ll be discharged. But before doing that, PLEASE make sure that’s the right proceedure. =P

Nice fiding btw!!

or he can just buy a new crt and be done with it. you can probably find one that will run that cabinet for under 100 bucks.

Hey, its a CPS-2 board. Here’s another possibility:

Open ‘er up, and make the sure the battery on the game board is still kickin’ out juice.

If not, its commited “suicide”, and the only way to recover the game is to have the EEPROMS re-written because the encryption key has been deleted, which is kept alive and active by the battery.

Check out this info:


And if it has bitten the dust, there is the “Phoenix” upgrade, replacing the eeproms w/o the need for a key.

Thanks, I’ve heard all about the “Suicide battery” and it’s the worst of my fears. [Outside of having CRT current arcing through me] Thanks for linking me to that. I’ve been scanning Jammaboards for awhile but I never came across that service. I’ll probably check tonite to see if the battery is still working.
Thanks guys, keep the input coming.

Sweet jesus, don’t go opening up the CPS2 board unless you have a reason to open up the cps2 board. The lights came one; the only thing that says is that the lights are getting AC power from being plugged in.

I’m curious why you think the board is running without benefit of audio or video :slight_smile:
At any rate. start with a multimeter test out the voltages coming from the power supply. Play around with the volume control on the CPS2 board; having the sound not work is actually pretty rare if the board is getting power. As for testing the monitor, make sure it too is connected to the transformer the lights are connected to. After that, monitor repair gets tricky

Nice find, man. I have a Marvel Super Heroes cab running MVC2 right now. Coincidentally, I have everything in the VS. Legacy except MVC1. You should have a power adjustment knob +/- 5v on your power supply. Every once in a while my cabinet goes kaput and only the marquee lights turn on. I have to adjust that knob back and forth for awhile and then it comes on. If the fan in your power supply isn’t spinning then that may be your problem. If, in the unfortunate event your board has suicide-ed, you can try this guy:

http://cps2shock.retrogames.com/ I’ve talked to him a few times and he’s a big help.

Also, think about joining the Video Arcade Preservation Society www.vaps.org

It’s a great community with tons of knowledge on Jamma cabs. Again, man, Awesome find!

Well the fan on the board spins up every time I plug it in, so that’s why I think it’s getting power. I guess I could be wrong. Also, I have tested the voltages coming from the power supply and the only things that seem to be getting juice are the board and the lights. And I guess it’s not exactly audio output, but everytime I unplug it, the speaker makes a popping noise.

Thanks, I’ll try to do that tomorrow.

Once again, thanks to everybody for the support. I’m still kinda new at this.

I’ll try to put more pictures up when I can. Also, I’ll try to update when I can, but I’m heading back up to school in a few days and won’t be able to work on the machine. So until I get back, keep coming with the suggestions.

I have the exact same cabinet, mine is Xmen vs Street fighter though. My suggestion to you, Sell the internals and build a Mame Cabinet.

That style of cabinet is perfect, and takes very little modification to get a pro looking cabinet setup.

this is mine:

The Back of it, I layed a towel down and slowly Hammered out the back, You can see the space where the mini tower lays on it’s side

Here is the latch and hinges, pretty spiffy

The control panel, with a Potentiometer wired to a USB Amp for the speakers

The LCD Mounted, it was pretty easy to mount, took a couple hours of measuring/sawing.


Why build a mame cab, u can just play mame on your computer. I think its pretty rad the guy found a MvC cab in pretty decent shape with the marquee and everything. I would keep it the way it is if I were you.

But anyway, there’s a lot to figure out in regard to your cab…you don’t even know for sure if all the components work yet. For all you know the monitor could be dead and board is fine, or vice-versa…If the battery on the board went out you will have to get the board “Phoenixed”, which means sending your ROM chip to the guy on the CPS2Shock website and have him flash it with the Phoenix ROM which will revive it.