"I could have used the Mark I armor" IronMan UMVC3 match-up Thread

This thread is here to help you guys understand match up and what to do with neutral with Tony

think we should start out from the easiest match-ups for tony 1 v 1 like haggar sentinel and pretty much any character who has a heavy ground game who isn’t wesker wolverine and any other top tier

I have the most trouble against Mag w/ beam or anything rushdown w/ beam usually :. I can’t figure out what to do. I’m not sure what kind of formatting you wanna take with this, but it would be cool to have some sort of organization :slight_smile:

[details=Spoiler]Haggar is one of the easier match ups for Ironman. If the Haggar doesn’t have a assist just use IronMans Cr.H to stop all his wave-dashes and cancel into Unibeam or if he gets close and trys to pipe you do L Repulsor Blast+Spread. Be careful of violent Axe at certain distances because if timed right its can catch the spread after repulsor if it doesn’t actually hit him with repulsor.

Now if Haggar has a assist it kinda becomes a much more difficult for ironman you kinda wanna be atleast 1/2 screen from Haggar.It’s a good distance to u can snipe the assist with ironmans Cr.H and also still be able to cancel into Unibeam,repulsor,or block pipe.Since most Haggars are gonna have a horizontal assist you wanna worry about sniping the assist with that missiles.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]Sentinel is a semi-easy match up for IronMan. Since most Sentinels are ran on anchor the main thing you have to worry about is Sent’s limbs projectile nullifying property’s such as Jumping H and Cr M.This mean repulsor blast should only be used when you know it will hit him.The next thing that you should also try avoid to do against Sent is try not to do Jump/Super Jump +Smart bomb.You can do it sparingly but don’t do it too often Sentinels Jumping M will completely nullify all of Ironmans smart bombs. what you wanna do is to Try to SuperJump Tridash in on Sent when he is trying to spit,tridash and cancel into a fly to fake out,or tridash into Smart Bomb for sentinels that do stand M.

Against Sentinels with a Assist the best thing to do it to try and get a few tridash and cancel into smart bombs to stop Sents zoning and then try to zone him out or force him to try and SuperJump and come down with a button.Now in most situations i would tell you to do Repulsor but since sent is one of the few characters that have air normal’s that nullify projectiles i would recommend you to go for SuperJump confirms. [/details]

[details=Spoiler]IronFist match up is a pretty weird match up since you dont really have to worry soo much about someone hitting you from the air but so much as Ironfist fast wave dashing.So to try and stop Ironfist you wanna use Cr.H alot in this match up to stop his fast ground dash.Cancel it into unibeam only if he is about 3/4 or full screen away.From the 1/2 of the screen or closer i would only recommend using IronMans Cr.H very sparingly just because of the start up.Also a thing to remember is IronMan Cr.H will trade with ironfist of he uses any normals in the air or on the ground so it could save you sometimes :)[/details] let me know how im doing guys and i will post some more

Also to add it is extremely dangerous to be in the corner with Hagger as he shuts down both of the above options due to his normals/specials reach from mid range and how long it takes for both of tony’s moves to come out, so try to avoid that spot at all times. Also most of Hagger air normals can be punished by Tony’s J.m and J.h so you can easily punish him with an air confirm for big damage just for him whiffing his moves, but be cautious of the range so use at your own risk. tiger knee unibeams (if done close enough to the floor so that the recovery is cut short) are also an option against haggar from full screen to deal more chip/damage, keep him from calling certain assists to get in, and stop his ground advancement. the only things wrong with doing this option is that its very hard to keep getting TK unibeams consistently and Haggar can duck under them (which is why they should be only done from full to mid range away). aside from that you can combine this with his c.H as you land into either repulsar blast xx spread (if he jumps)/unibeam (if hes on the floor). the only true benefit of doing this is to stop certain assist calls from full screen like drones, missiles, etc and to force haggar to jump so that you may escape and have more breathing room if you feel your getting to close to the corner.

Iron Man gets shit on by Akuma and Dormammu because they have projectile nullifying normals that can get through Repulsor Blast.

That’s my contribution! There are probably people that could contribute more but I’m 99% certain they don’t bother reading Iron Man forums anymore.

Iron Man does not lose to Dormammu, but Akuma shits on him.

An annoying match up for me is Nova


So the Akuma match up is a really bad match up for IronMan you has to worry bout Air Tatsu,Dive kick,ground tatsu,ect.But the problem with this match up is Akuma doesn’t have good range on his normals so try and force him to place a footsies game against Ironmans long ranged normals like Cr.M and Jump H.Also if the Akuma loves to Demon Flip use Repulsor Blast into spread to force him to play a more grounded game. But make sure u only do it after you see the animation happen.

Iron Man loses to Dormammu fairly badly.

