I am the worst Street Fighter Player of All Time

I suck. Terribly. I was doing OK at best on a fightpad. I got in my fight stick and have never used one before. This is day 2 of the fightstick and I literally cannot do a simple shoryuken FADC metsu with ryu. I’ve sat here for hours practicing.

Can anyone help? Like what do I do? I always end up doing an ex shoryuken when I want to do a metsu after the fadc on the fightstick. This is extremely discouraging. Whats more, when I go to training mode,

It even has my last input on the right arrow button, not the Down Forward arrow. I just dont know what i’m doing wrong.

practice makes perfect. You can’t really expect to be able to pull everything off in such a short time.
Learning to play on stick is like a musical instrument. I promise you though, that once you get used to it you won’t feel like coming back. The freedom is amazing.
Anyway, for what it seems, your problem seems to be you’re pressing the buttons before you complete the motion.
Practice the Ultra by itself, and then make sure you do the same motion when you do the combo, try both sides.

I know it can be frustrating, but I promise you it will be worth it. Just don’t stop practicing.
Remember that you’re frustrated because you want to better yourself. That’s a good thing! keep it up!

Good luck

i’ve tried waiting a bit and still cant get it, I keep worrying i’m one of those cases that never gets better with a stick.

Should I just go back to pad if I cant do it soon?

I’ll have to echo what J.D said: practice makes perfect. I’m not too great at fighters, but I’ve recently been starting to practice a fair bit with SSF4:AE, and I think I’ve come quite a long way in being able to pull off some cool moves with only an hour or two of practice a day (and not even every day). Stuff as simple as Guy’s 1st Target Combo was pretty hard for me to pull off at first, but since I got more familiar with the timing I’ve been able to do it pretty well. That thinking can be applied to pretty much any combo.

And if we’re talking about the slightly trickier stuff (as you said, FADC into an Ultra), I had similar trouble with Cody’s H. Ruffian Kick->FADC->Ultra 1. The reason is that I pull off the FADC forward, then I panic and effectively slam my face into the stick. The point is, you may need to take a breather every now and then and approach the combo with renewed focus. When I do that, I can pull off the stuff I intend to do on pretty much the first or second try. And if I can’t, then I at least make good strides in learning how to get through the trickiest parts. Having a calm mind is pretty important to getting the timing and inputs down for pretty much anything.

As J.D said, practice the Ultra by itself so you can get familiar with the motion and then use it as part of a combo. It does seem like you may be rushing the motion out in a panic, as I tend to do. Being new to a stick probably doesn’t help either, but you’ll get used to it with time. At this point, maybe just practicing the basics with a stick is a good thing to do. Once you do that, you’ll be able to use what you already know to good effect. Try going through the character Trials, that helped sharpen me up pretty well. It’s always good to practice even the most basic stuff every now and then.

Just day 2? Learning stick takes time and effort. Don’t be discouraged just because you can’t do stuff on day 2.

Alright, well i’m going to keep trying, but man this is so hard.

Yea… took me over a month to transition from pad to stick. Going by posts here I’d say most people took at least a few weeks, your expectation of getting it down in days is unrealistic. Just keep at it.

If you TRULY cannot use stick after weeks of training, then there’s no harm switching back to pad. I bought a Hori stick and used it for about a month and some change and it didn’t feel right to me at all. It’s a shame though, because the buttons are so good but I just couldn’t get used to the stick. In my case, I’m more used to pressing buttons for movement and inputs rather than wiggling a stick, so if that’s the case for you as well, then definitely switch back. But like others said, day 2 is not nearly enough time to decide whether a stick is for you or not.

I CONSTANTLY CONSTANTLY keep doing ex dragon punch no matter what.

The most likely cause for that is the fact that the buttons on arcade sticks (especially Sanwa buttons) are EXTREMELY sensitive when compared to pad buttons. This factor of sticks bugged me for a while. Nothing to worry about that. In time, when you get used this factor of sticks, you’ll find it beneficial as plinking becomes a breeze.