[details=Spoiler]The dormammu match up is a weird match up in the sense that it depends on what dorm your playing against.If the dorm is a teleport+Beam assist dorms then your best thing for this match up is to be at bout 1/2 screen from dorm to make sure you snipe the assist with his Cr.H and cancel into Repulsor Blast if it auto corrects it will still either still come out as repulsor blast or Unibeam. Also at close ranges don’t be afraid to do Super jump Air Dash down H its a good way to set up a wall or hit the assist and possibly dorm himself.

Against Zoning Dormammu your best thing to do is Super Jump and Tridash+H or S since dorm doesn’t have really anything that hits diagonal upwards but also don’t forget to do the same thing as you would with Sentinel and try not to be predictable also if they have doom assist try to snipe him with the Cr H.Also IronMans Normals aren’t going to be as effective because dorms range of normals is pretty good. A good thing to remember if a dorm does purification into his stalking flare you can do Smart Bombs to hit him since Air smart bombs can hit from that range. One thing that would help ironman in this match up alot is a LVL 3 so you can catch the start up of Purification and confirm [/details]

I think Ironman can actually handle Dormammu pretty well.

I agree with this. His counter hit setups with cr :h: xx Repulsor Blast :l: > combo~ stops Dormammu from dark matter teleporting, but I don’t think IronMan has anything against predicted pillars or spells

Please tell me what I’m doing wrong then, I hate this matchup. :[

You want to stay above Dormammu at all times, Smart bombs, Tri-dash in and out maintain pressure from super jump height regardless of pillars and spells the amount of time to charge one spell is the same to dash in full screen, but Dormammu own iron man on the ground.

And tony’s normals are great against dorm because of his height box dash or tri S, H and M.

What are you guys corner throw combo? easy and optimize once

my corner Ironman throw combo is Smart Bomb Light-Stnd HxxCr.HxxFly H down H-Sxxcr.MxxStnd.HS-H down H also i got drones so thats why i do H into Down H

Since Virgil “outplays” most characters so hard I think it is worth pointing out that Ironman has a better matchup against Virgil than most.

Ironman’s air down H can beat flat-out beat Virgil’s sword belt, making him actually approachable from the air, provided you don’t press a button at the wrong time and get anti-aired. The down-forward tridash lets you be blocking while your momentum carries you towards him, making him either:
-Have to block and give your frame advantage if you land or flight cancel.
-Try and anti-air you with a big normal. If you land from your momentum, your blockstun is cancelled and he is often punishable or at disadvantage.
-Plink away, keeping the situation neutral–if you are using Doom Missiles (which I think you should as they open up a lot of options with Ironman), this option can be shut down.

This ability to hit him out of his Sword Belt takes most players totally by surprise, who just assume they are invincible with that super active.

Repulsor Blast easily beats his (non-sword belt-ed) teleport game and, if you time it decently, will also negate the beam assist call he used, if he is one of those players. Repulsor Blast also shuts down some of his approaches but, as with Dante, can be punished by his Stinger, so only use in neutral game if you have an assist to cover you. Repulsor also beats helmbreaker provided he isn’t literally right on top of you, so if you think the Virgil is gonna do one, this is a good option.

Ironman’s normals are generally faster than Virgil’s at point-blank range, especially if they are using their L button to charge Round Trip (which a lot do).

Unibeam is a pretty good option against Virgil from a distance if you see him throwing a Round Trip etc. This option can occasionally let you stop the Round Trip incoming mixup if he doesn’t have time to set it up properly–you can just zap the Round Trip and then block his teleport.

It is pretty safe to use smartbombs from high up, provided he doesn’t have swords on and is able to teleport–even then it isn’t necessarily feasible for him to confirm into a good combo.

Most matches I win against Virgil with Ironman are me sitting up really high using smartbombs and approaching with a down-forward airdash, Unibeaming sparingly when grounded to keep his approaches honest, using Repulsor to blow up his teleports, and running away up into the air when he has his belt on. Normal jumping and airdashing up lets you call assists from superjump height, which can often be a good decision and can force him to block for a while.

That being said, Virgil is still Virgil, but Ironman certainly has a lot more options against him than most characters. It is not a good matchup for Ironman by any means, but basically no other character except maybe Zero or a C-Viper with meter has so many solid ways to beat Virgil’s tools. I find I win a lot more against Virgil with Ironman than I do with a lot of my other characters as you don’t just have to sit there until he chips or mixes you up to death.

Disagree strongly.

What do you guys do vs. Wolvie? His c.Ls goes under repulsor, he can pretty much crouch under unibeam and rush him down. Especially w/ Tatsu assist or disruptor or plasma beam, he’s just dashing in and pressing buttons and I’m stuck in block stun for a really long time.