… Or, it could be that you accidently binded two or more punches to a certain key that you keep pressing. The former explained paragraph is the most likely cause, although this can always be a possibility.

Keep at it and you’ll be executing goodies in no time!

Wait? You mean your DSP?

It could also be a matter of holding the buttons down and then releasing rather than just tapping them. I just went into training mode to test it out for myself, and I found I was doing EX Shoryuken a lot. I started to make sure I was lightly tapping the buttons instead, and through that I was able to either do the Ultra or an EX Hadoken, which of course depended on how many quarter-circles I was churning out.
Basically, if you dash forward, then do part of a quarter-circle, and then release the punch button you had held down from Focus Canceling, you’ll be telling the game you want to do a Shoryuken. If I know my fighting game terminology, that’s called Negative Edge, when a game accepts releasing the button as an input similar to pressing it. So be sure you aren’t holding down MP + MK for too long after you FADC, because releasing either of them at the wrong moment could result in a move you didn’t want to do.

Could anyone help me online with skype or something too? I really want to get good at this game.

dude, follow my teachings, that’s what I did.

Sit down comfortably.
Grab a beer, or a soda, or whatever drink you like the most.
Pick your favorite game
Is it street fighter? great! Is it not street fighter? Great too!
Pick your arcade stick.
Plug it in, relax and have fun.
Don’t worry too much, just play your game. Just have fun.
You can’t try changing equipment all of a sudden and expect to be a pro at first.
That happens to most people who are not used to the stick.
If you want some good advice: finish castlevania symphony of the night on the stick, i love playing that game on the stick
Play some megaman(setting up 3 buttons for shooting and pianoing the shit out of bosses is so much fun!), play some turtles in time, play mario or DK to get used to quick side changing and precise platforming… play games!
There is no point in trying to master 50 hit combos with 1 frame links and FADCs everywhere when you’re not even used to the feel of using a stick.
Just like everything else, sticks are just controllers, and we all know that a simple change from a xbox controller to a ps3 one can be pretty annoying sometimes… and that is even worse with a stick hahahah

To me changing to a stick was the coolest thing ever, once I got used to it, I was no longer limited to thumbs on freaking tiny buttons, I had now both hands free to fly and dance over large and well spaced buttons 0

This is where id suggest get a hitbox, i just got mine yesterday and having mastery of all moves on stick minus 720s i can say on a hitbox its disgustingly accurate and fast, a 360 is literally sliding your finger from right to left and hitting up+P the speed is stupid, you don’t miss. Now 720s are doable, im getting there, but its a FAR harder beast, i am getting standing 720s decent now but wow you hit those dry spells and miss for 10 minutes, but man, to see such a FAST input for a 720 is insane, i mean were talking wiff punish speeds.

You cant give up man,

No to the skype request or generally helping you directly since I don’t play SF4 anymore but I will direct you to probably the greatest resource for new players:

Grab a drink, a snack, get comfy and absorb the knowledge.

There are two possibilities here. Either you’re hitting one button later than the other two, or it’s the motion. If it’s the former, use the 3P macro. If it’s the latter, then it’s likely the timing of the 2xqcf after the dash forward (if timed right, there should be a slight gap between the dash input and the 2xqcf input). Try taking a picture/screenshot of of your inputs in training mode and posting it here.

I spent 10 hours today training on a fightstick. I still cant do shoryuken fadc metsu. I will post a video or screenshots of me doing it so someone can tell me what the hell i’m doing wrong.

Being new myself, I found my main problem with this was i’d always press the three punches before i’d get to forward. Essentially i’d rush the input (hitting 3ps at down forward) and ex would come out instead of ultra.

Not sure if you have the same problem but i hope it helped

Edit: whoops, didn’t see your last post, well i’m stumped :smiley:

No, you’re not.